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Another Draft Prospect to Consider

From ( Prospect: AJB2 Ht. 6'3 Wt. 175 Positions: Current: SF/PF NBA Possible: PG/SG School: Portland Community College NBA Comparison: Ha Seung-Jin...


Potential Trade Targets: Third First Round Pick

The Blazers need to add as much young talent as possible. There are some nice players who could be remaining later in the draft. Portland should at least explore looking at acquiring a later first...


Draft Drawer: Pre-Lotto

With the lottery rapidly approaching, the clock is running out on fantasizing about winning a high draft pick and fretting about the Nets getting in the top three. I thought it would be a good time...


Does Portland Have a (Small) Shot at Deron Williams?

Speculation about landing Deron Williams is usually tossed away by sensible Blazer fans as far-fetched. Considering our history, that is no surprise. But can we dare to hope that this is actually...


Draft-Day Trade Drawer

I still enjoy watching the Blazers, especially the young players, but it is harder to watch when I am not sure whether to cheer for a win or a loss. That said, like many of us I am now looking...


The Market for Batum and why Portland Should Match

Besides draft night activities (which I look forward to immensely), re-signing Nicolas Batum will one of the biggest priorities for the Blazers. I took a look at the market for Batum to see which...

Howard to be Traded?


As if we haven't heard enough of this.... Almost over guys. One question is, will Portland be roped in as a third or fourth team?


Trade Drawer: What Will it Be?

We are almost to the deadline finally! It has become increasingly clear to most of us here that we need to make some adjustments via trade. Whether it''s Rondo or Nash (which doesn't look likely),...


¡Finalmente, Victor!

January, 2013 GQ Magazine ¡Finalmente, Victor! For years, we've been eagerly awaiting Victor Claver, a Spanish Kevin Durant with the unlimited shooting (and whiteness) of Larry Bird. At long...


Poll: Who Should Be Waived?

Portland is bringing back fan favorite center Joel Przybilla. The merits can be discussed in that post. What I am wondering is, who do you think should be given the boot to make room? Here are some...


Trade Drawer: Rebuild or No?

EngineerScotty did a nice post on rebuilding. I thought, why not do a trade drawer and get some ideas for all of the different scenarios laid out (with the addition of another category)? One Last...


Luke Babbitt: Next Michael Jordan (or Larry Bird)?

While Jeremy Lin has been stealing the spotlight recently, there is no denying that Luke Babbitt is on a path to All-Stardom. Many of us always knew that he was going to develop in to a star, but...


Reasons to be Optimistic This Season

This past year has really been a reality check for Portland fans. For several years, there have been big reasons for optimism i.e. "we'll get a good draft pick, Aldridge and Roy look promising, we...

Blazers a Free Agency Winner


Take that, Chad Ford. Oh, and you don't have to pay a monthly fee to read this one.


Okafor or Kaman to Portland?

Now that the Paul trade looks like it is finally going down, there could be a domino effect. Are Chris Kaman or Emeka Okafor in the Hornets rebuilding plan? Maybe one, but not both. Portland could...


Top Five Remaining Shooting Guard Free Agent Targets

Portland is likely to add one more free agent before we are all done. There are still some serviceable power forwards and shooting guards left. Let's take a look at some of the shooting guards we...


Blazers' Unproven Young Players: Who Excites You Most?

While it isn't quite the same as a few years ago, when we had a myriad of young talent, and the youngest team in the league, we do have some potentially good pieces. For better-or-worse, they...


After NBA Lockout Ends, What Direction should the Portland Trail Blazers Take? (POLL)

Finally, the NBA lockout has an end in sight. We might actually be able to talk about player movement without the inevitable "there's a lockout and no CBA so we shouldn't discuss player movement"...


With the #1 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers Select... (POLL)

If the NBA season is canceled, which appears more and more likely every day, they will have to figure out how to do the draft lottery for 2012. Many have proposed a system similar to that employed...


Should Blazers Pursue Major Free-Agent in 2012?

Yes, I know the Blazers are well over the cap. I know that Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and Deron Williams will almost certainly never play a home game at the Rose Garden. But what if?... Rumors that...


Trade Options: Big Men

Unless Greg Oden can stay healthy, Camby maintains a decent level of play, and Chris Johnson is better than thought, the Blazers clearly need another big man.  We already took a look at free agent...


Blazers Bad Luck Drafting? Year-by-Year Since 2004

Besides the one-and-a-half good players we snagged in 2006, how many good draft days have we had? How many opportunities have we missed to be a great team? Despite his popularity, Kevin Pritchard...


Which Blazers Will be Helped/Hurt by the Lockout?

Besides annoying the crap out of every good fan, the lockout affects more than just rich people's pocketbooks. There are the Shawn Kemps of the world, coming to camp hugely overweight and out of...


NBA Lockout: In-Depth Solutions to Get Back in Business

Ever since the lockout started looming, players, owners, management, and fans everywhere have been asking me to write up a solution for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.... Well OK maybe not...


Free Agency: Potential Big Men Targets for Portland

It has become obvious to anyone who follows the Blazers closely that we must look to add a big man or two this off-season (whenever that is). We don't have the money to get a big-time player, but...


Who are the Five Guys Portland is Considering?

Talking about the 21st pick, Chad Buchanan said: "I think we're down to about three guards and we've got about two bigs that we like that are still in the mix for us, about five guys total." T...


Blazers' Off-Season Plan: Win Now AND Build for the Future

The Blazers right now are kind of stuck in between contending for a championship and building for the future. I think they still have a shot at contending with some good moves though. It is also...


1st Round Picks That Could be Available

While much has been made about how bad this draft class is, I think that there will end up being a lot of nice role players coming out of it. The 2009 draft was supposed to be weak while the 2010...


What if the Blazers were Lord of the Rings Characters?

The other day I had a random thought: what if the Blazers were LOTR characters? Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and the Blazers are two of my favorite things, so that helps to explain my nerddom. W...


Trade Ideas: PGOTF

For years we have been looking for the elusive PGOTF. Andre has done a good job, but won't last forever (and we could use some shooting). We may simply look for a backup in free agency, but these...

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