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I'm a huge Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, just about anything that's Arizona I'm probably into it.

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  • NCAAB Arizona Wildcats
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User Blog

You win as a team you lose as a team.

Everyone on this team played terrible today, the only players that should get immunity are LaRon Stevens-Howling and Daryl Washington. Other than that as everyone else sucked. OL continues to...


We're bound to lose a couple of these close games.

Looking back at the last 6 games we've played, were very fortunate to be 4-2. It just seemed we were bound to lose one like the way we did. How fitting that Jay Feely hits a career long 61-yard...


We got humbled today....

Fans might like what they hear, but we got humbled today. This was the second game were we gave up 8 sacks, the OL once again looked like crap, and Kevin Kolb is looking like well... you know. I'm...


Kolb is starting to regain some of my confidence....

Didn't think we could teach an old dog new tricks, but Kevin Kolb is starting to make a believer out of me. Which is saying a lot since I as other fans on these board doubted his abilities. I still...


Beanie injured a good thing?

According to ESPN Analyst KC Joyner suggest that RB Beanie Wells RB is a blessing in disguise because it will give Ryan Williams more carrying opportunities. While I think Willaims has done a...


Cardinals D best in the NFL?

This defensive unit eats QBs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you're talking about defense you're talking aboutthe 49ers, Giants, Steelers, and Ravens, but this year Cardinals have...



Wow.... just hear at home recovering from a mild heart attack. That was by far one of the most thrilling games I've ever watched. The defense pretty much shut down Tom Brady up until the late 4th...


Now that the smoke has cleared...

were does this team go from here? With John Skelton out for 2-4 weeks due to a low-ankle sprain, it seems that Kevin Kolb will get the start this Sunday against he Patriots. For the last few days...


Let Kolb Start....

I want Kevin Kolb to start next week that way he can remind fans why they wanted him out in the first place. Figure that John Skelton won't be 100% and it would give him time to ale the low ankle...


Will John Skelton throw 4000+ yards this year?

I think this is a fair question because if you look at his numbers last year. 2011 Skelton's Numbers:GP:8|PYD:1913|COMP%:54.7|TD:11|TD%:4.0|INT:14|INT%:5.1|Y/D:7.0|SK:23|QBR:68.9 Look at this...


Whisenhunt made the right call.

I think Ken Whisenhunt starting John Skelton over Kevin Kolb was the right call. This is a case of Whisenhunt going with the what he knows best. Skelton time and time again has shown promise and...


Kolb starting it would be the best thing for Skelton

The more I think about it, the more I've realize that if Kevin Kolb does indeed win the starters job, the more it would benefit John Skelton. Ken Whisenhunt is going to give Kolb as many...


Ryan Lindley To Start For Arizona Cardinals Vs. Broncos

More info on the Cardinals QB mess.


This game was complete BS...

I'm not going to make excuses for John Skelton, he had a terrible outing I think we can all agree to that; however, this game wasn't his his fault. Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm primarily deserve...


Korn on the Kolb

After watching last night's game it became apparent to me that Kevin Kolb is not the future of the Arizona Cardinals. I'll admit the guy almost had fooled when he had a great 1st drive. He was...


John Skelton favored to start over Kevin Kolb.

NFL and ESPN correspondent Adam Schefter report that John Skelton is considered the favorite as the starting QB for the Cardinals. This is coming after Kolb has struggled in training camp and both...


Who won this round?

Well this was another terrible outing by Kevin Kolb, this time going 1/5 for 21 yards. At some point he has got to realize that isn't going to win the support of coaches and especially fans. How is...


Who do you WANT to win the starting QB job?

A recent segment on NFL Total Access, Willie McGinest reports that players in Arizona are "gravitating" towards John Skelton. This news does not at all sit well with Kevin Kolb considering he is...


If the Haley plan doesn't fall through

Why don't we go after Kurt Warner, and see if he might want to try his hand at coaching. We've always talked about how great Warner was as a mentor and a leader. Well, there is vacant position at...


Good chance Skelton is the starting QB next year

John Skelton isn't the answer at QB... at least not right now. I think we can all agree that he has progressed significantly since last season; however, he still needs some more work. I think an...

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