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92wastheyear that Sterling SHOULD HAVE BEEN ousted. Do it now!

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JD 6/15

Hey everybody....I finally found a bluetooth head-set that I like.....the one I had before wouldn't stay in contact with my ear (canal) and I couldn't hear much from it.


5-31 Memorial Junk

Like I have mentioned before, The Eagles played the RG the other night. This got me thinking of a conversation I had with a co-worker of mine regarding the song Hotel California. This song is...


JD 5/24

So I am depressed..Blazers offseason...lousy weather....stupid non-compelling NBA playoffs....baseball on. Urg! I should just do a fanpost....has anyone done one about Roy-centric ISO offense...


New Junk City 5-4

Puns are the lowest form of humor...so I apologize in advance


JD 5-2

I was wondering, so I did a little internet stalking sleuthing and found out the home pages of many famous Junkers. I was thinking that that this would show some insight to our friends and fellow...


Game day Junk 4-26

So....I am at home alone today. The kids are at school ....the wife is at work ....and I am sitting here by myself. So I am Bedging and wondering what I should do today ...that is until game time....


Easter Junk -4-4

So ....two things....yesterday me and my wife bought a new couch ....it is a big sectional with recliners (3 of them). I have never owned one of these before and I am pretty jazzed about the...


OT-Screenshots from The Channel 12 Story

I was in the JD last night after the game when all of a sudden everyone was giving ol' 92 a shoutout...I was whaaa? What's going on. As it turns out, Matt Smith's story covering Blazersedge was...


Junk 3-9-2010

So .....we lost in Denver. Brandon and LMA both had bad games. This set off the usual bad attitudes. Side bar posts about the coaching...about how LMA is soft....how Brandon is selfish and not very...


Junk 2/20/2010

Hey gang....I am back home from Medford after the memorial service for my mother in law. It was nice and informal. just a lot of friends and family talking about remembrances of her rather than a...


Junk Drawer 1-18-2010

I am setting here blurry eyed waiting for the game to start. I have a giant cup of coffee and I'm wearing a black and white checked bathrobe. My daughter had a sleep over lastnight and I can hear...


JD 12-27

So we have made it thru Christmas and all we have left of the holidays is New Years day. Does anyone have special plans (other than watching the Rose Bowl)? Parties? anything else? We really don't...


JD 12-12

I am sitting here thinking that I need a new Junk Drawer. I keep refreshing to see if there is a new one up...but no such luck. I am writing one and trying to come up with some sort of topic. I...


Junk 11/8

Lately I have met some of you in real life (at the game) and you all seem pretty cool. It is weird meeting someone from the internet though....dontcha think? It seems strange to hear someone say...

Barrett on Roy


Roy is in town and sportin' new kicks


Junk 9-10-09-True Lies

So this one time in the Junk drawer...

Opie (Brian T Smith) sings Brandon's praises


This appears to be the new guy's first column ....I like it! Give it a try


7/27 late evening Junk (you can still use it on 7/28 if you want)

This Junk popped up outta nowhere (as is sometimes the case). Thanks to Idoltime for putting me into a John Lennon frame of mind Give a listen Here I stand head in handTurn my face to the wallIf...


7/26 junk Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Junk is the bestest junk ever. It makes me break into song Know it sounds funnyBut I just cant stand the painGirl Im leaving you tomorrowSeems to me girlYou know Ive done all I canY...


Premature E-Junk-ulation 7/23 nighttime is the right time version

I was thinking that I would cut Southern Oregon a break and get a new Junk up for the evening. There is a little something for Pookie after the jump


Contest Entry: The Blazers' best move ever

AKA How we avoided the Curse of Tom Owens

Jarret Jack signs offersheet from Toronto


Wow....he will be stepping outta bounds north of the border


JD 7/5

Well that does it ...everyone hates Portland. The whole Hedo thing proves it. We are a bunch of backwater hicks ...all married to our cousins. The weather is horrible..... It rains every day. We...


Saturday Nights alright for Junking 6/20

via katestelnick.com Well it is Satuday at 6:30pm and there ain't no junk to had.....I am suprised and dismayed by the lack of a junk recepticle for today....where am I suppossed to put my super...


92's Greatest Hits-The Definitive Collection

As you all probably know, I put together rewrites to classic rock song all with a Blazer-centric twist. I thought it would be fun to put them all together in the same place and give you all a...


5-25 Memorial Junk Drawer

I was wondering what you are all doing in front of the computer on Memorial day. Why are you not driving back from camping like all the other Oregonians. I refuse to go camping on Holidays (like...


Junk Drawer May 17th

It is a nice sunny Sunday morning, I was able to sleep in, I have a nice cup of coffee and some toast. It really couldn't be more pleasant of a morning. Naturally my mind turned to those special...

Hollinger Playoff Seedings


JH think we will have home court


Junk 4/5 SitCom Edition

In the gameday thread for the OKC game Timmay and I got into a short conversation regarding Sitcoms. Reality TV and 17 incarnation of Law and Order plus the 9 CSI's have pushed Sitcoms off the...


Junk 4/3 No Topic

The topic for today is...does the Junk Drawer need a topic??? The Junk Drawer was expressly created as an outlet for people to converse about off topic items of the day (basically a playpen for Tom...

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