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I've been an Avalanche fan all of my life.
I live on Vancouver Island, which is just off the coast of Vancouver. I'm surrounded by 'Canucks' fans who we all know are morons and bandwagoners. Around these parts nowaday's its the cool thing to do to like the Canucks.
They're idiots.
Go Avs!

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  • MLB Toronto Blue Jays
  • NBA Toronto Raptors
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • Winter Olympics Canadian Mens Hockey Team (duh)
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30 Thoughts by Elliotte Friedman (two regarding Avs) Hey lads 'n lasses, Been a while since I've been on here, because to be honest with you I...

Disappointment Looms In Denver

Now I just got back from France so you'll have to pardon my french, but where the fuck did this come from? I get his points, I do, but "Will Colorado be better than the Minnesota Wild and their fresh injection of top-end talent?" Yes, yes they can and you know why? Because past Ryan Suter, their defense SUCKS. Scandella anyone? No? "Can the Avs hold off the increasingly desperate Calgary Flames and their ever-growing collection of veterans" That sentence is just adorable. Too many things to say, only laughter comes out. I usually like Proteau's articles, but safe to say I think he's far off on this one. And yes, of course I'm bias.

Would ya do it?

First off, my personal opinion is that I don't think the Avalanche will trade Stastny. I just don't see it happening. HOWEVER What do you guys think of the deal with Buffalo? I've read a lot about this years draft, and I'm curious to see if Sherman really wants a pick or not in the first round. If he's desperate too because he wants someone really bad, then maybe this deal could happen. Just curious to your guys' opinion.

Sounds like Enos is being an Anus

The 200,000-hectare property — reputed to be the largest working cattle ranch in Canada — is owned by billionaire Stan Kroenke, who's also owner of the NHL's Colorado Avalanche. His wife, Ann Walton Kroenke, is the daughter of Wal-Mart department store founder Bud Walton. Members of the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club claim ranch managers are illegally blocking access to Minnie and Stoney lakes, by dumping tree logs on a roadway that is publicly owned.

What the WHAT?!

Duchene expected to play tomorrow...

More Landy Love

It's one thing to have skill, it's another to have the character and will to make yourself better. This kid is good. The scary part? He's getting better every game.

What the Avalanche logo could've looked like

Yikes. Some of those are a bit...umm...well you be the judge. Also, I'm sure many of you have already seen/heard it but Dater has a nice podcast up talking to the guy that came up with the idea/was part of the group that created the logo for the Avalanche (and Nuggets). Pretty interesting stuff.

Hishon news

Owen Sound Attack general manager Dale DeGray said on Wednesday that the injured centre will not play for London this season despite the Knights claiming the Stratford native on overage waivers on Tuesday. "From everything I've been told, it's not going to happen," DeGray said. "I've talked to Colorado and they said he's not ready to play. He hasn't passed clearance for full practice. I've talked to Joey several times. He's not ready to play." And it's unclear if Hishon will suit up at all this season as he's still struggling with post-concussion symptoms after taking an elbow to the head during the 2011 MasterCard Memorial Cup tournament in May.

Landy is a twit

On twitter that is! Heyooo This is more of a heads up so Dave or Cheryl can add him to the list.

Preds claim Yip

Take a gander at the right of the screen under his daily ramblings. Can't say I'm surprised he was claimed. All the best yipper.

Shawn Thornton with a good burn on a Vancouver reporter

Man I hate the Canucks. But maaaaad props to Shawn Thornton for this good burn on this "weasly" reporter. Hilarious.

Ducks GM says Koivu and Selanne are the only untouchables

"Everyone else is in play" Koivu and Selanne are untouchable because they have no movement clauses but my WORD thats a big statement coming from a GM. Granted his team lacks depth and I can see why he'd say something like that. He says he wants core players coming back and not prospects and draft picks. Can you guys really see them trading away Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan???

Kroenke Finally Speaks

I capitalized the title because I figure it was that important AND I never thought he would actually talk. Of course he was busy working on Nuggets stuff while doing the interview but at least I know the Avs are owned by someone and our favourite teams owner knows absolutely nothin about hockey. Great. Just great.

Team in NHL gets new scoreboard

Heyyyyy look at that! Good for them.

Lindstrom on waivers

Joakim Lindstrom (COL) and Brad Mills (NJD) on waivers. FLA's Mark Cullen clears re-entry waivers. And, of course, CAR claims Nodl from PHI

Ryan O'Reilly making strong case for captaincy

For the record, I agree with the guy but at the same time I'm torn. RoR would be perfect because this kid never gives up and like Joe, leads by example on the ice. However this is a young team, one much different looking from when Joe was the captain and the article makes a good point that they may need a captain that is vocal and calls guys out in the locker room. Who knows, all I know is the Avs are lucky to have 4 or 5 guys who could be captain.

Your favourite hockey teams, now in food form!

I didn't see an Avalanche logo but these are pretty cool!

Interesting "Minimalist" posters...Avs included

Interesting way of making new posters...kinda like it.

Relatively shocking prediction from some guy

I know, there's a lot of predictions everywhere nowadays because that's all we got until training camp starts. But this guy predicted the Avs to not only be last in the West, but 10 points behind the Oilers (with 64 points) I know he's a Shark homer (and has them finishing first of course) but hooooly shit this guy didn't do his homework.

Avalanche announce training camp roster and dates

In terms of numbers they've got Gabby with #92. Elliott #46 Barrie #41 Hejda #8 Hishon #38 It's training camp #'s, so take it for what its worth!

Mueller Speaks!

Dater interviews Mueller and he finally says words to the press for the first time in a year! Huza! I had no idea how he got his second concussion last preseason but apparently it was an errant stick in the temple that did it for him (its where he got his first concussion). He sounds excited. He loves the Avs organization and its fans. Here's to a kick ass season being one of our PP QBs and Dutchy's sidekick! (knock on wood) UPDATE: Dater added more on Mueller in his blog.


Which player departure stung the most?

Since nothing much is happening these days in Avalanche world, I saw this question on a website and I thought it might be good for a discussion (my apologies if this thread is in the wrong...

21 of the funniest NHL commercials

Click on the right of the pictures to watch the commercials!

Yahoo! Sports talks about Yashin and the Islanders, plus Avalanche comments

They talk about Yashin and the Islanders situation, but then if you scroll down you see they talk a bit about The Avs and the rest of the league...including this tidbit: Colorado Avalanche: "Here is your biggest reason for optimism in the Avalanche for 2011-12," proclaims Adrian Dater, almost stereotypically. What's that then? Matt Duchene(notes)? Paul Stastny(notes)? Maybe even Gabriel Landeskog? No, you idiot, it's a rookie defenseman's plus-minus rating in the WHL. This is gonna be one long-ass season.

Top 100 sports-related twitterererers. (players, agents and reporters etc)

Am I the only one that doesn't find Jenny Finch that attractive?

AD shooting down any EJ concussion rumours

heckhole (dan) some milehigh fans are claiming EJ is still recouping from his concussion last season and reporters are refusing to follow up @adater adater @heckhole They are idiots then. EJ is fine, working out now in Denver, in fact 6 hours ago via Mobile Web Dunno if this deserved a fanshot or not, but hey, its the offseason and its always nice to hear an avalanche player is healthy...

The only Elliott left (woot!) gots the twitter

I've no idea if this has been mentioned in another thread anywhere else but thought it should be shared. Loved this post: All said and done. Great meal with the boys. @tbizz4 @jhish18 @Bmalone22 @cpickard1 #full #blizz? (tyson barrie, hishon, brad malone and calvin pickard)

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