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Longhorns vs. Tigers - Nov. 12, 2011

Rock M Nation, No doubt you'd rather give Truman a cat bath than do a solid for a Longhorn, but you guys were instrumental in helping me with a travel tips column I wrote a few years ago and I...

Texas Football: Is "We're Texas" the reason we're 5-7?

[UPDATE] - My apologies, apparently this subject matter has been covered ad nauseam here. But it still doesn't explain this. As if he were describing an incurable disease, Mack Brown referred to...

Texas Basketball: Don't Hate The Dancer, Hate The Dance

The case against college basketball


Thank you DFW Sports Bar Enthusiasts

Just a follow up...thanks to all of you who commented on the DFW Sports Bar post from a few days ago...Ron Brazil (only man to ever find and tag Carmen San Diego...with a GPS tracker) over at...


What's your favorite bar to watch UT sports at?

What's up party people? Need another favor and no, it's not bail money to get me out of jail for Criminal Jackass. Though, don't close that PayPal account just yet, I'm going to wear saggy pants to...


Favor to ask of DFW BONers - Beer related!

Request for those of you who call DFW home or know a good little bit about the area... The folks at SBN are sending a few reps down to the DFW area to scout the best bars and restaurants for...

Dear Coach Barnes: If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

Dear Rick Barnes: If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

The "Don't Crap The Thread" Open Game Thread - Texas vs. K-State

Texas v. K-State Open Game Thread


Bohls/Riggs Explanation for 2010 Football Season

Interesting read though I doubt many of you will learn a reason for the debacle of last season that you hadn't already figured and if you're like me, you certainly won't get any closure from...

A Stroll Down Memory Pain

First connection with Longhorns basketball

Mack Brown: Next Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans?

That's right, you insatiable news suckers. You heard it here first. And don't forget it neither. Because when you're setting a blistering pace on this 24-7 news unicycle, if you ain't first, you're...

54b's Commentary - Thanksgiving "Not So" Special

What's up BONers? Hell of a season we're having, huh? Can you believe it? A juggernaut of a football program that averaged 10 wins a season for over a decade may finish this one below .500. T...

2nd Half Open Thread

  Well, at least this dog thinks we're coming back. Keep the faith. 54b

The "We're Texas, So Act Like Ya Been There" Game Thread

What's up party BONers?   So peep dis...almost all the BON site editors are at the game tonight  and I had to stay home because my wife was all like, "your daughter could be born any day now."...

Laughing At The Rain

Last summer, my father and I were enjoying a round of golf and while proceeding from one hole to the next, we rounded a thicket just as a squirrel jumped out in front of our cart. Unfortunately,...

Finish The Game, Sherrod

As many of you have probably read, it is being widely reported that Sherrod Harris left the football team recently, just before what would have been his Senior Year. Though the story linked above...

54b's Commentary - Chasing Hooters

2010 Longhorns Sports Analogy


Need to take your temp...

Hi there, Finishing up an opinion piece (kind of like Rick Reilly’s old column in SI) for The Eyes of Texas Preview Guide coming out later this summer (shameless plug) and it’s important that I...

Merry Christmas Burnt Orange Nation

Reasons to be thankful for being a Longhorns fan on Christmas.

UT vs. UNC Recap (Unwashed Masses Version)

Like most Longhorns fans, I am unabashedly enthralled with college football and unapologetic about my marginal interest in every other sport UT plays (during the fall) regardless of ranking or...

Sunday Supper

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday complete with 27 hours spent stuffing yourselves watching a cornucopia of delicious football. Some random thoughts from the week that was... "Dear...

54b's Unpredictable Prediction

UT vs. A&M Week? Must be time once again for that tradition unliked by any other... "The Thanksgiving Song" (If Adam Sandler were a Longhorn) Love to beat Aggies. Love to beat A-a-a-gies!!! Love...

54b's Commentary - On The Road To Pasadena

Dear 54b, It has come to our attention that you're a few hours short and not on track to complete all of your required commentaries this season. And we may have to suspend you. Also, have you per...

Road Trip Travel Tips - Stillwater, OK

  Texas vs. Oklahoma State • Boone Pickens Stadium • Stillwater, OK • October 31, 2009 (Repost from the Travel Tips article in The Eyes of Texas Preview Guide along with some UPDATES) O...

Sunday Supper - Week 6

"When Chekhov saw the long fall, he saw a football season bleak and dark and bereft of hope. Yet we know that winning ugly is just another step towards winning a National Championship. But being...

Sunday Supper

Sunday Super returns to discuss another crazy weekend of college football. Were the celebrations at the end of the LSU-Georgia game really excessive? Just how overrated is the Big 12?


DirecTV vs. Comcast vs. AT&T U-Verse

So a couple of days ago I'm flipping channels and I noticed that my ESPN Classic channel on my DirecTV set-up wasn't working. It had gone off just like the Versus channel back in early September....

Sunday Supper

Hope everyone enjoyed what turned out to be a very intoxicating college football weekend. Lot of bad juju going around last week on and off the field and I for one needed Saturday to arrive...

54b's Commentary - Wyoming Recap/Tech Preview

Was it a lack of inspiration or preparation for the change in elevation that led to the Longhorns "breath-taking" first-half performance in an otherwise routine 41-10 thumping of the heavy underdog...

Saturday Spotlight

Though today's slate doesn't exactly make you feel like the rope in gym class, I thought I'd share a few comments about the games of somewhat greater interest to Longhorns fans kicking off later...

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