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Because of #58, I became a fan of this team. You are missed Derrick. I love the Chiefs til this day because of you!

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Alex Smith is a playmaker. Not game manager. (VIDEO)

To many fans, KC having a much better record than 2012 was expected but being 7-0 was just incredibly surprising and flat out awesome. No one would have believed it if they said the Chiefs was...


A Response to: Is History Repeating Itself with the KC Chiefs?

This started as a comment on piece entitled Is History Repeating Itself? by RDOGuy. After I realized how long my comment became, I decided to make it a post of my own. So...it seems to me that...


Who is Anthony Sherman?

For everyone, he is the newly acquired fullback from a trade with the Arizona Cardinals today. The Chiefs traded expendable nickel corner Javier Arenas to the Cardinals for Sherman.


Aww Shucks... EJ Manuel going to the Jets

My favorite QB in this draft is probably going to end up being in New York, not just for the NFL draft but I'm speculating that the Jets will draft Manuel with their #9 pick. It became more...

Matt Cassel going back to the Patriots?


Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe - on NFL AM - Patriots interested in Matt Cassel? This morning on NFL AM, Manza was asked by Mark Kriegel if the Patriots maybe interested in Matt Cassel to back up Tom Brady? Are you freaking kidding me? She is saying that Patriots aren't firm on keeping Ryan Mallet in the long term as Brady's successor. Wow! Imagine Cassel going back to Patriots.

Chiefs Trade Partner Possibilities May Include the Browns


Dorsey did not deny the fact KC will indeed fill trade offers to acquire the No.1 pick but who might be some of the suitors. Ray Farmer is the new Assistant GM working under newly named GM of the Cleveland Browns Michael Lombardi. With Farmer's connection with the Chiefs organization, there's a good possibility of them seeking the No.1 pick to draft Geno Smith. New Browns owner have come out and said he doesn't want people to pencil in Weeden as the starter. There's been numerous reports stating that the Browns may indeed be looking to draft a QB in 2013. We'll see if anything transpires.

All You Need Is A Phone Call


How to acquire a 2nd Round Pick in the NFL - It gets easier when you have a QB you don't want, just call them up.


Erik Manuel Jr: The Best QB of this 2013 Class

To many, he is the 2-year starter at Florida State that goes by EJ. Even though he's started quite a few games prior and won for the off-injured Christian Ponder, he was a red shirt Senior,...

Scott Pioli's Mock Draft - Top 10


This is basically Scott's top 10 guys on his board if he were still a GM for a team, I'd say. This is how he would have ranked them.


Most Underrated Free Agents I want the Chiefs to Corral - DE an ILB

I am making a case for two free agents that didn't garner as much publicity in this off-season. These two will make an immediate impact for the upcoming squad leading into the 2013 season. The C...

EJ Manuel and Glennon goes way back


Two of 2013 QB Draft Prospects some time back. FSU's EJ Manuel and Mike Glennon of NC State talk about their experience under center and other gridiron topics at the 2012 ACC Football Kickoff.

Top 5 QB draft list that looks different than most.


Using formula that can predict future success, Gil Brandt came up QB draft list that looks different than most. This formula measures quarterbacks according to how they perform in three categories: 1) Air yards, which is defined as the number of yards a ball travels from the point of release to the point of the catch. 2) Rusher points, which measures the quarterback's effectiveness against four- and five-man pass rushes. 3) Total passing statistics, which includes things like passer efficiency, touchdowns, interception ratio and completion percentage.


Worst NFL Contracts, KC made Top 10 twice. Chiefs Negligent Pioli Remiss

Recent column by ESPN correspondent NFL insider John Clayton wrote. NFL owners have navigated through years of labor battles and escaped without having to fully guarantee contracts. Instead, teams...


How Chiefs Missed Opportunity by Passing on Dalton, Kaepernick, Osweiler and Foles

Isn't it obvious that KC totally botched on not selecting a QB, one of history' best QB class in 2012 Draft? It's sad but also true to their demise as history proves how inept this Kansas City...


Pioli picked up his pink slip?

Is't it newsworthy? Our compradore from Save Our Chiefs.com reported that Scott Pioli return from a flight to Dallas last night at 9pm. Could this be a sign of his final meeting with Clark Hunt?...


Perhaps our future lies in a Bulldog.

Anything and everything this season makes me want to write about the one person I am most disappointed with and that's Scott Pioli. But instead I am choosing to write about something else. Instead...

Cassel duped us fans either way you look at it. Thanks Pioli.


Cassel duped us fans either way you look at it. Thanks Pioli.


Drew Brees and Chiefs Connection

What a difference things could have been IF, the big IF. In conjunction of the Chiefs Week 3 opponent - New Orleans Saints, I want to take a look back at how things may have worked out had Carl...


Mr. Pioli and AP fans - Meet Tank Carder

4th Round maybe? Scott, you know he can be a great one -- would be it be far fetch for you to grab him late 3rd? You guys be the judge. As for me, I love for him to be a Kansas City Chiefs so bad!...


Why David Wilson is my ROY?

via media.scout.com Excellent speed and acceleration Potential as a receiver despite being seldom used High motor - always fighting for more yardage Home run hitter Doesn't open himself to a...

Chiefs agreed to terms with Peyton Hillis


Chiefs agreed to terms with Peyton Hillis

NFL.com: Like Montana, Manning reportedly could end up with the Chiefs


KCSP-AM reported Thursday that it's heard the Chiefs and Manning's agent, Tom Condon, have spoken twice about the Indianapolis Colts quarterback, and that the financials appear to be a "good fit" for the team, according to ProFootballTalk.com .


I Dreamed a Distance Future RG3

via i684.photobucket.com I was going to go in detail about my dream but then... I figured it was too much work. So I am here sharing a glimpse of my dream visually Whether or not this dream of...


Trade JC to the Colts for their 1st Overall

via i684.photobucket.com Yeah ok, I can't sleep and I'm stil a bit gaga over our awesome WIN and defeating the 13-0 Pack. I've read so much of hoopla from RAC city to retaining Bowe, Carr, signing...

Luck or Barkley: Who Looks Better In A Chiefs Uniform?


Luck or Barkley: Who Looks Better In A Chiefs Uniform?

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