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Stempniak speaks and no one listens


The best part of this are some of the comments. My favorite is "Stempniak struggled in Toronto because he was given 3rd/4th line minutes" You know why he was given those minutes? It's because he fraggin sucked.

Got any chaaaaange?


Looks like someone needs a little cash hahahahahhahhahhahahahhahahhahahahahhhahahhaahahhaahahahhaahhahha hahaahhaahha


The ideal Kaberle situation.

 We all know by now that Kaberle is most likely gone before his ntc expires in the summer and it's a bittersweet situation for us all. Kaberle is a very valuble asset to our team and is arguably on...


Why I want the scabs to make the stanley cup finals.

 I have a dream ladies and gentlemen. My dream is to see the Montreal Canadiens make the Stanley Cup Final. Why do I want to see this. It's simple, I want to see them make the final, just so they...

Ovechkin pwns little kid


To be fair, It's hard to tell the difference between the kids and the habs first line.

Stay Classy Habs Fans


If they did this in Toronto they'd likely wouldn't make it down the street without getting some blood on their pussy ass jersey's


Komi coming back. Who's going down?

   Since Komisarek is getting ready to come back to the line-up who goes down to the Marlies? It isn't going to be Gunarsson who Wilson said is staying with the big club for the foreseeable...



For once where a Berger article that isn't highlighted by him saying something absolutely stupid

Leaf flu shot scandal???


For F***** sake the only thing more sickening than getting the swine flu is having to hear about the damn vaccinations.


Toronto sports Media needs to pull heads from asses part 1, 090, 095 "How about the fact his general manager, Brian Burke, made way too much noise about the Maple Leafs being a playoff team. But then the...

Jonas Gustavsson to get the start in goal on Wednesday against the Stars. Vesa Toskala says he may...


Jonas Gustavsson to get the start in goal on Wednesday against the Stars. Vesa Toskala says he may be ready for Buffalo on Fiday. - TSN

The raycroft era/odour in vancouver has begun.


The raycroft era/odour in vancouver has begun.

Luongo is stinking on such a Toskala level that redlight raycroft has entered the fray in the canucks/Blue Jackets game.

Behind the Draft 09


In case you didn't watch it. Interesting to see some of the behind the scenes stuff.

Pat Burns cancer fight


One of the toughest human beings alive.


Why all the worry about Schenn?

Can't help but notice that a bunch of people are getting a bit ahead of themselves about Luke's pre season. He hasn't lit anything up by no means, but some comments make you believe that people are...


Berger does it again!!!!

I almost died laughing at this article. Oh my god who the frig gave this guy a job as a journalist. What a moron. I thought Eklund was a baffoon, but as you can clearly read Berger takes the Art...


Two 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick for Kessel???

In no way should the Leafs do this. Aren't trades like this the reason why we have sucked for the last bunch of years. I'd be hard pressed to accept a trade of one first rounder for Kessel, but...


The Senators organization summed up by this:

On a day where the Ottawa Senators traded away their best player for way less value because he didn't want to play for such a shitty organization, here is a reminder as to why the ottawa...


Heatley traded to San jose for Michalek, Cheechoo and a 2nd    If I were a Sens fan (I'd commit suicide) I'd rather have his sulking, pansy, talented ass on my team than these scrubs and a measly 2nd rounder....


James Reimer, will he stop a puck?

 I know it's just a couple of rookie tourney games, and the d around him wasn't all that great but come on. make a save or two. Can we get Pogge back? just kidding. However if Reimer does this at...

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