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Male, Spurs Fan, fledgling San Francisco 49ers beat writer for and blogger for Both of these things compare greatly to writing about the Spurs, but don't involve Manu Ginobili, so PtR FTW.

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All-Star Saturday Diary: Marco saves dreary mess

Between Nick Cannon wearing "puppies on his shoes", Reggie Miller having the broadcast of his life, and Charles Barkley wishing for Shaq to get a concussion to get "some sense knocked into him" --...

Rehash: Spurs head into the break with a win

Tim was too enthralled by NBC's curling coverage to participate in the first half but he made up for it. Can never get enough curling, no sir.

Stampler & Naessens chat about Pop resting Spurs


Sometimes Pop sits guys because they're hurt. Other times he sits them just because. Either way, it can be frustrating to watch, especially for neutrals in a nationally televised game who just want...

Rehash: Spurs unable to stop Pistons juggernaut

Well now I just feel silly about having gotten that Nando De Colo tattoo.

Rehash: Spurs reserves claw past Cats

Patty Mills, Nando De Colo and Jeff Ayres lead the way to one of the most memorable wins of the year, and when I write "most memorable," I mean in the sense that I hope to completely forget about...

Rehash: Spurs "Big Four" M.I.A. in Brooklyn

I'm tired as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore. SOMEONE has to stop mollycoddling these super-egoed superstars and tell the truth about these diva Spurs.

Rehash: shorthanded Spurs dazzle Wizards in 2 OTs

I think the only worse feeling for a Spurs fan than being down 12 at half is being up by 6 with 30 seconds to go.

Stampler and Phil Naessens chat about David Stern

Tanking: teams that aren't trying to lose on purpose per se, they're just trying to win with their worst players on the court with the coaches openly encouraging their centers to shoot 22-footers...

Rehash: Spurs rampage in fourth at New Orleans

Splitter and Green locking people down on defense. Parker going crazy on offense. Duncan outplaying the hyped young big-man-du-jour. It's 2013 all over again.

A Spurs fan's ode to David Stern

I'm probably being nice and classy because he's retiring in February and thus won't have any influence on the officiating this postseason, but let's pretend I'd be this magnanimous anyway.

Rehash: Spurs lose another game, integral player

We might want to adjust the sliders for the injuries and the rebounding, because this isn't fun at all.

Stampler and Phil Naessens talk Knicks and T-Pups


This may come as a shock, but there are teams in the league worse off than the Spurs. Quite a few of them, in fact. Two such examples are the Knicks and the Timberwolves and your host Phil Naessens...

Rehash: Injured Spurs predictably lose to Heat

How better to get the Heat overconfident for the 2014 Finals than for Leonard and Green to miss the game with "injuries" while Parker and Ginobili play as awful as possible? Embarrassing losses...

Nobody feels bad for the Spurs including the Spurs

It's not a good thing to lose your fourth, fifth and seventh best players to injury. It's a worse thing to be without your top three or four guys and for none of them to be all that great in the...

The Spurs' mid-season report card: Part 3

Come for the grades, stay for the latest ESPN rant.

The Spurs' mid-season report card: Part 2

In part two of Stampler's Spurs grades at the halfway point he hands out grades for Boris Diaw, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Danny Green.

The Spurs' mid-season report card: Part 1

Which Spurs have been good and which have been bad? And who keeps putting Gatorade cups on the principal's chair? Halfway through the season, it's time to hand out grades once again.

Stampler & Phil Naessens discuss Western All-Stars


It's kind of a shame that only 12 guys get to make the All-Star game in the Western Conference, even with the injuries to Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, there are so many deserving...


Harbaugh, Roman Failed Kaepernick In 2013

To begin, I want to congratulate the 49ers on another fantastic season which their fans should be absolutely proud of. To go 12-4 after losing the Super Bowl, in a really competitive NFC, and to...

Do the Blazers really have the Spurs number?

LaMarcus Aldridge can't miss. Damian Lillard is like Russell Westbrook with a healthy meniscus and a better jumper. Wesley Matthews impregnates pressure. Robin Lopez isn't afraid of fire anymore....

Stampler proposes some Spurs trades

The column contains a few hypothetical trades the Spurs could make. The only catch is that they would never happen.

Stampler and Phil Naessens discuss Spurs injuries

Spurs keep going down and the team keeps winning games. One of those streaks will end soon. I'm kinda hoping it's the former. Phil and I chat about the injuries to Splitter and Green and discuss...

Stampler Calls Out T-Pups

Everyone affiliated with the T-Pups who isn't a seven-foot, 285-pound monster from Yugoslavia should be ashamed with their performance against the Spurs.

Rehash: Spurs eek past Pelicans without Duncan

If beating bad teams this consistently was so easy, everyone would do it. It's time the Spurs, the first NBA team to reach 30 wins, got some recognition for what they have done so far as opposed to...

Spurs at their best without one of their best

While teams across the league struggle to deal with injuries, the Spurs have kept on keeping on whenever one of their best guys have missed games. Is the secret extra sharp focus? Is it other guys...

Spurs win in OT after blowing late 12-point lead

What is it about the Spurs that makes opponents shoot 153 percent from the three-point line in the final minute of games? This is not a rhetorical question by the way, I really want to know.

Stampler & Phil Naessens discuss Splitter's injury


In this week's show Phil and I chat about the shoulder injuries to Tiago Splitter and Chris Paul and how they affect their respective teams and the long term prospects in general for the Spurs and...

Spurs will use Splitter's absence to experiment

Will the Spurs miss Tiago Splitter, who's expected to be out for 3-5 weeks with a sprained shoulder? Of course. But "The Simpsons" taught me that the Chinese have the same word for "crisis," and...

Garnett is done, Ginobili not so much

Spurs fans have enjoyed many Duncan vs. Garnett battles over the years, and more often than not their guy has come out on top. What happened on New Year's Eve though wasn't a battle and it wasn't...

Your sixth man shouldn't be your best player

The critics said Manu Ginobili was washed up. Done. Kaput. They ridiculed the Spurs for giving him a two-year, $15 million contract. The critics were wrong. I kinda wish they didn't have to be THIS...

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