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A great story

Hopefully he can continue to add to it in a phins uniform.

Friday's Injury Report

Groin injuries, Groin injuries, Groin injuries. Looks like this game is going to miss some key players.


Trouble Brewing For 2013

Welcome to the new age of football. Where a hit once, and still is considered dirty by the players is now encouraged by the league. A hit that could immediately end a career and would plague the...


Observations from Scrimmage

It was good to get out to dolphin stadium last night. There are big expectations for this team evident by the 22,000 + turn out. There were old, young, and even a couple of pats fans??? Apparently,...

Another Patriot Player in Legal Trouble

CB Alfonzo Dennard charged with a DUI while on probation for assaulting an officer. I think I smell a hoodie on fire.

Court room video of Chad Johnson butt slap

This clearly an abuse of power by Judge Kathleen McHugh. 30 days of JAIL time for that? That action didn't deserve 30 days in jail. The correct action would of been added community service if anything. I hope some disciplinary action is taken against the judge and Johnson is released.

Which is more important? LT or RT

PFF takes a look at today's trends. A lot of info, so read when you have some time or skip to the end for the summary.

Chad Pennington at today's Dolphin OTA

And looking for another comeback! Just kidding, he's here to coach our guys up. (Chad Pennington is here to work with the quarterbacks. "Share my experiences a little bit," Pennington said.) Omar Kelly. I have nothing but Respect for CP10

No to Eifert and Ertz

Save the 1st/high second for someone better, Travis Kelce. He is a well rounded TE that can strike from anywhere on the feild AND a physical blocker that can dominate on the line. Tackle, CB, and Blocking TE are our three biggest needs. This player fits the need perfectly. Look for him to go in Round 2-3. Eifert isn't a great blocker and neiter is Ertz. Kelce is the complete package.


With the Twelfth Overall Pick the Miami Dolphins Select

Tavon Austin. Austin is an explosive player with the most impressive ankle breaking moves, combined with great vision. In prior weeks I thought to myself there is no way I want a 5'8" WR with the...

Loved watching the pats lose because they are sore losers. I love most of all watching Wes Welker...

Loved watching the pats lose because they are sore losers. I love most of all watching Wes Welker choke on a pass that could of changed the game. The momentum went to the ravens after that drop. There is no player I hate more than welker because he hates the Miami Dolphins and everything Miami. He mocked the heat when they lost to the championship to the Mavs saying they were chokers. Who's the real choker Welker?


Season Review.

Four years of consistent losing seasons and one playoff appearance in over a decade. Yes, it's hard to be a Dolfan in this era and hard to stay patient. At least Ross is nice enough to buy up...

Bess and Misi out for Jac game

Two of our solid players. Some WRs have a good chance to step up. Hopefully someone will stand out.


Release the Rooks!!!

Other than Tannehill and Martin this rookie class has been ghost so far. So with the playoffs out of reach we should take this opportunity to get a feeling of what we have before the season ends. O...


Saturdays Scrimmage

It was nice to go to the scrimmage but it left me feeling like this offense needs a lot of work. Tannehill, Moore, and Garrard all faced our teams number one defense. Tannehill was the best QB at...


In foresight this couldn't of been a better draft.

I just have to say this was an amazing draft. I don't know if these players will pan out. I just think layout was phenomenal. Drafting a 1st round QB and building around him with playmakers is the...


My dream draft

Trade the 8 pick to late teens early 20s and draft DE/OLB Nick Perry. Then trade back into the first round to the mid 20s and draft WR Stephen Hill. We should have a 3rd round pick and with that...


When rivers were made.

This offseason has been hard on us because there has been at least one move you highly questioned. But wow the crying and whining on here is ridiculous. Take a deep breath and clam down. At least...


On my mind

Tony Sparano First of all the release of Tony Sparano is one year over due. I wrote he should be fired last year here. He was a nice guy but his coaching was horrible. I do admire him for keep the...

We don't need to "Suck for Luck". We suck, and Luck is there. How many different ways can we lose a...

We don't need to "Suck for Luck". We suck, and Luck is there. How many different ways can we lose a game? Just ridiculous.



That was hands down Henne's best game as a dolphin. I was impressed. Let's hope this continues. Now our D has to step up. That was embarrassing. No one played well on that side. Smh.


No game plan?

I didn't really get to watch the game with my undivided attention last night, But I saw the 1st offense sputtering every time I looked at the screen. This just gave ammo to the booing fans. I...

some practice nuggets

"Reshad Jones just intercepted a pass from Tom Brandstater on a deflection from Jimmy Wilson. I like those two." - Omar -Future starting safeties? A big hitting, play making duo. "It was a super hot day. Half the team went in for IVs. Big Paul Soliai is just chillin. It's a new day. Proud of the guy. He's worked hard." - Omar - I love this. The big man is serious. I cant wait to watch him destroy some O-lines. check out the rest



I'm once again concerned about the Oline. Sparano needs to get his starters figured out asap and not have these "position battles" He should know what he has.

Cap floor

We have some money to spend. Let hope we do that on good players that are worth it.


RFA Question

Did the RFA continue over to this CBA?

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