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Phils call up Grady Sizemore


Phillies call up Grady Sizemore

Live-Blog Recap: Phils 9, Brewers 1


It seemed like a good idea at the time: A live-blogged recap of the Phils 9-1 win over the Brewers

Bad Game, Good Trip: Cardinals 5, Phillies 3


Bad Game, Good Trip: Cardinals 5, Phillies 3

Amaro receives (damning) vote of confidence


Ruben Amaro Jr. receives vote of confidence from GM Montgomery.

Andrews' ASMI statement on TJS injuries


Though the Phillies have had few Tommy John surgeries in the last few years, baseball is seeing them at an unprecedented rate. Dr. James Andrews and ASMI weigh in.

Phillies are struggling, but at least we can watch


The Dodgers have had a great weekend, but their TV deal has left the majority of their fans in the lurch. The Phils might not be great, but at least their TV deal (almost) guarantees we can watch...

The DH is dead, long live the DH!


The DH is a half-bred implementation of a potentially good idea. Let us remedy that implementation.

Phils don't score, Lose Lee's gem


Cliff Lee pitched great, but Julio Teheran was just a little better. Phillies 0, Braves 1

Utley to miss home opener due to flu


Chase Utley to miss the home opener after coming down with influenza

Jimmy Rollins, Selfishness, and Narratives


Jimmy Rollins again says he'll use the rights he has a 10-and-5 player. Will again be called selfish. Sun rises in the East.

2014 Phillies Player Previews: Reserve Infielders


The players you'll see when Chooch, Chase, Jimmy, and Cody Asche get a blow.

Mike Schmidt to join Phils 2014 Broadcast Crew


Schmidt will join Tom McCarthy and one of Jamie Moyer or Matt Stairs for all 13 Phillies home games.

Former Phils Manager Jim Fregosi Passes Away


Jim Fregosi has passed away after suffering multiple strokes.

What the new TV deal means for the Phillies


The Phillies now have an extra couple billion to spend. How will that affect the team going forward.

The Phillies have signed a long-term TV deal


Comcast and the Philadelphia Phillies have reached an agreement to televise Phillies games for at least the next twenty years.

A Holiday Message to Philadelphia Phillies Players


A Holiday Message to Phillies Players--and all professional athletes: Thank you for your amazing ability, and the entertainment you provide.

A look inside the GM's Laptop


An exclusive look inside the GM's Laptop: Amaro's extensive search for talent

Phillies-Comcast TV Deal Update


30 days has come and gone since reports surfaced that the Phils would sign a new TV contract within a month. Here's what we know.

Phillies hire Bob McClure as pitching coach


After an extensive search, and a few spurned offers, the Phillies have signed Bob McClure to serve as their pitching coach for the 2014 season. And maybe beyond, if everything goes well.

Breaking News: Phillies re-sign Carlos Ruiz


Ruiz Re-Signs with Phillies for 3 years, $26 million.

Report: Phils to sign huge new TV contract


Report: Howard Megdal reports the Phillies are on the brink of signing a new television deal vaulting them into baseball's revenue elites.

Dom Brown Trolls Philadelphia Fans on Twitter


Sunday afternoon Dom Brown blew up Philadelphia Twitter by posting a picture of him in a Cowboys Jersey and rooting for the Cowboys over the Eagles. And he loved every minute of it.

2013 Exit Interviews: Kevin Frandsen


2013 Exit Interviews: Kevin Frandsen; Good guy, not good season.

Phillies Links, 10/7/13: Phillies Cold Stove News


Phillies Links, 10/7/13: Cold Stove News

2013 Exit Interviews: Antonio Bastardo


Bastardo was quite good while he was allowed to pitch. Then he wasn't allowed to pitch anymore.

Braves 1, Phillies 0, Draft Pick <11


Braves 1, Phillies 0, Lee infinity awesomeness, Draft Pick <11.

Jazz Age Recap: Washington 11, Philadelphia 2


Philadelphia falls to Johnson's Washington team. A headline straight out of the roaring twenties.

Montgomery talks Amaro, Manuel, Sandberg and more


Phillies President David Montgomery gave an interview to the Philadelphia Inquirer touching on a number of topics, including Ruben Amaro's future, Charlie Manuel's firing and more.

The Phillies, TV Cable Deals & The Future: Part II


In which I throw a slightly wet blanket over the cable television contract bonanza as it pertains to the Phillies. A moist blanket, if you will.

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