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Straight to the Stars: Jean Pascal-Lucian Bute Preview


It may be a few years too late, but there is still plenty to get excited about when Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute—although perhaps no longer their best versions of themselves–clash tonight at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Both men desperately need a win to resurrect their fortunes, while a crowd of over 20,000 will make for a roaring atmosphere. (Read more)

No Reservations: Adrien Broner-Marcos Maidana Preview


Taking a break from rapping, crapping, and whatever else he does to resonate with those who bookmark WorldStarHipHop in their web browsers, welterweight Adrien Broner returns to action Saturday night, facing Marcos Maidana at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. (read more at The Cruelest Sport)

Rigondeaux, Kirkland and Macklin win


Guillermo Rigondeaux, James Kirkland and Matthew Macklin emerged as winners tonight on HBO Boxing After Dark.

Strictly Cosmopolitan: Carl Froch-George Groves Preview


The gulf in status between the two combatants – one a member of standing in boxing’s international class, the other a British export in waiting – is a reminder as to the type of continuum on which all prize fighters find themselves. On one end of this continuum is the local: a world of neighborhood boxing gyms operating on shoestring budgets, where fame only goes as far as a two-line blurb in the community weekly. New York City, Youngstown, Cuauhtemoc–it could be anywhere. On the other end, the global: a level of status transcending borders but most closely associated with Las Vegas, a city anchored on barren Nevada land but so self-contained in its neon excess that it might just as well exist ethereally or in the minds of men. To scale the heights of the sport, as is the dream of any fighter, is to fight one’s way from one pole to the other – from the local to the global. Even Muhammad Ali was the "Louisville Lip" before he was ever "The Greatest." (read more)

The Specter: Manny Pacquiao-Brandon Rios Preview


It is the wrong way to end a fight: looking more like the victim of a skydiving misadventure than the loser of a boxing match. Yet, this is how welterweight Manny Pacquiao found himself last December, when Juan Manuel Marquez so stunningly nailed him into the MGM Grand Garden Arena canvas. It is hard to believe that the most memorable moment in a career as improbable as Pacquiao’s may now be a loss. This is not to mistake it for the most defining moment. No, there are too many images of his hands raised, his foes broken, to trump his furious run. Pacquiao, 54-3-2 (38), will always be defined by his wins; by the performances he delivered securing them. But how he responds to the Marquez loss could determine his future in ways none of his previous fights could. For the first time in his career, Pacquiao, who faces Brandon Rios at the Cotai Arena in Macau, China, Saturday night, is faced with questions not even he can answer. Or maybe it is just one question: Is Manny Pacquiao finished as a prizefighter? (read more)

The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board: Year One


"Boxing is tainted," said Floyd Mayweather a few weeks ago. "There are too many belts, too many champions." Anyone at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 14th would have noticed an Elvis-worthy display case featuring Mayweather’s robes, gloves, and boots from past bouts. Several acronym-emblazoned "championship" belts were also featured. In a moment of clarity, the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet waved them off— "I think we should have one belt and that’s it."

Read the full story at

DEFIANCE: Darren Barker W12 Daniel Geale


Darren Barker was finished. A paralyzing left hook to the liver from Daniel Geale had dropped the Englishman. He fell slowly, grimacing in agony. On his knees, kicking his feet in pain, Barker pressed his gloves and head against the canvas. Rising looked like an impossibility, but, wincing through the discomfort, Barker lifted himself up, still on his knees, but with his arms outstretched for support. Referee Eddie Cotton yelled "seven, eight…" and as the third man hollered "nine" Barker somehow willed himself to his feet. (read more at The Cruelest Sport)

ANIMALIZED: Gennady Golovkin KO3 Matthew Macklin


Some time after Gennady Golovkin scored a third-round knockout of Matthew Macklin, giving those in attendance at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, the awful conclusion they paid for, Macklin remained in Child’s Pose on the canvas. Gasping, his face contorted in agony, Macklin went through a ritual of pain. It is a strange thing, pain; stranger still is the body’s responses. The reflexive writhing and clawing for distraction in movement—like a prisoner throwing himself against the bars of his cell—all that squirming in a futile bid to escape. (read more at The Cruelest Sport)

The Monster Under the Bed: Gennady Golovkin-Matthew Macklin Preview


However destructive middleweight Gennady Golovkin’s career has been to this point, it has largely been the product of the how—not the whom. This is not to belittle the accomplishments of a fighter who has compiled a record of 26-0 with 23 knockouts: in boxing, the best platform for raising your profile remains the scaffold, and it is unlikely that either HBO or the public they occasionally represent becomes as enamored with Golovkin without the carnage he produces. But skepticism persists, primarily because ruining the likes of Nobuhiro Ishida does little more than emphatically restate the obvious. What Golovkin has long needed—and has struggled mightily to secure—is an opponent whose undoing would silence the critics. This Saturday, from the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, he faces just such a man. (read more at The Cruelest Sport).

