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This was on homepage. It's hilarious to me because of his usual TD celebration. I think...


This was on homepage. It's hilarious to me because of his usual TD celebration. I think he really does think he is Superman, and he's trying to take off here.

Niners didn't really beat Green Bay

Interesting, looked like a solid victory to me.

Peter King talks 49ers on Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday: San Francisco (Santa Clara, Calif., 49er training facility). Three football nuggets: Niners return 11 starters to NFC's top-rated defense. Doubt that's ever happened in free agency era. "I'd be surprised if a top-five defense ever brought all its starters back,'' said GM Trent Baalke ... Randy Moss had a good practice, beating Perrish Cox and Carlos Rogers in one-on-one drills. "Defensive coordinators will be dumb if they treat him like the Moss of Tennessee a couple years ago,'' Rogers told me. "He's got a lot left.'' ... Niners think rookie back LaMichael James could be the quick difference-maker they didn't have in offense last year. I agree. -Peter King More at source link...

Save Patrick Willis!

For those of you unaware of the Madden Curse, it is out there! And Patrick Willis is in the running for it catching it. So head on over and vote for Matt Forte to save him from it!

SF are playoff pretenders?

You have to be an ESPN Insider to read the whole article (, but this seems to be the only guy I have found who doesn't thing SF is a good team. His primary points are that we have a soft schedule and the Offense is weak. I agree our Offense could be more productive, but we are beating opponents by an average of around 10 points a game, and so far, we have played several very good teams. Are we going to the Superbowl? I don't know, but anyone who plans to stop us is going to have to bring their A-game, and even that may not be enough..


One of the best teams in the NFL... for now

I thought it would be nice to bask in our awesomeness after the first week of the 2011 season.  We haven't had much opportunity to do it in recent years.  Some of these stats could have a...

Draft Report Card collection

This site has collected all the draft report cards from all the major sports/news sites and consolidated the results into one list. 49ers didn't fair well overall in manys eyes. All gave passing scores, but many considered it marginal.


Missed me? Probably not, but I missed 2011. Fill me in pls!

Sorry I haven't been around much since December, but life happens.  So, I got some questions about the status of the team, and I am hoping you guys might be nice enough to fill me in and maybe...

Disclaimer: Not all views expressed by Hitler are shared by me, even though I made it. I tried to...

Disclaimer: Not all views expressed by Hitler are shared by me, even though I made it. I tried to use things I have heard people rant about on the boards. Feedback welcome, it is easy to change now that I have a template created.


Want to make a 49ers Hitler Rant. Ideas?

I am not sure if you guys have seen the Hitler Rant's on Youtube.  I was thinking about making one for the 49ers.  If you haven't seen them, you MUST go to Youtube and look up "Hitler Rant" and...


Will California's State Government drive away prospective coaches?

Serious question.  I know most here don't like to talk politics, but when reading an article about Cower not being available because of his love of the East Coast, it got me thinking... Who would c...


Not seeing Vick as a SuperQB

I just watched a few highlight videos of the Philly/Washington game.  It only really showed the plays leading to scores or for big yardage.  But after all the hype, I was underwhelmed.  I didn't...

Offensive gameplan by committee

The link is to Singletary's Press Pass, 11/17/10. Near the end, someone asks about Mike Johnson's creativity in playcalling. It appears he gets all the Offense position coaches together and figure out what they thinks works best against each opponent with their personnel, and plan accordingly. I like it. Who would know the players better than their position coaches.

OC interview: Coaches wanted Troy away during Bye Week

Watch the Mike Johnson video at the bottom of the page. A lot of people were critical of Troy Smith for not staying to practice during the Bye Week. MJ said the coaches wanted him away while they decided how best to utilize him. Which makes sense. It would be tough for him to prepare without a game plan to have him practice.

Singletary's Notebook on

Posted this morning. Obviously evasive, but he seems pretty confident about this game. I wonder if Troy showed him more than he was expecting. He also had a funny dodge when a reporter tried to hint about Nate Davis in a round about way.

Alex Smith -1 good pass = David Carr

I am ecstatic Troy Smith is starting, but in researching another post, I saw an interesting parallel between Alex and Carr. Everyone wants Carr cut based off 1.5 quarters of play. Was Alex so much better before the injury? Since stat manipulation is popular with Alex supporters, I figured I would try it out. Take away Alex’s 1 deep ball to VD for 53 yards in the Carolina game. Compare the resulting stats to a cold David Carr with zero first team reps and who hasn't played since preseason. Here are the resulting stats: Alex: 8 of 18 for 76 yds, 0 TDs, 0 INTs 1TDs, 0 INTs. Carr: 5 of 13 for 67 yds, 0 TDs, 1 INT. Eerily similar. Alex was 1 good pass (to an extremely wide open receiver) away from being David Carr! Edit: I misquoted the stat. The TD pass was after the VD pass, so it would only be so similar if I removed both passes in the first drive. So it would be 7 of 17 for 0 TD and 0 INT. Thanks to two posters for catching my mistake.


One more week of Carr... is it really that bad?

First, I have to be sure everyone knows I would rather see Troy Smith start.  But this post is about Carr, and the fact that he is most likely to start if Alex can't play.  Carr has been with the...


Chill on the Alex Smith [insert Love or Hate] !!

You guys are too emotional about Alex Smith.  I would swear he is related to some of you guys by how hard you defend him.  He makes one good pass and it's, "Suck it Smith haters!"  He throws a...

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