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Time for some icing!

Well BB got the first part of our off-season started with a bang! Little disappointing its only for one year, and with so much up front which kills our wiggle room, but oh well, cant complain too...

Beginning of Brady's Hand Injury


I previously stated I had seen Brady spraying some numbing agent on his hand after a sack in week one, I was actually wrong , it was week two, after a third quarter sack against the Jets(he threw the ball very well that game btw, although the wrs were dropping everything. However interestingly enough they didnt score again after the injury, but the rain and the drops probably had a lot to do with that as well. In the end all that matters from that game is Brady controlled his body language). I have seen him rubbing his hand, and spraying it, in every game ever since. If this is slightly the cause of some of his inaccuracies (interestingly enough the hand injury was probably re-aggravated to the point of causing the swelling in the second game against the Jets, is Pollard secretly playing in NY?), then it would only be another factor in the perfect storm that has conspired to slow down this offense (injuries, murder, free agency, injuries, rookies, free agency, injuries, free agency, rookies). However by the time this heals completely, along with a perfect storm of positive factors such as maturing rookies, and healthy additions being caught up to speed (Danny, Vereen and Gronk), we should be ready to unleash hell on the league in a couple of weeks. Add to this our defense, with Talib coming back, and Kelly, SOPO, and Chris on the line, and we should have all we need to unleash our own juggernaut by the time those boys from Denver come to say hello. It'll be nice to let Wes know we miss him, but we are doing just fine. you know, wouldn't want him worried about us.



See why we may not need Amendola to be our next Wes Welker, TJ may be up to the task!

bye bye woodhead


true player. will be missed. but the machine will roll on. wish him the best in sd on a personal front, n absolutely no success on a team front lol

Branch is back


All we need now is for waters and light to walk through the door.

Brandon Lloyd Analysis


Lloyd’s contract is a reported 3 years for $12 million, which is an absolute steal. Consider that Robert Meachem’s contract was 4 years for $26 million, so at the outset, it looks like the Patriots got amazing value. Over the last two seasons, Lloyd has racked up 291 targets, caught about 50% of them with 16.4 yards per catch and 2.3 YAC per reception. No receiver has caught more balls thrown 20+ yards in the air than Lloyd (30 of said catches)..... As for deep routes (20+ yards downfield), Patriots receivers had just 9 receptions for 348 yards last season. Lloyd had 13 receptions for 363 yards alone. Last year, he averaged one drop every 16 targets, which was about league average. He did average a target per every 5.29 snaps, which we can expect to go down. Lloyd has also had 30 redzone targets thrown his way over the last 2 years, and caught 9 of those for TDs. For comparison’s sake, in the same span, Greg Jennings (an arbitrary top-caliber WR) had 33 redzone targets for 11 TDs, so Lloyd’s percentages compare favorably.


Mock Draft AM2/24

1-27 Fletcher Cox: If he is available it is a no brainer to me. if he is not it gets complicated. Next best available would maybe be a cb, however if cox is not available i believe we trade down n...

Quick things i learned from the 2011 reg season NYG matchup

  1. Make sure sergio brown and tracy white are not intricate parts of the defense.
  2. Can not turn the ball over 4 times; nor have over 80 yds on penalties.
  3. Arrington played cruz well.
  4. They had no Nicks and are clearly better than they were then. We are also clearly better, somewhat on defense (although we are much better defensively this was one of our better defensive games rendering our recent improvements not as drastic), but mostly on offense as our te's are a much bigger part of our offense, and the NYG do not sem to have the personnel to stop them.
  5. The chemistry between TB12 and inky and the train has gotten muchhh better. Brady made some terrible throws/decisions, and he also made some great ones, however he did look pretty comfortable in the pocket throughout the game.

Reasons For Hope

None of that matters! How often have we heard that this week? To be honest it is completely accurate. The first 19 weeks of the season have no bearing on today's game. However there are two...


ike davis splits

why have davis' splits completely reversed this yr? not that im complaining. just wondering if he made a change and this is sustainable or if its just a small sample size


Raiding Carolina's Kitchen

First time poster here, big fan of the site, please keep the info coming. I love our work during the season and off-season. I just wanted to throw some ideas out as to what i would not mind seeing...

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