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Die-hard Spurs fan since '94 from here in Atlanta, when I figured: why can't a guy pull for a Western Conference team, as well as his hometown Eastern Conference team? Until Coach Bud arrived, the Hawks have basically been meh to me (so now I'll give 'em a second look). Still, it's Go Spurs 24-7-365.

I Pound the Rock daily.

(Profile photo is of Diesector, the greatest BattleBot ever imho, built by Donald Hutson of Mutant Robots)

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  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
User Blog

N(S)BA - Good to Great?

First, let's keep this in perspective. This is entertainment. It's not life or death. OK? But what we have just witnessed in the last month was something glorious, awe-inspiring, and yes,...


Chalkboard: Game 6

All those of us who watch from outside the lines can only hope for the best from the Silver & Black. We display confidence without swagger as the view through the telescope of this series has...


Veinte-Vidi-Vici (a MANUtmeg Report)

The essence of the game is deception - Leonard Koppett Back in January I made a flip comment about Manu's quirky facility with slipping opponent's 5-hole. ...


Props to Jacob Riis

Thought this shouldn't go unnoticed: http://www.loc.gov/bookfest/books-that-shaped-america/ The Library of Congress, the world’s largest repository of knowledge and information, began a...


WTF Rules. Let me begin...

Since it's that time of year when Emperor Stern et. al. have been discussing rule changes, allow me this shot across the bow re: Heat-Thunder G4 in the waning moments and that jump ball 'tween...


The Cost of Excellence

Yeah. 4 in the morning. Been here before. For other reasons to be sure. Greater gravity than a basketball game that didn't go as I had hoped. Still the impetus was profound. So it's to...



Does any stat site maintain a log of the number of touches by a team from game to game? Think y'all know where I'm going with this. A Touch-to-PpP/FG% ratio could determine/validate which teams...


Moisturegate: Give the AT&T Center both barrels

When first Duncan, then Parker slipped on moisture in last night's game, everyone held their breath. Fortunately no damage done. This never should have happened and the maintenance crew at AT&T...

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