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Rudy's most revealing interview


Best offseason Rudy's interview. Sorry it's almost 4 am in Spain an I'm a bit lazy so I used a web translator. PS: As promised, I tried my best, hope you like it. (Headlines) Rudy: "I have felt very frustrated" "To the point of the depression no, but I’ve been fucked up" • "It did not see myself able to help the team and preferred to be in the bench" • "I do not need nobody saying to me that I am very good and later not giving me any relevance" • "In the last games, I was very selfish not trying to help the team" • "After the year I had, the national team feels like paradise" QUESTION. How do you feel about your possible trade? Do you think a lot about it? ANSWER. To be honest, lately I think a lot in everything. I’m a little tired of not knowing my future nor where I’m going to end up. It does not affect me, you can ask my teammates and the coach, but when I have some free time I’m thinking on it more and more. Q. That your not going to stay in Portland seems evident. A. Yes. Based on what I listen and read, you can count on it, but for now I’m a Blazer’s player, and I can't do anything about it. Q. Do you feel like you are arm-wrestling the team? A. No. More than arm-wrestling, we are trying to speak with them and make them understand my position. And I understand their position too, that's a fact. We must agree and be able to find an exit as fast as possible. I made a big effort moving to United States with a lower contract than I could have had in Europe. This year, with my agents, we decided that the best was to try a trade to be in another team with more chances to play minutes, to have my game, that’s the reason I’m here in the end. Q. Do you understand then that they don’t let you leave easily? In addition, you have a good image in the NBA. You are still the one who dunked on Howard and beat the rookie three point shooting record. A. That’s clear, but the recognition I was able to get in the NBA helps me as much as it harms me. Portland can request much in exchange for me and, and having a rookie salary, many teams can be interested in a player who offers certain things to them in return of the little money I make. I understand their position, but I made an effort for them and I hope now they will do it for me. Q. If this is not solved, you may en in the bottom of the bench or whistled by the Portalnd crowd when you play, I don’t know what would be worse. A. I will have t olive with that if the is no agreement. I will have to fight for the minutes. Portland fans have been always great to me and I have nothing against them. It is a pity that the status of the team is not the best for me. If I have to be there I will try my best. If I have to cheer from the bench, I will do it. But If I see that this situation can be real, I will think in other exit possibilities. Q. Your possible future in Europe depends on where you may end up? It is not the same a trade to bad team than a trade to Boston, Chicago or New York, as it has been rumored lately. A. Yes, the are good teams and seem to be great cities and franchises. I would like to be in a competitive team were we could fight for the ring, and where I could play my game. If I’m traded to a team were there is no warranties, I would think about returning to Europe. Q. You have the European big teams expecting. A. I have those assets, which are appealing and I am delighted with their interest. But now are jus speculations, cause I cannot make any choice. If that was my call, I would have done it already. Q. And your decision would be? A. If I could return to Europe, I would be delighted. But, in the same way, If I could decide my future and an NBA team can guarantee me playing minutes and a game style good for my characteristics, I would like to stay there. Its fifty fifty. Q, After a tough year as you had, Is the National team a change for the better? A. Feels like paradise. I’m really happy with all the people, with my teammates, coaches… To be able to enjoy again and have a good time is always good. Q. How do you feel when after so long, you are given the ball, participating in the game, being a key piece in the team? A. The truth is that I missed that feeling (laughs). It’s different to be able to help the team in different ways. In the national team we all know the role we play. I’m very happy or the way I’m playing with Juan Carlos (Navarro), even with the adjustments I have to make to defend players taller than me. Q. How can we understand the transformation of the Rudy in the National team to the Rudy in Portland? Did not they see what you did in the Europeans in Poland, for example? A. You have to ask that to the coach. In every workout in Portalnd I’ve tried to do my best, and the colleagues have told me that I’m an important player. Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldrige, two of our references, said that I was an important piece in the team, and that makes you feel good, and makes you realize that all the work over the year was good, but the reward has not been the same . It is tru also that we have a lot of injuries, including mine, and that is tough for a coach. But, anyway, every player has a year like that sometime. Hopefully this is resolved I will enjoy basketball again. Q. Have you felt frustrated during the year? A. Yes, I felt quite frustrated. Also because of the injury in my back, that wont let me work as I wanted. After the surgery all was good and I had some good games, but it was all up and down. I played a good game and then I would loose my confidence because I did not play minutes. Q. It was said that you almost reach depression? A. To the point of the depression no, but yes in the mental limit of being fucked up. I wasn’t feeling good on court, and sometimes, I preferred to be on the bench. I didn’t feel like I could help the team in the court, and that's something really hard to feel for a player. Q. Your coach, Nate McMillan, will be an assistant of team USA in the Madrid tournament, What will you tell him if you see him? A. He is still my coach. I’ll say hello and talk to him, of course. If I continue to play in Portand, I would like to know his opinion about what are his plans for me or what do he wants from me in the future. If by the time I’m in another team, I will say hello anyway, in the end, he was the coach that gave me my first chance of playing in the NBA, I will always remember that. Q. Do you think is all McMillan’s fault? Have you been self-critical? A. Of course is not all his fault. The coach pulls the strings of the team and he has to think in the best for the group. That's what he does. HE also has a game philosophy and sometimes I wasn’t part of it. It is true that Roy is in front of me, that he is a superstar and plays a lot of minutes in the court. But I don’t understand that I was promised a lot of things that never came true. I don’t need nobody to tell me that I’m very good, or that he sees me playing in some way, but in the end he does not give you the role you expect. That things hurts you mentally. It hurts because you are told one thing, and he makes the opposite. You start to think what you did wrong, what is that he didn’t like… You accumulate all those things and you end up playing your brain to the point that you don’t see yourself helping the team, and you prefer to be in the bench. Q. In the last games, it was said from Portalnd that your attitude was not the best, that you were given a last chance with Roy injured, and you blow it. A. For the first time in all year, I was a starter in Phoenix. In the first game I think I made three shots (it was seven) and in the second two. After that I was in the bench again because Bayless was playing good and he started. Later I went back up again with outside shoots cause Roy was already playing and he opened more spaces. I always had a good attitude, and always tried to have it., but yes sometimes I was frustrated in court, and that was reflected in my game. You could see it in my face, in my gestures. That is what I had to learn. That sometimes it goes well and sometimes wrong, but you always have to try to help the team, and put those things aside. I think that was very selfish on my side.. I've learned, I've grown a lot mentally and made me mature a lot. Q. And, for the World Cup, What are the chances of the national team? A. We have plenty and we have to be ambitious. We have already played important games against good rivals. You have to give it all in every friendly game and then reach the top at the World Cup, like we did in the second leg of the European championship. Q. You have seen them close, Would you say that team USA is being underrated because their nig stars are not playing? A. Of course. In United States there is no A, B or C team. They are all good. From the ones that will play, there are several All Stars that are very important for their teams, even when they don’t have the hype of other stars, but this is a team to fear. I’m sure they will be very competitive.


Rudy heading back to Spain?

Spanish newspaper Marca reports Real Madrid is trying to get Rudy for the next year. Marca says that Rudy is not comfortable in portland with reduced playing time and he could make more money back...

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