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I love Jesus Christ first and foremost. The A's are great, but Jesus came to earth and died to pay my penalty for my sins. Rickey Henderson is awesome, but he could never do that for me.
"But God demonstrates his own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." - Romans 5:8

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What do the slegnA know that I don't?

Clearly, being a professional baseball franchise, they have more information than I do. But I did a quick look over at fangraphs and was really confused by what I saw. The slegnA recently...

Yoennis Cespedes Projections @ FG


Now here are those projections, from most to least optimistic: CAIRO: .272/.318/.483, 3.5 WAR600 Davenport: .260/.325/.458, 3.3 WAR600 ZiPS: .265/.329/.418*, 3.2 WAR600 OLIVER: .266/.308/.447, 2.6 WAR600 *Slash-line is park adjusted. If he reaches the lowest of these projections the first year, this will be an excellent signing. If his first year approaches 3.5 WAR, this is an absolute steal. Thoughts?


Is Your Prospect a Jeans Model or a Baseball Player?

I'm going to compare two prospects for you. Some of you consider one of the two to be elite. In fact, many baseball scouts think he's something special. He was drafted in the first round, he's...


Let's Have Our Cake and Eat It Too

Call me crazy, but I think the A's have gotten better. I'm not just talking about the 2015 San Jose A's - I'm talking about the 2012 Oakland version. Sure, we have no Compliant Pig or deJesus, but...

Interesting Article about Tom(my) Milone


Just for reference sake, if Milone can get over 6.0 k/9, he has a chance at being a very good ML pitcher. There were 5 pitchers last year with over 4.0 WAR and between 6 and 7 k/9.


The Future of the A's 1B/OF/DH

So I guess we're not going to win the World Series in 2012. Sorry for the spoiler alert. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop being an A's fan. In fact, I'm excited about 2012. We're not going to...


2012 Players and Salaries

  I've seen several attempts to look at who we're adding and subtracting next year and attempt to adjust this year's salaries to see what we have next year.  I figured it would be better to...


Trade Deadline Thread Part Deux

This just in from MLB Trade Rumors The Pirates are mulling a possible trade with the Athletics for lefty Craig Breslow and outfielder Josh Willingham, tweets Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh...

Olney Says Willingham Definitely To Be Traded


Buster says that the A's are going to trade the Compliant Pig at some point. Hopefully last night's ginormous bomb helps that trade value. The real question is: What do the A's get back in return? Assuming that he is not packaged with another player, let's throw out some names that we could expect and then reply by calling everyone else's trade proposals ridiculous and homerish. My guess - straight up for Domonic Brown. The link above is to the notes on mlbtraderumors.com - the original link is Insiders Only - http://insider.espn.go.com/mlb/blog?name=olney_buster&id=6775135

Kouz sent to Sacramento!


The world is now starting to make sense again. Terrible MLB player gets sent to AAA and quality AAA player gets called up. Congrats to Sizemore and Rosales. The real question is, will we get any better?

We've got some guys tearing it up in Sacramento


Weeks, Cardenas, and Jai Miller are hitting the ball pretty well down in AAA. At what point do we take a 4.75M+ guy (Kouz, Ellis, DeJesus) and say enough is enough? Can you ever do that with a guy like Ellis? On a side note, is Jai Miller our replacement for Coco next year? It's hard to ignore a 1.129 OPS from a 26 year old CF. Am I totally crazy for even bringing this up in the midst of a 2 game winning streak?

Chavez to the Marlins?


So we all agree that Eric Chavez in a Yankee uni is absolutely disgusting. Hopefully the Marlins make this happen and Chavez makes it back to his Gold Glove ways.

Platooning Closers


The A's now have two relievers on their roster that have saved at least 20 games in each of the last two years. We all heard Beane & Co. saying that Bailey's the man in the 9th (even Fuentes admitted it). But how would you feel about us platooning these guys? 2010 WHIP vs. R/L Bailey - 0.86/1.10 Fuentes - 1.20/0.71 Click on the Title for the original article on Fangraphs which sparked the idea.

Tolleson Clears Waivers


So we didn't lose Tolleson in the Fuentes signing. That signing looks a little better now. Why didn't anyone else want him?

Chavez working out for Blue Jays


I for one hope he makes it back and is remembered as a great third baseman of the 2000's rather than the guy whose career never took off because of injuries.

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