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TX vs. ULM Replay

TX vs. ULM Replay on Fox Sports SW @1pm, CST Today, Sept. 11

54b's Commentary - Warhawk Review/Cowpoke Preview


Firstly, I would like you all to know that even though my Atari 2600 never did become Y2K compatible, I have overcome my inherent fear of technology (and narcissism), and joined the fast-paced...

Road Trip Travel Tips - Wyoming


If you fancy yourself a fervent backer of the Burnt Orange, but have yet to experience the pride, pressure, pomp, and circumstance of a Texas road game, your Longhorns Football Fan résumé is...

54b's Commentary - The 2009 Anti-Preview Guide


2009 Texas Longhorns Anti-Preview Guide



A glimpse inside a two-a-day


Torn Over Stillwater

Not that I ever hesitate to hijack PB's stories...mostly out of petty jealous spite for his perfectly coifed helmet hair...but today I felt like I needed my own space to explore my quandary over...

Free Augie!


Most of you are aware of Augie Garrido's arrest for suspicion of driving while intoxicated last January.  Well it appears the judge in his case has ordered him to pay a $500 fine, go without a...

54b's Jackass Mailbag


We're Texas and you're not...54b's Jackass Mailbag

You can just hear the wheels turning at ESPN...


Overheard at the ESPN College World Series pre-production meeting this morning... Neil (ESPN Producer #1): "Hey Bob, any ideas for a storyline for the CWS Championship series?" Bob (ESPN Producer...

E-S-P-ythagorea-N Theorem


Anybody else starting to enjoy this formula as much as I am... (ESPN Hype for the latest "greatest player or team" ever) squared  x  (Formidable but not sexy Longhorns Team) squared = (Bevo...

Curtain Call for Austin "Morning" Wood


If ever there was a baseball player deserving of a curtain call, it would be Longhorns' reliever Austin Wood for his "Herculean" pitching performance in UT's 3-2 epic victory over Boston College in...


Travel tips for Columbia

Hi there, I'm a fellow SB-Nation contributer over at Burnt Orange Nation and I’m working on an article about UT’s 2009 Road Trips as Im sure many Longhorns fans are planning on making the trip to...


Ever been to Laramie, WY?

Hi there, I'm a fellow SBNation blogger over at Burnt Orange Nation and could really use some help with an article I'm writing about the Texas' 2009 road trips and I know next to nothing about...



I'm piss drunk, swaring a blue streak, and my wife is presently clutching the family pet because she's affraid I'm going to go for a record hang time in cat-punting. I hate blaming the refs for a...


Gameday Signs for Texas/Duke

You know how Duke fans love their gameday's a few I'm guessing they won't appreciate all that much... Br'er Barnes is at home in the Greensboro Patch  The Abrams-ham Lincoln Beard...


Signs for Texas vs. Minnesota

You know...just in case you'll be in the Greater Greensboro area later today... "Au revoir, Gopher."You live in a hole(Sign 1) Nice Gopher(Sign 2) Thanks, I just had it stuffedPipe down Gophers...

All Can Be Forgiven With One Shining Comment


No doubt the loss to Baylor hurt us all deep down in places we don't like to talk about...unless, of course, we're posting anonymously online. And much to the chagrin of our fearless editor, many...


Been to Laramie, WY? Click Here

This is shameless and probably inappropriate for a fan post, but I'm desperate... Writing an article about UT’s 2009 road trips for PB’s Preview Guide and I know next to nothing about Laramie,...


Signs for the KU Game

You know, just in case you're going to be at Allen Fieldhouse this afternoon and have a marker and poster board handy... Does it smell like up-phog in here?   Your mom waives the wheat   Bill...


Signs for the Tech Game

Had so much fun with the sign ideas for the OU Game…might as well keep it going. And for all you photoshop savants, by all means, have at it… OU reaction… AJ & Balbay aka Assault & Battery M...

Damn It Still Feels Good To Be A Longhorn


As 2008 comes to a somber and unsatisfied end, I thought this would be a good time to reflect and remind ourselves that no matter what happens on and off the football field, in the media, or in...

Road Trip Travel Tips - Fiesta Bowl


Texas vs. Ohio State • Fiesta Bowl • Glendale, AZ • January 5, 2009Overview: From an emotional and a logistical standpoint, you really have to be committed to make the Fiesta Bowl trip this year....

I want to go to Miami, damn it!


Call the boys at and tell them to gas the plane up and send it to KC this weekend with "56-31, suck it Sooners" on the banner this time. When (and if) OU barely beats Mizzou, a team we...


Yet another scenario

Could UT still end up in the Top 2 after next weekend even if we don’t go to KC for the conference championship? Hear me out... Florida’s SOS took a pretty big hit yesterday with both LSU and...

54b's Commentary - KU Road Trip Diary / Agronomy Final


Thought we could all use a temporary diversion from all the doom and gloom... This is the true story of four Longhorns fans who decided to attend the November 15th UT-KU game in Lawrence, Kansas...

Non-Con Debate Revisited


Now that we've thoroughly established that Muschamp sits at "the right hand of the father" and we've completely explored all the "what happens to Texas' title hopes if OU beats Tech after a...

Road Trip Travel Tips - Lawrence, KS


Texas vs. Kansas • Memorial Stadium • Lawrence, KS • November 15, 2008Overview: Something tells me Jayhawks fans didn't expect to be 6-4 at this point in the season when they circled the Texas game...

54b's Commentary - Tech Postmortem / Baylor Renaissance


In my recurring nightmare there are only a few seconds left in the Longhorns game against the Red Raiders and I’m standing on the sideline at Jones Stadium in Lubbock just a few feet away from the...

54b’s Commentary – OSU Review/Tech Preview


Elective torture, that’s really the only way I know how to describe what it’s like watching the Texas Longhorns protect their number one ranking week after week. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I have...

Road Trip Travel Tips - Lubbock, TX


Texas vs. Texas Tech • Jones AT&T Stadium • Lubbock, TX • November 1, 2008 The town is completely flat, the wind seems to blow nonstop, and let’s just say Red Raiders fans aren’t known for being...

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