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Born in Cincy, now live in Dallas.

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User Blog

My Trip to Houston: Playoff game analysis

WHY? I'm sure many Bengals fans are wondering that same question. Its a simple word, that can be tied to many, many questions. But why can't we make a run to through the playoffs? Why do we always...


Post Season Mock 1.0 VS Mel Kipers Mock 1.0: 1-20

1. Indianapolis Colts, 2-14 picked Andrew Luck 2. St. Louis Rams, 2-14 Picked Matt Kalil 3. (Trade from MINN),Washington Redskins 3-13 Picked Robert Griffin III 4. Cleveland Browns, 4-12 Picked...


Fantasy Football league: $20 entry fee, winner takes all

I wanna get a 10 team fantasy league going with $20 entry fee, winner takes all. Please let me know if you will be interested, as I know a few people want to start a league from the monday night...


Calling out all CJ members: I think its time! WDR (WHO DEYTA RATING)

There has been much debate about certain players on this team. I think its time we settle this once and for all. And I would like to get input from as many people on here as possible. I would like...


Winner will be annouced: "Around the Jungle" game

I thought I should try something new on here and I want to play a game. Something you would see on ESPN or any sports show, a sports debate forum with topics. I will ask a question, up to ten,...


Should Brown be the number #1 WR?

I just wanted to get some of your opinions about Brown. I know Wallace will always be a deep threat, but I have noticed Brown has been coming up big this year in a lot of your games. And may be a...


Mapquest: Bengals -> Playoffs

I think the general conclusion would be 10 wins gets you in. So at this point right now, we would need games to go a certain way to guarantee a Bengals playoff spot. I have also added a poll to...


The Dalton Cool Aid

Before I go into this, don't get me wrong, I like Dalton. I think he has a great future ahead of him and I hope he can bring the championship to Cincy! Im only bringing this to light because he...


The Blame Game

Everyone please take it easy. I know its easy after a tough loss to point fingers, but the fact remains, there are 7 games left and we need to go at least 4-3 to make the playoffs. I understand...


The new Jerome Simpson....

I was looking at the bengals roster today and realized how much depth they had until I got to saftey.



Here are the teams ESPN predicted to make the playoffs. From the AFC: 1.New England with over 90 percent chance to make the playoffs 2. Baltimore with over 85 percent chance to make the playoffs. 3...


De Ja Vu?! No strip club.

With the Bengals sitting at 4-2,their second in the division. And after next week, there is a good chance Bengals could be sitting in first place. I was thinking this all seems familiar, like I...


Defense, Defense, Defense..... wins championships!!!

The NFL draft has become more and more of a media spectacle. Every year the draft becomes more dramatic and entertaining than the last. ESPN does a great job of making the draft more than what it...


The glass is half full! The season just begun!!!!

First of all, I would like to point out, we are 2-1 and have a lot to look forward too! The bengals could be the first team in NFL history to sweep their division two years in a row. This bengals...



I have seen reports saying that we are interested in signing Vick. This seemed like a suprise to me because with the Bengals history, it would seem like like a mistake waiting to happen. But on the...


Broncos vs. Bengals

This is how I see the first national headlines after the Bengals game against the Broncos.   ORTON, Why? After giving up three interceptions, Kyle Orton is asking himself what happened? Coming...


And this Pet Peeve goes to?!

Here are some of my biggest pet peeves! Feel free to add your own! My biggest pet would be HInes Ward, I don't understand how this guy gets so open all the time. If it is 3rd down and less than 5...


2009 Predictions!!!

I wanted to create a list of predictions, in which anyone can add to, that most bengals fans would not see coming! I predict, the bengals will be known for their defense more than their offense....

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