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User Blog

Seahawks vs. 49ers numbers preview

You guys are important to me but not as important as corn chips with melted cheese, olives, and cold sour cream. And beer. Also beer.

Some numbers and charts for Seahawks at Panthers

Also there are a couple of numbers but you don't have permission to use those for game day experience enhancement. Augmentation maybe.

Wilson's overthrow problem and how you're stupid

Try not to panic over small sample sizes. Actually, don't be a try-doer be a do-doer.

Grabbing the interception problem by the sack

The title is a joke about male secondary sexual characteristics. That does not mean you are allowed to make Brett Favre jokes in the comments.

QBX, the eXtreme QB eXpectation stat

As a general rule I abhor camel case. But in this instance I'm willing to hump the burden for the sake of eXciting writing.

Revealing models and curves: 2013 projections


Season projections are useless. Other things that are useless include red arrow traffic signals, stand-up paddle boards, and lists of available sides at delis without the oxford comma.

Injuries and your franchise QB, part II

Part 2 in the three part series creating a model for QB injury risk.

Injury risk and your franchise quarterback, Part I

The first part of a series of articles on modeling individual QB injury risk.


Crowd sourcing for fun and definitely not profit

I am no longer accepting submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated or started trying to but then stopped half way. Hello excellent Field Gulls community. I'm working on a piece that...

Veterans suck.

A not so comprehensive look at the relative value of veterans and cost controlled players that comes to the unsurprising conclusion that cheap players are good.

Marshawn Lynch: Super hot, reliable water cannon

Ana analysis of what makes a back reliable and whether there is a reliable way to measure it.

What if Russell Wilson sucks in 2013?

A plausible downside scenario for Russell Wilson and why we should respect that it might happen.

Just say no to PED (speculation)

PED speculation is usually pointless. In the case of the Seahawks it's probably unfounded as well.

Friends don't let friends play sequence

An analysis of NFL play sequencing attempting to detect predictability. Or at least lack of randomness.

Pictures of a hot model (for pass protection)

A better model for pass protection and some counterintuitive conclusions it supports.

An anatomy of the sack

We really shouldn't be using sack totals to evaluate defensive pass rush. However, there may be other useful stats for evaluation of pass rushing skill.

Percy Harvin will live forever, or die trying

An analysis of NFL injury reports suggesting that there is no durability skill for Percy Harvin to lack.

A sample's a sample, no matter how small

Testing the reliability of four popular QB stats.

How DangeRuss is the QB rush?

Russell Wilson can’t get hurt. He can’t get hurt in the same way that a boy’s dog can’t get rabies making the boy go out back and shoot it. It doesn’t seem fair when it happens, it doesn’t seem...


How to judge QBs in order not to be judged yourself.

If my father had tailored his parenting style with the goal of giving me useful anecdotes later in life he would have said “you can’t make a diamond piling shit on it.” Instead I have almost no...

How I learned to stop worrying & love the run

When I was young I loved the pass. It was the late eighties in San Francisco and we played Joe Montana versus the Indians during recess. Don’t get me wrong, Roger Craig was probably awesome, but I...


There ain't no such thing as a sophomore slump.

I don’t honestly know what the sophomore slump is supposed to be.

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