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4 Photos of the Bucs in Baltimore


Made the trek down to Baltimore to see a dripping double header and took a few pictures that I thought I'd share.


Guess the Opening Day batting order / Opening Day Roll Call

Simple enough. I'm a bit interested to see Jones bat second a few times this spring. He, Walker, or Snider are all believable #2 hitters. What's it gonna be? My guess: Marte Snider M...

Direction batter is facing in every ballpark


Direction batter is facing in every ballpark

Here it is, BUCN: The Story of the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates. Thanks to all that helped out! Let me...


Here it is, BUCN: The Story of the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates. Thanks to all that helped out! Let me know what you think.

BUCN: The Story of the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates Trailer


Here is the trailer that as some of you may know, I've been working on this past season. It is finally all wrapped up and I hope to release the final work Friday, December 28th. I would like to thank all of you for your help and support. It was a very tricky project because I got A LOT of footage and the focus was constantly shifting from basic overview vs. the 2012 season, my perspective vs. a general perspective. Blah blah blah, choices were made, but in the end I think I ended up with what is (hopefully) an entertaining hour long work for you to watch. If you have any questions at all, feel free.

Nate gone, Hague up



Pirates Fan Documentary Episode 1 - Opening Day


For those of you who haven't been checking the blog I set up for this project , I decided to do a few video updates throughout the season to not only give you guys a little bit of a taste of what I have, but to get some feedback so I can improve the final work at the end of the season. Here is the first little video update, centered around Opening Day. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Announcement: Pirates Fan Documentary

This pretty much contains all the necessary introductions. I've officially reached the point where I want to publicly announce it (thereby making me accountable to see this project through to...

My Spring Training 2012 Album


Took in 3 games this past weekend and snapped a bunch of pictures. This is my first time really shooting any baseball, so it was interesting. Very challenging focus wise and with constant clouds moving in, exposure was also a pain in the butt. That being said, here's 10 that I was happy with. These were all taken from the stands, walkways, etc. or in other words, anywhere we "civilians" are allowed to go. No on field access :( Enjoy!


Steeler Nation, I need your help

I apologize for the shameless promotion. Do with it what you will, admins. My name is Greg. I grew up about an hour south of the city and for the past 2 1/2 years have lived downtown where I go...

I Need Your Votes, Bucs Dugout


I apologize in advance to Charlie for this shameless self promotion. Do with it what you will. A while ago there was a post about Xfinity's Ultimate Sports Social Media Job contest. Yada yada yada, I entered and now I'm up for voting. If I'm Top 5 in voting, I'll advance to a "tryout" weekend thing and hopefully win the job from there. This would mean the absolute world to me, the timing with me about to graduate is perfect. Like many of you, I am an avid Pirates fan. Being a part of this community has really brought my understanding of the game to a new level and I feel like some of those principles have trickled into other parts of my life. I've truly learned a lot from here and am thankful for it. It would be great if you guys could vote for my entry. I don't have much to offer aside from an immense amount of gratitude and the promise to not mindlessly bash the Pirates like some of our, uh, other media members in this town. EDIT: Voting was down and they say it will be back up between 6-7. Methinks some videos will be removed because the rules were pretty strict about trademarks and whatnot, but we'll see. EDIT 2: Voting is back online. You have to "Like" Xfinity's page first in order to vote. The link above is a direct link to the video, but I think when you "Like" their page, it doesn't redirect you to it. Simple solution is to click the link, like their page, then open up my link again and hopefully that takes you right to my video. I'm Greg A.

No Ejax, No Oswalt, Why not Burnett?


I think it could be a good move, depending on price of course. High strikeout guy moving to an easier league. Best case scenario he bounces back or even stays the same and proves to be better than Correia. Worst case he flames out and spends his time on the bench telling Cutch and Pedro how great the cost of living here is compared to NYC.

Pirates Sign Rod Barajas for 1yr/$4m with $3.5m club option in 2013


I say good move.

ESPN Predicts Pirates Won't Make World Series In Next 25 Years


If you're curious who does win, here's some pretty accurate predictions of how the next 25 will turn out. UPDATE by Charlie: This is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen published on ESPN. Recommended.

Moneyball Sequel Trailer


Telling the inspiring story of the New York Yankees

Pirates 1979 WS Trophy on Ebay


$15,499 Buy It Now price. I saw we all throw down $10 and become partial owners!


All Star Break - Time for a look back

I dug around and found two interesting FanPosts from late March regarding predictions.  We still have a long way to go, but which predictions stand out to you?   h...


Brad Lincoln knocking harder on the door

It doesn't seem like very long ago last season that we were all clamoring for Brad Lincoln to step up and help rejuvenate our struggling rotation.  We all know how that turned out with Brad going...

New Pittsburgh Pirates scouting method?


I didn't think our lead off spot was THAT unproductive.

Chasing 3000 on Showtime


Chasing 3000, the movie about a cross country trip to see Clemente's 3000th hit is now on Showtime. Here's the link to the schedule.


Kind of puts the whole Tony Sanchez tweet thing into perspective

Granted, the topic has been beaten to death.  His account is no more, blah blah.  I still find it strange that arguing with an umpire right there on the field only gets you thrown out of that game,...


Interest in a Pirates Documentary?

So this is just something that has been kicking around in my head for a week or so.  I am a film major here in Pittsburgh with a year to go before I graduate.  With my senior project approaching, I...


That first road trip

With last season starting off with two impressive wins over the Dodgers, the Pirates got off to a good start, although they were at home.  Is anyone else a bit worried that Chicago and St. Louis...


Differing Top 10 Pirates Prospects Rankings

So as the season approaches and more and more lists are put out, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the lists and their differences.  Who do you agree with?  Who is...

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