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Clark's big PR move is pure BS and I am insulted by it

Clark is trained as an investment banker. He has no street smarts. I cannot believe that he thinks we will buy the BS that he and Scotty are trying to put out. There is no way that you bring...


Question about upgrades to the AP website?

I am curious if anyone else is still having trouble with the revised AP. I am a diehard fan and I really enjoy AP. However, the new site takes forever to load on my computer and seems difficult...


Can the Chiefs trade for Orton?

This may seem like a stupid thought. However, Pioli is in trouble and he know it. In the same way that it took him 3 years to realize that he had a problem at right tackle. He now knows with 100%...


Did Scott learn anything from Tyler Palko?

I really think that anyone (including Scott Pioli ) who signed off on Tyler Palko as a legit NFL back up should have been fired. As we move on to the 2012 season, we have no back up qb. My...


Who is the face of the Chiefs? Is it Lenny Dawson?

I wrote a rather nasty post late last night that Clark was a silver spooned brat, who never built anything in his life. The post was taken down – and for good reason. The personal attack is not...


The problem with Clark and Scott

I don't believe Clark is a money grubbing owner. I don't think Pioli is an incompetent fool. The problem is that neither one of them understands that people make decisions based on who they like....


Todd Haley says this is a results oriented business – so what are the consequences?

  I am angry.  Why can’t the chief’s nation realize that we are being fed the same dog food year after year?  I am starting to wonder if Lamar didn’t teach Clark that the simple formula is to keep...


Does anyone at Arrowhead understand the term accountable?

As a term related to governance, accountability has been difficult to define. It is frequently described as an account-giving relationship between individuals, e.g. "A is accountable to B when A is...


Pioli needs to take off the Diapers !

  Pioli is a smart guy and we could not of hired a better GM.  However, a few things that bother me: 1) He suffers from the sin of Hubris.  He is too smart for his own good.  He needs to question...

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