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Excellent Blackledge Interview

He discusses IT in a thoughtful way. I really enjoyed this one. I have enormous respect for him and this actually pushed it higher.

Looks like we need sirens

We have a new verbal for 2014 - DE Antoine White.

Video interview with RB coach Charles London

Some detail on the RB's. Answered a question I had as to who would replace Zordich at FB (Pat Zerbe). Competition is open. Starter week 1 won't necessarily be the starter week 5, etc...

Great new recruiting video...Showing our culture!

Great new recruiting video for the football team. Academic stats anyone?

BO'B Ranks as the 5th Best Coach in the BIG...and He Should be Greatful...

FWIW...these guys put Meyer, Pelini, Hoke, and Dantonio ahead of BO'B. Then they go on to say that most coaches with a year of experience wouldn't rank that high... The best bit is that Beckman is last. Attaboy Timmy...you dick.

McGloin video

Raiders fans like him. I hope he catches on there. At least practice squad.

McGloin video

Raiders fans like him. I hope he catches on there. At least practice squad.

Letter to Letterman Regarding the Paterno/NCAA Lawsuit

This may be old stuff, but I didn't see it up yet.

Some Douche at CBS Sports Takes a Shot at Joepa

Don't read it and give this douche the clicks. He basically throws Joe, Sue, Jay and the rest under the bus. I thought this crap was finally over, but Jays recent emergence fired up the hate bus all over again.

2014 Recruiting A Stick in the NCAA's Eye

A nice piece about how we're defying the NCAA's intent.

BO'B Ranks #13 among college coaches

He's #3 in the Big Ten after douche-a-roo Meyer and good guy Pat Fitzgerald.

This Douche Hates Penn State Football

This guy is an ass. A swollen cancerous ass.

Richy Anderson (Jr) gets some love from his former coach.

I remember his dad so well. Great guy, great running back. Hope Jr is the same. Good luck to you Richy!

The Hokies Could be on Our Future Schedule

I'd love to see us play a series with Va Tech. They have a solid football tradition and usually field great teams.

SuePa Talks to Peter Jackson of the AP

''The last 17 months have been filled with disbelief, horror, the pain of loss, sleepless nights, praying for the victims and for peace of mind for those who unwittingly were too naive to recognize the signs of abuse,'' she said.

We are linebacker U and this list proves it...again.

Nice to see our inside linebackers in the NFL get some love.

I wish Donna Shalala Worked at Penn State...

Dr. Saturday just summarized the new stuff out in the Miami vs NCAA. And here's a link to the original Miami Herald article: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/03/28/3310225/miami-hurricanes-claim-more-unethical.html

Non-conference Schedules? PSU's looks strong.

Quick stat: of the 37 non-con opponents, 22 didn't make bowls last year and 8 are FCS schools.

Pos Taking Some Heat in Jacksonville...

Frustrations mount here in big cat country. The team sucks and they are taking shots at Pos because of his big contract.

Mauti video from Maxwell Awards

It got really dusty...this guy and his classmates are simply outstanding.

UNC Isn't Pursuing PSU Players...Because of Our Scarlet Letter

Matt Hamm is a douchebag...let's just start there. Here's his quote: UNC will not pursue current Penn State players and that’s the right decision by Larry Fedora and the football program. PSU is a stained University and football program. Together they committed the most disgusting act ever in sports, compromising children and allowing them to get molested under their watch while they stood by like cowards choosing football over kids. The scandal at North Carolina that costs the program any chance at a bowl game this season pales in comparison. On the same token, the program is under scrutiny itself and has no business recruiting current Penn State players. The players stuck in Sad Valley need to go to a program free of scrutiny, they deserve that much. Personally, I don’t understand how any player would want to stay, regardless of class. It’s not about the fact that no matter where a player is in his career, he’s not going to a bowl game as part of the Nittany Lions, it’s about the stomach ache everyone should get when they think about what went on in those showers, and God knows where else.

E$PIN Rooting for the U vs. NCAA

I know, I know, I shouldn't read E$PIN, but this bullshit kills me. Here's the author's sign off: But this isn't about whether or not Miami is guilty or innocent, or whether the Canes have paid their price or not. This is about the university finally pushing back. Wait...so if Penn State does it, we should just accept it and move on. But if Miami does it, good for them???

Freeh had a conflict of interest?

Tom in Paine furthers the conspiracy theories. I don't have a better reason for whats in that report...so maybe he was conflicted.

Can we get sirens for run on commits?

Seeing as how BO'B thinks they are as important as scholarship players...anyway, here's a new commit.

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