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Aw Crap...Is that Graham Spanier in the NY Times?


The title was my exact thought when I came across this article. This is a creepy piece that covers everything from his plastic facial surgery to his dad's temper. Call me a cynic, but there's very little sympathy left in me for any of this. The whole essay smacks of an overt lawyer ploy to sway public sentiment while waiting for the trial. But then again, I'm a geologist, so I don't know much about legal maneuvering. So...What do you lawyerly types think?

Shawn Windsor is an Idiot


Shawn Windsor of the Detroit Free Press Trolled us all. This quote might be the dumbest thing I've read outside of Maryland's hate posts:


Five Concerns from Last Year That Need Fixed This Year

Watching replays of several games from last year, I re-remembered some issues that we had. I thought I’d make a list of the five that pissed me off the most, and ask you guys to add your own. 1. T...

OT the G-Man is Closing


Slightly sad to see this bar go. Although it looks like the management were bad news.

Eleven Warriors take on the PSU vs UMD Rivalry


Personally, I hate the idea the people think Maryland could be our rival. Give me WVU over Maryland anytime. The Terps suck as a football team...and they have for decades. They have an ingrained suckitude that won't change just because they joined the BIG.

11 warriors Recruiting etiquette


This is awesome stuff...fans tweeting shit at recruits. Mind yer manners now. And don't be an asshole.

McGloin to Texans?


Could BOB bring over our favorite Ginger Avenger? One can only hope.

McGloin to Texans?


Rumor has it McGloins time in Black and Silver is over.

Culture Problem? Not According to Jimbo


Good old FSU, home of "shoe gate" and now "krab gate". It doesn't have a problem with its young QB. He just doesn't know better than to take stuff and not pay. But he's paid his dues by missing baseball games, so ol' Jimbo will let him skate.

Way to Go Rutgers...


Rutgers offered former football player Eric LeGrand the chance to speak at its commencement. LeGrand was paralyzed from an injury on the field in 2010. Then Rutgers said, "Just Kidding!" and let the governor do the speech.

Our Commits Rocked the Nike Camp


I know it's Penn Live, but this article was informative. Our verbals stood out at the elite Nike camp.

Things are Moving Forward in the Courts


We all just needed a little separation for sanity to return.

Matty McGloin Making the Best of It with the Raiders


Matt Schaub better not teach McGloin too much too fast or lookout.


All That Hate Out There…It's Really Just Despair.

Wow. I knew that some people didn’t like Penn State, but holy cow. It’s time to put some jackasses in their places. So let’s feel the hate. Let’s dig into the source of this anger…oh that’s...

It gets dusty every time I watch this


Watch the line play. We looked good on both sides of the ball.

BTN Discusses PSU Spring Practice - Gerry DiNardo gushes


Feel the love people...over 1,000 people at our practices.

Ohio State is NOT recruiting against Penn State...They are NOT!


Nice bit of sour grapes from the folks at Eleven Warriors: Now, here's the real "concept" I want you to take away from this: Ohio State is not recruiting against Penn State. Ohio State is recruiting against Alabama and Florida State. Penn State is making a lot of noise right now, but these things have a way of leveling off (See: Michigan, University of, 2012-2013.) I know I've said it before, but I feel at this point it's imperative to reiterate: trust Urban Meyer, and trust his staff. Follow the plan.

What do you see: Opportunityisnowhere?


Just looking for new stories on our team. This one was okay.

Tanner Hartman transferring


Opens up a scholarship but we lose an offensive lineman. Makes me wonder if this was the product of an office visit with JF?

Hey Rutgers...Welcome to the BIG


Just want to set the tone here about rivalries. Aw Bullshit.

Rutgers game could be at night


The author cites some message board chatter about an 8pm kick at Rutgers. Then, for some random reason, there is a tweet from a tOSU fan saying: The best thing about the Rutgers/AAC agreement allowing Knights to join the B1G is that Penn State will finally have a conference rival. Jackass.

We're Trying to Flip an Ole Miss Recruit LB right now


Good looking kid. It's a stretch to think we can get him, but I'm done doubting Franklin's recruiting skills. Here's the quote: Tuscaloosa Academy head coach Robert Johnson said he believes Brown could play as many as four positions in college, depending on what the school needs. "He's a big, rangy kid with good size," Johnson said. "He has the frame to comfortably carry 250 pounds. He runs very well, jumps well and has real good instincts. Defensively, he reads plays really quickly. He'll fit in a hybrid scheme as an outside linebacker who can put his hands on the ground and rush the passer."

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