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I love OSU and Auburn. I hate OU and Alabama. Love my wife and son, hate warm beer.

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User Blog

Looking At The Iowa State Defense

Trying to figure out what we need to do to win Saturday. And failing at it.

EA's Soccer and Speed Tour Invade Stillwater

EA Sports is bringing their Soccer and Speed Tour to Stillwater. It's party time, and EA's got the games.

It's Sooner Gift Idea Time

I'd like to thank Sooner fans everywhere. Your lives make us all feel better.

We've All Been Snydered

Wildcats or Mountaineers? We decide. And drink. And write choppy sentences.

Looking At The Kansas Defense

Does the schematic advantage apply to the Kansas defense? Hell no.

Anatomy Of A Loss: Why Texas Won

Spending some time trying to figure out why we lost. Which sucks.

Ranking the best in the Big 12

Who sucks? Who doesn't? We'll tell you. Then you tell us how much we suck.

CRFF Picks from Eskimo Joe's

I think I've spent more on beer at Joes than I have tuition at Oklahoma State.

Can The Cowboys Wrangle Some Beef?

And is there a more pathetic teaser than the one I just wrote? I doubt it.

Big 12 Power Poll

Are they who we thought they were? Find out if we let em off the hook or not.

Big 12 Power Rankings Week 3

Another week, another power rankings. I'm feeling lazy so I'm not going to do the whole chart thing, just the order. 1: Kansas State 2: Texas (tie) 2: West Virginia (tie) 4: Oklahoma 5:...

Picks From Joes: Scorching My Soul

God is not on our side because he hates idiots also. Well then, time to move forward I guess. Nothing to it but to do it, and by it I mean ordering four shots to get started. So far this...

Adding Championships? It's An Aggie Thing

Well well well, they're at it again. It's not as if we didn't already have enough things to make fun Texas A&M, they've served us up another on a silve platter. As I'm sure you're all well aware,...

Oklahoma State Cowboys Opponent Preview 3: University of Louisiana

Anybody else ready to forget last week? I tried, through sex and alcohol, to wake up Sunday in a good mood. Instead I was hung over, tired, and still pissed off. What can you do, though, but move...

A 9/11 Present For al-Qaeda From CRFF

via Die and burn in hell. That is all. O say can you see by the dawn's early light,What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,Whose broad stripes and...

Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 2

Welcome boys and girls, to the Official CRFF 2012 Power Rankings. Why are we starting this in week two? I'm sure most of you assume we just got drunk and forgot, but that's only partially true. We...

Picks From Joes: Larry Scott Strikes Back

Man, fuck the PAC12, you know? All I want to do is watch my Pokes and then pass out drunk Saturday, is that too much to ask? Well apparently, as the new "PAC12 Network" is playing hardball with...

Sleeping With The Enemy: Questions For Arizona

Kevin Zimmerman over at Arizona Desert Swarm shot us an email earlier this week with a great idea, a little TNA qna session between us and them. So, I can't think of a witty lead in, so here are...

Oklahoma State Cowboys Opponent Preview #2: Arizona Wildcats

Oklahoma State Cowboy Opponent Preview #2: Arizona Wildcats #okstate

Picks From Joes: The First

CRFF Picks from Eskimo Joes.

Cowboy Opponent Preview 1: Savannah State Tigers

Is it that time aleady? Just two days away from another Picks From Joes, and only three days away from some Cowboy football. Well, i guess we're about 3 days away from a Cowboy scrimmage, but at...

Summer Vacation Recap

I'm back bitches, and ready to start another season. Where had I gone? Working, I graduated last December and joined the workforce like a responsible adult. And it sucked, so I quit my job, found...

Athlon Sports Top 25: Cowboys Ranked 19th

The fellas over at Athlon Sports are doing a day of Oklahoma State coverage. Basically, they're getting their Oklahoma State nut, and giving you, our loyal readers (all 3 of you that are left) some...

Meet Your Quarterback: Wes Lunt

Remember that Wes Lunt post I've been promising? Sure, a few weeks late, and probably not worth your time, but here nonetheless. As we look to the 2012 version of our Cowboy football team, we go...

Cowboy Baseball Wins Bedlam Series 2-1

Feels good doesn't it? I don't know that we've ever owned Bedlam like we have this year. Maybe back in the 40's. Someone, who shall remain nameless (ME BITCHES) predicted the outcome, so we'll give...

Bedlam Baseball

via Yes boys and girls, it's time for the real Bedlam Baseball. Tonight the game is in Tulsa at ONEOK Field, with the weekend contests taking place in OKC at...

Cowboys Ride For Free, And Drop Stacks On The Way

No, I'm not giving you money. But some of you are giving money, and are giving hard. Some of you may know, some may not, but currently Every Day Should Be Saturday is running a fundraiser, with all...

Calvin Barnett Arrested

4 misdemeanors in one shot. Damn son, you suck at driving. Guess he'll miss Savannah State. At least we're finally on the Fulmer Cup board. Oh, and he wasn't drunk or high, making his quad charge even more impressive. Fucking offseason.

Let's Get Pasted

Short but awesome links today, let's bust our collective nuts. Wes Lunt named starting quarterback I promise, at some point soon, we'll say something about this, but for now here's the...

Todd Monken Is My Hero

I know I get to sit here all day and bash on players (and I love it), but it's rare you get to hear a coach do it, so Monken's quote about OU (and Landry Jones in particular) is money. People are making way too much out of it, but to hear my offensive coordinator basically call Jones a pussy, is amazing. And really, if you ever add the word "dozer" to a play, you deserved to be called pussies.

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