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I became a baseball fan in 1972 when my mom would drag my brother, sister and me up to the cheap nosebleed seats at the Big A. She taught us how to sneak into the good seats around the 3rd inning. I was a die-hard Angels fan for 22 years – heckling 1st base coach Moose Stubing and "boon’ing" Bob Boone (a precursor to Droooooooo’ing, a decade or so before Drew was even conceived). I loved the Angels through thick and thin, even through the 1986 ALCS loss to Boston in Game 7. But I took a hiatus from baseball at the start of the 1994 strike. Yeah, I would still catch the occasional Indians and Rockies Spring Training game while visiting family in Tucson, but I really couldn’t be bothered following any team. It wasn’t until I moved to Phoenix and they pulled together the Diamondbacks that I got my passion back.

I am basically a baseball weirdo. I love the game, the players and stats, but I am more inclined to notice which players wear their stirrups showing (Chris Young), if teams use nameplates or individual letters on their players’ jerseys, how umpires call strikes on left handed batters, when a batter’s jersey number matches their position in the batting order (#2 Drew batting second in the lineup 45 times so far this year). I obsess over things most people don’t even notice—why, for example, do some charts show Toronto as TOR, others as TOT? Don’t even get me started with the pending realignment that may move the Dbacks to the AL West – instead of fighting over which team to move to the AL West to "balance" things into two, 15 team leagues, I would argue to go back to pre-1995 before the league invented the Central Division to make more revenue.

Oh…. I also collect baseball stuff: an Opening Day game-used base, logo junk give-aways, ticket stubs, baseball cards and other ephemera.

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  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Golf Ian J Poulter
  • EPL Newcastle United
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Bardball and Other Plays - Lunch Time Theater Sure, Shakespeare’s the greatest English...


Bardball and Other Plays - Lunch Time Theater Sure, Shakespeare’s the greatest English dramatist of all time, but can he help a regular 21st-century guy pick up a girl or holler at an umpire? The Baseball Connection and A Midsummer Night’s Cold Beverage round out a program of comic short-shorts that follow that wild pitch on a nostalgic flashback to the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League of the ’40s and ’50s and to a rehearsal hall full of lovesick actors and sports fans. Tickets $6.00 (additional fees may apply) Showtimes: Tuesday, July 24, 12:10pm Wednesday, July 25, 12:10pm Thursday, July 26, 12:10pm Tuesday, July 31, 12:10pm Wednesday, August 1, 12:10pm Thursday, August 2, 12:10pm More information at the Herberger Theater Center

D-backs Announce $10 Tickets for Select Games Throughout July

Arizona Diamondbacks President & CEO Derrick Hall announced today via Twitter (@DHallDbacks) a special $10 ticket offer for select lower level seats during upcoming D-backs home games as a thank you for helping him reach 10,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, half of the proceeds from the $10 ticket sales will benefit the Valley of the Sun United Way’s efforts to #EndHunger in Maricopa County.


Dbacks Get GREEN Against the Cubs

The Dbacks have implemented many programs to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact - but I am curious, from a fan perspective, what else can be done....

Discount Tickets June 8-10

Groupon Offer $8 Infield Reserve (up to $18 value) $20 Baseline Reserve (up to $30 value) - Fri June 8 at 6:40pm - Sat June 9 at 7:10pm - Sun June 10 at 1:10pm

Chase Field Interview

With due reference to Soco for the perfect quote about Gibby (and all the azsnakepit references that were edited)


Dbacks Dugout Box Tickets

Other commitments prevent us from attending as many games as we'd like, and we are looking to sell our season tickets to select games at or well below our cost (the closer to game time, the cheaper...

Goldschmidt & Upton at Phoenix Card Show 4/21

Goldschmidt & Upton will be available (at a$$ price) to sign autographs at the Phoenix Card Show April 21st. I haven't been to one of these card shows in over 10 years, but I do remember the autograph part of it sold out fast.

Groupon $8 infield reserve Dbacks Tickets vs. Phillies

Groupon has Discounted Dbacks Tickets - 2 seating options for 3 games $8 for one ticket for infield reserve seating (a $16 value, plus applicable fees) $20 for one ticket for baseline reserve seating (a $27 value, plus applicable fees) For each option, choose from the following games: Against the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday, April 23, at 6:40 p.m. Against the Phillies on Tuesday, April 24, at 6:40 p.m. Against the Phillies on Wednesday, April 25, at 12:40 p.m.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Ticket Holder

What makes a great baseball experience for you? We all have our reasons to rate one team or stadium above another. Whether it be ticket price; a winning team; a team rich with history and...


