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I grew in a family of IU fans, and cheered for IU my whole life until it came time to go to college, when Purdue was the obvious place for me. (I was going for pre-pharmacy at the time). I got involved in the AAMB, and the rest is history. I graduated from Purdue in 2009 with a degree in Applied Meteorology. I proudly bleed black and gold, and converted most of my family in the process.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Indianapolis Colts
  • NCAAF Purdue Boilermakers
  • NCAAB Purdue Boilermakers
  • Golf Rory McIlroy
  • NASCAR Ryan Newman, Jeff Gordon
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao
  • Tennis Roger Federer
  • Wrestling Pro Wrestling does not qualify as a sport.
User Blog

Is this rock bottom?

37 Signs you went to Purdue


For all I know this has been floating around for a while now, but I saw it for the first time today, had to share since I literally laughed out loud.


Random inspirational story from one fan

Obviously, this year's football and basketball campaigns have fallen well short of our hopes and expectations. When football season kicked off, there was real talk that we could sneak into the B1G...


R.I.P. College Basketball

Last night I'm sure many of you watched as Kentucky finished it's victory march and claimed it's eighth national title. In my humblest of opinions, this will be marked as a turning point in the...


New Player Nickname Discussion

It was brought up that there is a big lack of creativity in the current nicknames for many of our players. (AJ, DJ, TJ, RJ, AJ (Hammons).) Since we've got nothing better to do, let's have a...


Is Cody Zeller really baby Jesus? An objective analysis.

I'm going to break one of my personal rules today, in honor of hate week. I make it a point to refrain from attacking current players, not because I'm above it, just because I think these guys are...


My personal IU hatred... an introspection

With a shortened hate week beginning, I've spent some time lately trying to determine just exactly why I hate Indiana University with such a passion. It stemmed from hearing Gary Glitter's "Rock...

Football season is doomed


ESPN breaks down the new kickoff rules for next season. In short, we're doomed.

Jajuan seeing playing time!


Bass is injured for the Celtics, and Jajuan has seen solid playing time the last 2 games. Sunday he played 21 minutes, and shot 5/8. Looked great on the floor, and the Celtics organization is taking notice.


To The H&R Community, please read

Purdue fans, huddle up. After our loss to IU, I made it a point to try to stay off the site for at least 24 hours, just to let myself cool down. That loss sucked, there's no two ways about it....


Hate week finale

Ed Note: T-Mill here again, thanking AAMB Boiler for some quality haterade posts this week. once again, he gets a Front Page nod. Well, here we are, we've reached the eve of our showdown with our...


Hate week part 4 - Tom Crean

Note: The disclaimer from part 2 still applies. Well, thus far all of my subjects have been former IU coaches, all of whom left the school in disgrace. Time to switch it up, and talk about a coach...


Hate week part 3... time for some lovin'

This week I've started a little haterade mini series, and it's been pretty well received. (Side note: thanks for the bump yesterday TMill.) I had a good friend suggest that I ease up on our Hoosier...


Hate week part 2.... Bob Knight

(I'm sure some people will comment based on the title of this article alone, but to those who read it, let me lead off by saying these are purely a bit of hate week fun. Though it really ruins the...


Dan Dakich... a hate week special

We've been treated to some stellar commentary from Mr. Dakich at a few of our recent games, which has really helped open my eyes to his true genius. Being IU hate week and all, I thought why not...


Over/ Under on replays & references to "The Knee"

This Sunday will feature the triumphant return of Rob the Barbarian to his arch nemesis venue, The Barn. There's sure to be a focus on his knee and plenty of useless commentator banter related to...

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