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RFA Question

Did the RFA continue over to this CBA?

Long not the best LT?


This time someone who I respect says it @ 8:20. Some other goodies in the clip, watch it. ......FYI I know he's wrong. Just interesting he said it of all people.

Ireland says


They are in the market for a "complementary'' back.....Like we didn't know.


A blessing in disguise

As the lockout drags on I can't help but think it will benefit one player, Chad Henne. If you pay attention to me, you know I think Chad Henne has the slimmest chance of becoming a real starting...

Just having some fun


Non Miami related but Ochocinco rides a bull at a PBR event. I got to give him respect because this was crazy. What the story didn't tell you is that he got on one of the hardest bulls to ride. He also donated the 10,000 dollars he got from doing this stunt to Feed the Children. I don't know why the NFL tries to make him in to a "bad guy". He's just a crazy dude having some fun and helping others at the same time.

Henne's deep pass among the worst.


We have been saying this. Profootballfocus confirms it.

Ryan Mallett vows payback


His dad said we contacted him during the draft and said he was told we were going to trade up for him. So not only did we not draft him. We pissed him off and gave him motivation. A bigger mistake.


The qb hunt begins.

Dolphins reportedly interested in Marc Bulger according to Pat Murphy from the cbs12 news (local news). Normally he doesn't speculate or report anything that he isn't sure about from his sources....


Pouncey The Good and the Bad

lets start with the bad. 1. The big problem here is a team should at least take one play-maker in the first two rounds of every draft. With no second rounder its becomes ok if you have to reach for...

Another NFL stabbing


What the hell is going on? ...These guys need to find themselves nice girls.


54's faves

So Last year I posted a fan post of the players I liked in that draft. I also asked who you were your favorites. So It's time to do so again. If you wish you can take a look back of my picks and...

draft value chart


Based on feedback from teams. Of course there will be misinformation. But it's gives a good idea of where players might go.

fave's, sleepers, overrated


A good read. Again TJ Yates name pops up on sleeper. It's a trend I've notice this entire off season.


Private player practices

If you are a player would you take part in an off season practice with teammates? The benefits are obvious. The draw back. If you get hurt teams don't have to pay you. Because it was an injury off...


Groupthink QB

Hello guys/gals. Dolphin fan here. I think Niner Nation has insightful fans so I just wanted to get your opinion of this QB class. I believe your team is looking for a starter like mine (Or at...

Maybe the lockout is good for football sundays


Great league. I can't choose a team even though i have a friend playing for Miami. I just cheer for everyone. lol


Lex Hilliard and Ingram have a comparable combine?

Hilliard 5-11, 231, 40 yard, 4.68: 20 yard, 2.68: 10 yard, 1.56: vertical, 32: broad 10'02": 20 yard shuttle, 4.20: 3 cone, 7.01: Ingram 5-09, 215, 40 yard, 4.62: 20 yard, 2.60: 10 yard,...


Where is the love?

Oh the Phinsider we debate everything right down to the anatomical level when it comes to football. We generally stand firm on our opinions. There always seems to be a big divide. This off season...

just for laughs


just for laughs

Franchise Tag


There's a 14 day window beginning February 10th, to place a franchise tag on a player. This is possible because the current CBA isn't over yet. The current one ends March 4th. So we got to take this into account when talking about free agent like Mankins, Soliai, Manning, etc. Now what gets confusing is it is unknown if the franchise tag will hold up for the new CBA. So things can get messy. But it's reported teams like the Patriots will use the tag (Mankins) regardless of the unknown. This is turning into a soap opera.

very entertaining. I wonder if he can read defenses....


very entertaining. I wonder if he can read defenses....

SuperBowl shortcommings


I find it hysterical of Dallas shortcomings. 1,250. Count it 1,250 temporary seats were closed off because they weren't ready. 400 of these people didn't get to see the game. Imagine for a second this happen to you for a Dolphin SuperBowl. Can the triple the face value of the original ticket reimbursement even begin to compensate for it? Far from it IMO. These people had to watch the game on TV. They likely had to deal with canceled flights to get to Dallas. Add jacked up hotel, food, and alcohol prices all to watch the game on TV. That doesn't even include the priceless honor and feeling of getting to watch your favorite team play in the superbowl. I feel bad for them. Besides for the game this superbowl was a joke. The largest national audience ever got to see Christiana mess up THE national anthem. Then there was the poor half time performance with a flawed sound system. Which made weak performers look/sound bad. Even the commercials weren't funny or memorable. (the Kim Kardashian was OMG though) I also remember Transformers, Eminem, and the little Dark Vador. Goodell better be counting his blessing that the game wasn't a shut out. He should be ashamed of what took place in Dallas. Goodell also better pray for good weather at future cold city's. The game can be played in cold weather. But the logistics can become a nightmare and dangerous for traveling fans. I'm looking forward to SuperBowls back in South Florida.



We all know this draft will be heavily if not exclusively focused on offense. We all know the needs. We just have it prioritize differently. For Me I think QB is the number priority. Henne's career...

Great read


Very long. Details players we might take the first day of the draft. I don't agree with all of it (I think Pouncey is overrated for the 15 pick) and there's one head scratching line. But overall good stuff. SS


Daboll. Draft. QB's an O-line

Well it's official Brian Daboll will be our Offensive coordinator. While it's hard to get excited about a guy with hardly any creditability. I am excited we don't have to see Dan Henning calling...

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