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Stop the whining, Chipper


"From his name to his look to his sweet swinging, Jones defines "ballplayer" in every sense. But he's coming close to defining a whiner with all his talk about being old and sore." The article goes on to say a bit more about wanting time off and Bobby not giving it to him. He's got a point. You get paid 13 mil, you play.

Alex Rios may be available for almost nothing


The Blue Jays are reportedly looking into dumping Vernon Wells and/or Alex Rios. I think Alex Rios would be an *amazing* pickup for RF. Him and Mclouth basically put up the same numbers, and I wouldn't mind seeing double out there.


Why a power hitter would make Atlanta's lineup scary.

I know people have talked endlessly about how a trade for a power hitter is what this team needs to compete. BUT, until now I wasn't so sure about how well a power hitter really would fare in the...


Complete Trade Possibility Roundup

I know this has been discussed ad nausem before the calendar even has even reached June, but BEFORE you go straight for the comment button and leave the customary "you're a fag for making a fanpost...


Lets Talk Positives - There Are Plenty Of Them

With all the negatives that have been discussed with this team, lets take a second to focus on what is RIGHT. And there is actually plenty of it. 1. - The rotation - The Braves have arguably the...


Maybe losing isn't such a bad thing

No one ever wants to lose. It is painful to watch a team that is performing in the way the Atlanta Braves have been for the past few weeks, but maybe there is a silver lining.  Everyone remembers...


Logan finally batting leadoff today

Bobby Cox was trying to wait, but the switch finally became too obvious to ignore, even for him. Schafer has the second best OBP among regulars, and he has had his speed going to waste while...


Players we could have aquired - How are they doing?

Adam Dunn - .310 AVG, 6 HR, 15 RBI, 11 runsNick Swisher - .312 AVG, 7 HR, 19 RBI, 21 runsBobby Abreu - .357 AVG, 0 HR, 12 RBI, 9 runs, 9 SBsKren Griffey Jr. - .200 AVG, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 9 runsRafael...


The Braves offense is like a bad prom date

Getting to first base is easy, second base takes a little work, and third base takes a ton of patience. But after 3 hours of hard work, you rarely get to score. What can be done to fix this...


The best batting eye on the team is...

Jordan Schafer? I know, I know, Chipper has one of the best batting eyes in all of the majors (ever), but JS looks like he may be close to being on par. He is leading the team by far with 12...


Do you know me? Because you should. I am your ROY

via i3.photobucket.com I am your 2009 Rookie of the Year Jordan Schafer. Wanna bring up my HGH past on ESPN to try and overshadow my first MLB at bat? I'll homer to dead center and grin all the...


Could Heyward see action during a playoff push?

So its been a while since I made a fanpost that didnt involve photoshopping, but this is about something that I have been wondering about for a while.  Before anyone starts yelling "Heyward will...


Anderson or Schafer - Who's your CF?

We are only a few games into spring training, but the CF battle already seems to be at full throttle.When it comes time to fill out the opening day CF card, who deserves the spot? On one side we...


Braves Photoshop Contest - Part Deux

The last Braves photoshop contest turned out to be pretty amusing. The Fanpost has since had its comments closed, so I figured why not start a new one? Only a short time until spring training...


The Official Braves Photoshop FanPost Contest. Who can chop the best?

So I thought this might be fun.Many of us (I am assuming) some have basic Photoshop skills. Hell, even Paint will do. Take a picture of any former or current Braves player, manager, fan or anything...


Jordan Schafer's Stats Tell the Real Story. Haters Be Damned!

I know some people look at Jordan Schafer's 2007 stats with a bit of skepticism. Many believe that his mediocre numbers in 2006 before and his apparent drop off in 2008 show an anomaly that may...

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