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be: Adrien Broner W12 Paulie Malignaggi


To the relief of many, a tasteless and offensive promotion came to an end last night when Paulie Malignaggi and Adrien Broner met at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Broner, having rifled through the skeletons of Malignaggi’s closet, found a bag of bones willing to humiliate herself for fifteen seconds of fame and two minutes of hate, and tried to drum up interest by emasculating Malignaggi via unfavorable sexual reviews of "The Magic Man." Malignaggi, ever the sanctimonious windbag, played right along, of course, helping turn last night’s "grudge match" into the final act in a vicariously embarrassing drama. Broner won a split decision over Malignaggi in a fight that—rather fittingly—offered little by way of entertainment, but managed to pose a few questions about how Broner might fair against the best fighters at 140 and 147 pounds. (read more at The Cruelest Sport)

Clown Shoes & Harpo Horns: Paulie Malignaggi-Adrien Broner Preview


When Paulie Malignaggi meets Adrien Broner tomorrow night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, the record for most shit talked prior to a mismatch may well be shattered. A much-ballyhooed promotion leading up the fight has done little except confirm that these two enjoy nothing more than the roar of their own bluster. Broner, Cincinnati, Ohio, likes to explain why he’s heavily favored. Malignaggi likes to explain why those odds are silly. And to hype a fight in which a 15-to-1 betting favorite exists, a lady friend of both has been placed in the middle of their dry spats, possibly because clown shoes and Harpo horns are no longer seen as worthy props. Listen to enough of this nonsense and you’ll notice that Malignaggi has the far sharper tongue, but, unfortunately for him, a game of the Dozens doesn’t await inside the ring. (read more at The Cruelest Sport)

Talking Boxing on All Balls Don't Bounce


Andrew Fruman was a guest on today's episode of the All Balls Don't Bounce podcast, with the weekly sports show turning it's attention to what's happening in the boxing world.

Scoring breakdown: Canelo vs Trout


A round by round look at Saturday night's junior-middleweight showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Austin Trout.

The Year Of Living Dangerously: Alan Minter In 1980 (Part III - Hagler)


Alan Minter was perhaps the most popular man in Britain heading into his fateful clash against Marvin Hagler on September 27, 1980. After winning the world title in March in Las Vegas from Vito Antuofermo, the new champion turned in a star-making performance in handing the American brawler a decisive trouncing three months later on home soil. Soon the affable pub owner from Crawley was modeling jeans, recording pop songs, and mapping out a glittering future... (read more at The Living Daylights)

When the Cobra Caught the Mongoose: The Night Ezzard Charles Knocked Out Archie Moore


As he sat on his stool awaiting the eighth round on January 13, 1948, at the Cleveland Arena, Ezzard Charles took in the words. Sitting across, in the other corner, was Archie Moore, a man who would one day leave the ring with more knockouts than any fighter that ever lived. It was dangerous poker, trying to reel in "The Mongoose," but Charles was slightly on edge. His ire had been raised at the close of the seventh round. Moore, he felt, had intentionally hit him after the bell... (read more)

A Night at the Fights


From the traveling fan's perspective, a look back at Friday night's entertaining ESPN2 show from Verona, New York.

Season 14 of the BLH Pick'em Game Starts this Week


Test your fight prognostication skills against other boxing fans in the Bad Left Hook pick'em game.

Until the Real Thing Comes Along: The Night Henry Armstrong Made History Against Lou Ambers (Part...

Until the Real Thing Comes Along: The Night Henry Armstrong Made History Against Lou Ambers (Part Two) When the fighters climbed into the ring on August 17, Madison Square Garden was simmering with anticipation. There had been a last-minute rush on tickets, with fans–some perhaps looking to escape the sweltering heat that had engulfed New York that day–grabbing every last seat in the house. From the $1.15 upper bowl to the $16.50 ringside spots–a Garden high for a non-heavyweight title bout–the place was jammed. The Cruelest Sport

New Pick'em Season Begins This Week!

All players are back on level terms for the start of another season of pick'em action at Bad Left Hook, so don't forget to make your selections for this weekend's action. New players are always welcome - click here to play!

Bundrage vs Spinks Results: Cornelius Bundrage Stops Cory Spinks in 7, Lara & Russell Both Win


Recap of Saturday night's Shobox card featuring Cornelius Bundrage and Cory Spinks.

The Champion That Time Forgot: Wallace "Bud" Smith When HBO featured a list of world champions...

The Champion That Time Forgot: Wallace "Bud" Smith When HBO featured a list of world champions from Cincinnati on its Adrien Broner-Vicente Martin Rodriguez broadcast Saturday night, the name of Wallace “Bud” Smith was unfortunately omitted. A combination puncher with the willingness to take a couple to give a couple, Smith was a television staple during the early fifties, when he met many of the best men in his class, rising up the ranks to eventually claim the lightweight crown from Jimmy Carter in 1955. (read more at The Cruelest Sport)

Angulo vs Kirkland Results: James Kirkland Hammers Alfredo Angulo in Six


Recap of James Kirkland's stoppage victory over Alfredo Angulo.

Donaire Tops Narvaez in Dreary Affair


Recap of Nonito Donaire's unanimous decision victory over Omar Narvaez.

Craziness in California - Dawson Claims Crown with Bizarre "TKO"


Recap of Saturday night's controversial light-heavyweight championship fight between Chad Dawson and Bernard Hopkins.

Weekend Boxing Results: Berto & Rusell win in Biloxi, McDonnell Edges Hall, Soto & Rubio Score Stoppages


Quick recaps of the weekend's major boxing action from around the world.

Andre Berto Stops Jan Zaveck After Five


Recap of Saturday night's HBO show featuring Andre Berto and Jan Zaveck.

Andre Berto vs Jan Zaveck: Live Round-by-Round Results


Live round-by-round coverage of tonight's welterweight clash between Andre Berto and Jan Zaveck.

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