What does the city of Phoenix think of Kirk Gibson?

I have been following the gang at Ballpark Chasers for the last few months as we contemplate taking our own bucket list ballpark road trip this summer. One of the chasers, Douglas 'Chuck' Booth,...

Batter's Box SuiteTix for Sun 4/8

Saw this on Craig's List - a rare opportunity purchase individual tickets in the Batter's Box Suite - the one directly behind home plate which includes food & drinks, access to the Audi Quattro Lounge and the chance to be seen on TV as one of the goofballs waving to the camera while talking on your cell phone.


Exclusive Behind the Scene Tour of CHASE

We have an opportunity for eight guests to take an exclusive (and free) tour of Chase Field -- from the Diamondbacks Clubhouse to the inner workings of dbTV, you will visit places that are...


March 10 Spring Training Opportunity

2012 Season Ticket Holder Evening at Salt River Fields Mariners vs. Dbacks - Saturday, March 10 $35 per person, includes All-you-can-eat dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, sides and sodas Reserved...

D-backs take home trio of GIBBY Awards

Gibson, Kennedy among those receiving 2011 honors

Chat with Dbacks CEO Derrick Hall today at 2 p.m.

Club president and CEO Derrick Hall will stop by the D-backs chat room today, October 13 at 2 p.m. MST. Log in and chat live with Hall about the highlights from the 2011 season.


Let me know if you want to buy NLCS tickets - not sure when they go on sale to the public, but we have option to buy up to 6 tickets per home game. This pre-sale runs today until midnight.

Gibby for 2011 National League Manager of the Year


Gibby for 2011 National League Manager of the Year

Welcome to Mil-eh-walk-eh from Phoenix icon, Alice Cooper.... and I thought Milwaukee was an...

Welcome to Mil-eh-walk-eh from Phoenix icon, Alice Cooper.... and I thought Milwaukee was an ancient Algonquin word meaning "only ninety miles from Chicago"


Quantity vs. Quality - which seats would you pick?

If you were given an option for a free ticket package, which would you want? ... and Why?  You can view a seating chart here


YOU Make the Call (5) Double Header

"Many baseball fans look upon an umpire as a sort of necessary evil to the luxury of baseball, like the odor that follows an automobile." - Hall of Fame Pitcher Christy Mathewson   You know the...

Ian Kennedy for Cy Young

According to ESPN's Cy Young Predictor: 1. Clayton Kershaw with 200.7 CYP 2. Ian Kennedy with 199.8 CYP Kennedy hit 21 WINS last night - Hoping for Doom & Gloom from Kershaw as he gets his final start today

Diamondbacks Season Ticket Scholarship

Through this program, the Diamondbacks will award full or partial season tickets to D-backs fans going through financial or personal hardships. Nominate a candidate by describing why this person is a D-backs fan (300 word limit) and WHY this fan deserves season ticket scholarship (600 word limit). The nomination process will close at 11:59 p.m. on November 28, 2011


YOU Make the Call (4) Double Header --> Called

"I've never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes." - Leo Durocher I've found the last few challenges were far too easy for this crowd, so this week, I've decided double up --...


YOU Make the Call (3b) --> CALLED

"I couldn't see well enough to play when I was a boy, so they gave me a special job - they made me an umpire." - President of the United States Harry S. Truman   Diamond Challenge 3b is...


NLDS Ticket Opportunity

Just wanted to pass along an offer to purchase NLDS Tickets before they go on sale to the public. Season Ticket holders may purchase up to six (6) tickets per game on a first-come, first-served...

Ker PLUNK Play nice, or you may get ejected from the game! ....I couldn't resist full size image


Ker PLUNK Play nice, or you may get ejected from the game! ....I couldn't resist full size image


Fan Experience: Wave Replacement Brainstorming

I'm not a big fan of the Wave, sure, sometimes I may flutter my non-beer hand up in the air when it passes, but not if there is anything happening on the field. But I can see the allure of the wave...

Review: StatSheet Launches MLB Coverage with Innovative Data & Graphics

StatSheets officially announced their coverage of MLB on Tuesday, describing their site as providing "revolutionary, fully-automated, real-time coverage of Major League Baseball". So I checked out...

Intentional Talk with J.J. Putz Starring Nady, Roberts, Upton and Young as the...

Intentional Talk with J.J. Putz Starring Nady, Roberts, Upton and Young as the Bobbleheads Burroughs as the Ump, and a special cameo appearance by Collmenter as the Gnome. This video was broadcast earlier this summer, but deserves a repeat performance
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