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92wastheyear that Sterling SHOULD HAVE BEEN ousted. Do it now!

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True Hoop-Anti-Tanking Plan


This sounds intriguing and would probably work to curb tanking. But that being said, it seem this plan would also extend how long a rebuild would take. Take the Blazers for instance....if this was the plan right now, we would get less of a chance to get a good lottery pick...and this would continue to be the case until we had sucked for a few years.

Quarter by Quarter scoring with a strong LMA flavor


Looks like there is some validity that LMA lacks punch in the 4th quarter scoring dept....at least compared with other top scorers...what i would like to see is the overall list of 4th quarter scorers to test a theory of mine regarding big men versus wings scorers ...but have not been able to find it Looks like the 2nd and 3rd Quarters are LMA favs

Oden over/under set at 41 games


Henry Abbott, ESPN.com: "Over, for sure, but some of those might be on Xbox. "

Clyde + Tex = MJ


"The greatest compliment I ever heard about Tex was uttered by Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan on the Bulls team bus after they had been on the Dream Team. If Clyde Drexler had Tex Winter as a coach, he could be on the level of Michael Jordan (I'm embellishing). Bottom line, Clyde was not a fundamentally sound player. MJ had Dean Smith & Tex Winter to emphasize the fundamentals of the game in his developmental years. Clyde didn't have that. "

Alvarez: Drexler & Porter Were Best Backcourt In Last 30 Years

Dre Alvarez of Wages Of Wins writes that former Portland Trail Blazers guards Clyde Drexler and Terry Porter were the NBA's top backcourt combination in the last three decades. -------------------- Terry Porter and Clyde Drexler from 1987-1992 on the Portland Trail Blazers Terry Porter (PG) – 17037 Minutes Played, 0.247 WP48, 87.7 Wins Produced Clyde Drexler (SG) – 17524 Minutes Played, 0.320 WP48, 116.7 Wins Produced Total – 34561 Minutes Played, 0.284 WP48, 204.4 Wins Produced In six seasons these two anchored a great Portland team. They helped the Blazers to four 50 win seasons and two finals. This tandem is overshadowed by the Jordan-Pippen duo of the same period. Still, they are the greatest backcourt of the last 30 years. -------------------- ed: bumped to front page



Running more is better, right? Maybe not. "Over the past 10 seasons, 45 teams in the NBA have had a pace of 94 possessions per game or higher, according the basketball-reference.com. 21 of those teams had a winning record, one of those teams finished 41-41, and 23 of those teams finished with a losing record. Last season, the Wolves had a pace of 96.5 and finished with the worst record in the league. "

Barkley Chimes in


"I'd rather have a gay guy who can play than a straight guy who can't play," Barkley said.


Breaking News: Blazers complete blockbuster trade!!

In an unprecedented move, the Portland Trail Blazers traded their back up point guard for a 3-time All Star. The most surprising aspect of this trade may be the timing. Trades consummated during...


Addicted to Hate

Here is a little something I knocked together for your hating enjoyment. This is a rework of the classic Robert Palmer song, Addicted to Love! I am pretty sure you all remember how that goes but...


Season Ticket Holder Party-Photo Dump

Hey everyone....just got back from the season ticket holder party. I wanted to create a place for people to dump some photos. Here is the place ...and here are some of my photos.  


Vanity Unfair-Three Goggles are hurting the team

We have been enjoying the 3 goggles for months now .....but an underlying problem still exists. As you can see from Casey's piece about the origin of this fun pastime, the practice of 3 goggles...


JD 11311

      LeBron really should go into politics....he already is weaselly enough for the job.


The New Roy?

During Ben's chat the other day, he said something to the effect that based on what he knew about Roy the player and Roy the man...that he would come back and be a productive player...that he would...


JD 11-26 Red and Black Friday edition

Hey everyone.....Happy Black Friday. How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I had a good time at my sister's house but I am suffering the after effects. No not indigestion. Here is a little known fact...


JD 11-6

I just saw Tom's first doodle. It was funny. Mort even laughed .....but I suspect that this will be Mort's real reaction(see cartoon). Mort already looks like the scientist.   via i...


JD 9/12

Hello everyone. Today is the first Sunday of the NFL's regular season. I will be plopped in front of the TV watching NFL Red Zone. This channel is the best invention for the NFL fan since TV was...


Junk 9-5

I bought Madden11 the other day...I have been playing it (against the AI) and it has been pretty fun. However ...something weird came up yesterday. I ended up going to overtime....and Collingsworth...


Junk 8-29

I was reading yesterday's junk drawer, and saw Ashley's comment that folks from Montana would recycle polish jokes and aim them at North Dakotans. This seems like a great idea, mainly, because I...


8/20 Junk Junk

I am seriously worried about Dirty Sox and his new employment opportunity. He tells us it all about bowling but when I search for the web site of his employer it comes up with this URL.  h...


Junk 8-17

This will seem weird to some...but, last night,  I listened to Double Fantasy by John Lennon for the first time. I have, of course, heard most of the songs here and there, but never heard the...


JD 8-10

This is for DS  Pro Bowlers Tour - 1981 Long Island Open - Final match highlights (via BowlingOldies) 1988 BPAA US Open - Weber vs. Holman (Part 1) (via dunner228) 1988 BPAA US Open - Weber...


JD 7-29

I noticed it was a little slow in the JD last night....this is not normally the case. The overnight crew is usually quite active...so I decided to post this little ditty as a tribute to the JD...


JD 7-9

I really wish someone would make a movie out of this classic sci-fi novel (1970) by Larry Niven


JD 6-22

Here is a little Beatles inspired madness...Get back!

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