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92wastheyear that Sterling SHOULD HAVE BEEN ousted. Do it now!

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Junk 5-6

I can't believe I leave for week and no one creates a junk drawer. Now I am pecking away on my tablet (which is tethered to my i-Phone) from a truck stop in Greely Colorado. FYi, I am riding around...


JD 2/25

The Junk Drawer (AKA JD AKA Trail Mix, AKA OTF is the place for true off-topic conversation and people's random thoughts.. if you have a one-off thought, consider posting it here. Feel free to say...


JD 12/20 Let's Put The "X" Back in X-mas

I am bored on my last work day of the year...So I thought I would post my ten favorite Christmas songs (in no particular order) EDDIE MONEY & RONNIE SPECTOR - Everybody Loves Christmas...


Big Bang Junk 10/28

My wife asked me why I liked Big Bang Theory. She doesn't particularly like sit-coms in general and detests this one in particular (I probably should have just turned the tables and asked her why...


No More Mr. Nice Dave!

A little music parody today, in the form of some Alice Cooper.


JD 6/16: Welcome to my Junk Drawer!! School's Out Edition!!

A couple of years ago I was in a two-day leadership class, when the instructor decided to trot the old tired cliche know as the "ice breaker". There are many to chose from but she decided to go...


6/3 Junk Drawer- Junk Yard Edition

Our car talk got me thinking about all the cars/trucks I had over the years ...so I decided I would just post all the ones I remember. One of the first ones is a car that I shared with my...


JD 4-20

Since one seems interested creating a new JD...I will do it. Since we have to have a topic, I will pose this one. How many people do you truly dislike ? Folks that you that come in contact with...

Jazz poisoned MJ?


From True Hoop: Supposedly Jazz fans poisoned MJ with a tainted pizza prior to the "Flu Game". Prediction: Sammymohawk swears it is true...advanced stats guys and laker fans don't believe


Drunk tank

The only way for a small market team to win a title is to get a high draft pick and draft a transcendent talent and ride him to the top!! Amarite??!! It is a fact!!! I mean everyone knows this...


JD 3/5

It is time for a new junk and I finally said what the heck and threw this together. Here are a bunch of songs ....there is a theme but I will leave to the group to see if they get it (it is fairly...


Food for thought for Andre Miller Fans

For many years I heard the following term to describe Andre Miller: "Consummate Professional". If talk turned Dre's reaction to Nate trying out Blake as Roy's running mate (ostensibly to bring...


JD 2/18

I really enjoyed reading the give and take regarding Chandler and Ross and the rest of the Friend's gang. That conversation was right in my wheel house but unfortunately I was not around for it so...


JD 1/28/2013

It looks like time for a new-ish junk. I haven't done one in a while, so I thought I would see what I could come up with. As you all know I will occasionally post music clips with little or no...


The most wonderful time of the year!! (Updated: Contest for Prize inside!!!)

Twas the week before xmasand all thru the BEdgeThe blazers are losing lets all jump from a ledgeThe rebuild is proceeding along without careEven though high draft picks......panning out is quite...


Junk Drawer 8/7/2012

We had a request to create another junk drawer. I will go ahead and jump in and do that for our friend. Ann, from all of his here in the Bedge community, I can safely say ....we are here for you....


JD 7/31

Yesterday I commented that Creedence Clearwater Revival was an odd case. I posited the following question: How does a group of kids from El Cerrito Highschool become the kings of swamp rock. This...

Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune talks Batum from Minnesota perspective


"Given all that has transpired between the teams, expect the Blazers to wait until late before doing so, just to delay the Wolves further in the free-agency market until then." ^^Haha yeah...Olshey's only reason for waiting the entire 72 is to torque up Kahn and company ....I don't think so ...this is just a happy by-product


JD 7-14

ADELE - 'Make You Feel My Love' (via XLRecordings) To Make You Feel My Love - Billy Joel and Bob Dylan (via MrUkuleleninja) Make You Feel My Love - Garth Brooks by skatlady_bln (via s...


JD 7/3 (and 7/4...and 7/5...etc)

She clings to me like cellophane fake plastic submarine She's driving me insane But now that's over Why do you always kick me when I'm high SR-71 - Right Now (via SR71VEVO) Mort moved to LA to...

Pat Cummings found dead


This is too bad. The onlt strong memory I have of him is that we almost traded Clyde for this guy back when he was unhappy playing for Mike Schuler


JD 6/28 It is drafty in here

So it is draft day 2012.....oh boy..I guess I just wanted to build I fresh repository of OT stuff for all of us who either A: Don't get all chubby about guys who have never played a day in the NBA....

Parker nearly loses eye


That is scary ....but this part is just puzzling "Parker said he has been having hallucinations and been unable to leave his hotel room for eight days because of the risk of infection."


Junk 6/12

So....I have a thought exercise for you all. Imagine two objects ....one object you scrub clean each and every day (usually in the morning). In fact you scrub it way more than you need to...


JD 6/1/2012

Here is a video for you all Talking to the moon (via inaina777777) And since I need 75 words ...here are the lyrics too When the hot September sun down in Texas Sucked the streams bone dry...


JD 5/22

We need a new one of these ...the old one is about to drop of the face of the earth. Additionally the old one is way full. Additional to the other additional, the old one is old. So that being said...

Jaynes Still thinks PA selling the team


"With all that's gone on with this team over the years, I've NEVER seen him deny ANYTHING this fully and completely -- which seems strange to me.......It's almost as if this is being denied too much"

World Peace suspended ...and Ron Artest got banned 7 games too


Haha....Mike Brown isn't buying it "Brown said World Peace gave him the same explanation of the elbow as an excited accident. "What am I supposed to do, call him a liar?" Brown asked. "He said it was accidental. Now was it accidental or not? I don't know." Kobe seems skeptical as well "It's hard to get into a guy's head and know exactly what happened in that situation," Bryant said. "I haven't really spoken to him about it. You've really got to ask him." To me 7 games seems kinda light ...but since the league didn't wimp out and make the suspensions only effect regular season games (as I half way expected), I guess it is OK.

True Hoop: Does Tanking Even Work?


Henry weighs in with a very long piece. He hits some of the same threads I have about tanking (the strategy...not the losing mentality part of it). Essentially the idea that once you give into losing ....it is difficult ..really difficult...to get out. Here are a few quotes "Tanking, as a way to get good, is not tried and true. It is tried and tried and tried and tried and once-in-a-long-while kind of true." and this this nugget on getting back out of the losing quick sand "Does more time help? Not much. Win 34 games or fewer in any season, according to Arturo Galletti at The Wages of Wins, and over the next decade your chances of winning more than 55 are abysmal, at just 12 percent." Ok ...the usual suspects are now welcome to rip into me for the 4th or 5th time

True Hoop: Tanking hurts fans


As you can tell by the title, this is another artcle regarding an ongoing topic on TrueHoop (and Bedge, as well as other sites). There are some very interesting quotes in the article. This one is particularly interesting to me since I made a similar point in one of the previous tanking threads (of course i wasn't taken seriously, but what else is new) . "It's utter misery. On a deeper level, I wonder if it's conditioning me further, perhaps subconsciously. Have I become more cynical? Less hopeful? More at risk for depression?" And this one too is a point I have repeatedly made on the subject "But as Strauss and Swanson can testify, tanking is heartbreaking -- and it offers no guarantees that things will get better."

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