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Right on Q: The White Sox and Free Agency

A look back on when the White Sox made a splash on the free agent market.

Right on Q: Analyzing White Sox attendance

The White Sox were a dud on the field; but attendance could have been much worse.

Right on Q: Hawk in the Hall

The catchphrases. The excitement. The despair. Hawk Harrelson is the White Sox, which is why he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Right on Q: Analyzing SportsVision


Taking a look at a TV idea that was ahead of its time

Right on Q: Hiring Tony LaRussa


In 1978, Bill Veeck saw something in Tony LaRussa. It might have been the greatest discovery of his baseball life.

Right on Q: Appreciating Paul Konerko


September will probably be the Paul Konerko farewell tour.

Right on Q: Norm Cash and what might have been

How a trade in 1959 would haunt the White Sox in the 60's

Young arms key to Sox early 80's comeback

Young pitching was the key to the White Sox early 80's renaissance.

Right on Q: Drafting Harold Baines

After bottoming out in the 70's, Harold Baines became the player of the 80's.

Right on Q: 1970, 2013, and the end of an era

In 1970, the White Sox lost 106 games. In 1972, they were contenders. This is the story of how the Sox rebuilt their organization.

Right on Q: Undoing the Knot


Looking back at the costly moves that caused the wreck of the 2013 White Sox

Right On Q: Memory Lane

The Sox are playing the Astros...in Houston. Memories of 2005 are inevitable.

Time to sell?

The Sox are close enough to first place, but a hard pursuit at an outside shot just might not be worth it

Gillaspie, Peavy deliver a White Sox winner.

Jake Peavy's complete game effort, and a walk off single from Conor Gillaspie push the White Sox within a game of .500.

Right on Q: Analyzing White Sox attendance

The 2013 White Sox are ahead of last year in one important category: attendance.

The White Sox and "Star Trek"


A look at the intersection of two venerable franchises.

Memories of Gavin Floyd

A look back at the White Sox career of Gavin Floyd -- even if it won't be over yet

The 2013 White Sox (not) Winning Ugly

The 1983 White Sox had a slow start, a loudmouth broadcaster, and an incredible hot streak. Can the 2013 White Sox replicate the formula?

Right on Q: A history of slow starts

Why April is not a sign of things to come

The White Sox are still looking for the big hit

New players have yet to solve the problem of hitting with runners in scoring position.

RIght on Q: Of Hype Songs and Batting Stances

How a silly little fight song plays into a much larger discussion of White Sox Business.

Right on Q: White Sox Musings

Why the Sox should take their time with John Danks; and why Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone don't have to like each other.

Archives: The sad story of Ribbie and Roobarb

A 30-year-old lesson in how not to introduce a team mascot.

On White Sox advertising and White Sox attendance

Will the newest White Sox ad campaign move the needle?

The Week in White Sox

Jumping to conclusions after a week in spring training.

1990's White Sox: What Happened?

The Sox were supposed to be the team of the 90's. What went wrong?

White Sox managers in their second year

South Side skippers tend to improve in their second year on the job. Will Robin Ventura follow suit?

White Sox Wormhole: Bob Elson

A look at the guy who followed the White Sox from Ted Lyons to Bill Melton.

SoxFest 2013: A Good Start

Big crowds at SoxFest could mean ringing cash registers at the ballpark and the cable box.

SoxFest: A Century of Hype

Comparing this year's pre-season hype to a century ago shows you how little baseball fans change.

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