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Rare Top 10 Battle Looms For U of L

Big games are becoming fairly common around these parts (VOG) and they won't disappear when we join the ACC. But even among those rare birds, this is something of an ivory-billed woodpecker of a game.

UConn QB Trick Shots

But the real story is the use of the Preston! dance at 4:00. It is slowly taking over.

10th annual no pants day?

The fact that this was scheduled the day after Charlie Strong kicked some off-season ass cannot be a coincidence.


Rick Pitino – Get in Line (behind CC)

Jeff Goodman is making more watch lists and vying heavily for Least Cool Person of 2010.  This time, he’s ticked off Coach Pitino, whose sarcastic tone would fit nicely in a CC game thread. 

Best College Rivalries of the 2000s

10. Louisville-West Virginia Next game: Saturday, noon ET, at Louisville • • Check in " The rivalry wasn't born until the Cardinals joined the Big East before the 2005 season, but it has produced some of the best games of the past decade. In 2005, the outcome wasn't decided until the third overtime. After freshman West Virginia tailback Steve Slaton scored his sixth touchdown of the game and quarterback Pat White added a two-point conversion pass, Cardinals quarterback Brian Brohm was tackled short of the end zone on a two-point run, giving the Mountaineers a 46-44 victory. The next season, Louisville took advantage of West Virginia's three turnovers to win 44-34. In 2007, White scored on a 50-yard run with 1:36 left to give the Mountaineers a 38-31 victory. Edited to reflect modern era.

Tim Higgins - behind the scenes

Interesting article which includes details about the Syracuse-Louisville game last weekend. "In Louisville, the fan base and even Pitino are furious at late-game decisions in two games (late-January losses at Seton Hall and West Virginia) that have left the Cardinals sitting on a precariously bubble-ish ledge of 16-9. "I'm very upset with three officials; I like them, I respect them, but I'm not very happy with them," Pitino said. "I had two games I should have won. But you know what? It happens. They blow calls." And they know they do. And they don't like it any more than anyone else."

Mike, was that you?

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see the game Saturday, but when I saw this article I got very excited that we might have won and Mike have been caught in the act of celebrating. Apparently not, however.

ESPN's college basketball schedule

It's getting closer. Sure some of these early games aren't must-see-TV, but they might be a little more promising than Syracuse v. Louisville on the gridiron.


Save Eric Wood

And his almost snapping self from the indignity of overseeing any more game threads this season.  The man gave too much heart to this program, and it was hard enough to watch him have to chase...


BCS officials disgusted by NCAA Tourney

Here is a nice little dig at our favorite anti-trust arrangement by the brilliant minds at the Onion.  It's not their greatest work, but it's still fun: BCS officials disgusted   D...


Big East Pool Update

Good start guys.  It appears that we have collectively gone about 6-94 after the first two games of the BET.  I am pretty sure no one has a perfect bracket anymore.  Thus, if you think you were...


Biggest Regular Season Game Ever?

Monday’s match-up will be the #1 team in America (having earned that ranking deep into the season) v. our own beloved team likely to be ranked #6 or even #5.  That’s a composite ranking of #7...

Andy Kennedy's Wife Gives Pun Writers Great Gift

She's sued the Cincinnati cab driver who has sued Andy claiming that the stress of the lawsuit has ruined her sex life. Pun away.


Community Project recap: Cantwell

Not to steal Mike's thunder if he was planning a review, but just to remind everyone about the preseason contest, here is the link to what everyone projected.  It looks like everyone was a bit...


Worst Broadcasters

Here's a decent topic for the off-season:   10 Worst Sportscasters   Maxim has created a list of the 10 worst sports broadcasters that might be worthy of some half-hearted debate.  There is...


Lunardi cheats

Because this is a long week that was made even longer by a opening round loss and a Friday evening start time, I decided to waste some time helping prove Mike's point that Lunardi has inside...


Villanova = Marquette lite?

I just watched some of the Marquette Villanova game and was struck by how similar the 2 teams seem.  Obviously, Marquette had the advantage tonight, and seems to have a little more strength in the...


Common Opponents

I posted this on one of the message boards, but they get buried so quickly, I thought I'd post it here too.  Sorry if it seems petty, but I'm sorta ticked off right now:

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