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Any good FA Cornerbacks?

Man did the Cowboys expose our cornerbacks last night. I think we need to maybe look at signing a cornerback that can keep up with those speedy receivers. Is anyone available? The Cowboys seemed to...


How to Fix the Knicks for 2013-2014 Title Run

Ok this is going to sound crazy and I know the new season has not started but I am sorry lets be realistic here the Knicks will make the playoff this year but they will not win it all. Our salary...


Time to let Lin go

Ok I hate to say this because I wanted Lin to come back to NY as much as anyone but. Let's remember Chris Paul did not sign a extension with the Clippers this summer and he wanted to come to the K...


I think it is Phil Jackson Time!

I think we have the talent to win a championship but we just don't have the coach to motivate the team. I time we get rid of Pringles and call up Phil Jackson and ask him how much do you want to...



Ok is it just me or does it seem like Cashman has not done a thing this offseason to improve our rotation. Mark Buehrle signed with the Marlins, C.J. Wislon just signed with the Angels and we...


Knicks vs. Spurs

Living in San Antonio, TX I don't get to see my Knicks play that often and I am excited I got tickets to see the Knicks play the Spurs tonight. I know we got our butts kicked by the Rockets but I...


Our Nightmare!

http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/Derek-Jeter-dons-a-Red-Sox-uni-courtesy-of-the-?urn=mlb-288937 This would not only be embarrassing but would make me and probably every...


Need some help

Ok everyone I am doing a research paper for my college class. We were allowed to pick anything we want as long as it was something you loved. I chose to pick the New York Yankees since I am a huge...


Question if you...

Could add one bat and one pitcher to the Yankees roster who would it be? Who would you love to see in a Yankee Uniform. Don't make it a player that would just be a fix for this year and thats it...


What really annoys me!

       You know what really annoys me is how much the media pumps up the Red Sox. I don't get it they have a high payroll just like the Yankees but for some reason they are always making them to be...



Mike Lowell wants to be released and we need a bat would you sign him? I mean he can't be worst than Nick Johnson right? If not who would you like to see in our DH spot since Posada is out? I think...


How to get Lebron

I have the master plan to get Lebron James fire Mike D'Antoni hire Phil Jackson and give Lebron and Wade money will attemtping to resign David Lee. With Jackson as coach Lebron will come because he...


And you thought my Houston idea was crazy

http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/182975-struggling-vazquez-to-the-mets   Check this out now this is crazy. I would never even think about this. Someone at the New York Daily News...


New Month...

Ok the other day I talked about trading Javy for Oswalt. I was just letting the frustration of his bad month get to me. So I am willing to say that maybe we should give Javy a chance. He was...


A Houston we have a trade offer......

Well I am just about done with Javier Vazquez pitch in pinstripes his number are horrible. He can't cut it in New York. I was thinking about making a possible trade yes I know the season is early...


Manu Ginobili

  What do you guys think about maybe going after Manu Ginobili? I live here in San Antonio and I see Spurs Highlights all of the time (I hate the Spurs) but Manu plays some good ball and I was...



Ok on Espn T-Mac is stating that he does not see Lebron coming to New York etc.... I was just wondering how the hell does he know he is going to be a Knick next season? I mean he only playing 23...

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