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Male, Spurs Fan, fledgling San Francisco 49ers beat writer for and blogger for Both of these things compare greatly to writing about the Spurs, but don't involve Manu Ginobili, so PtR FTW.

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Stampler Talks All Things NBA with Phil Naessens

Instead of the usual weekly format where Phil and I preview some Wednesday games, we decided to look at the league as a whole, division-by-division this time around. Did you know there were six...

Rehash: Green's shooting is set to "on."

In a game in which the final result eased our concerns by .001%, the Spurs overcame a bad Mavericks team thanks to hot shooting from Green, some fabulous overall play from Duncan and Diaw and a...

JRW tries to talk Stampler off the ledge

The Spurs have yet to beat a good team, but it's not as bad as it sounds. They've only had seven chances to do so and four of them have been at home so that can't possibly mean anything, right? Um.

Recap: Spurs' Green Goes Boom on Raptors

Huge threes, missed layups, free throws galore, feisty pony-tailed referee and even a redemption story, Raptors-Spurs had a bit of everything.

Quickcap: Spurs use late threes to bite Raptors

Fourth quarter threes from red-hot gunners Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard to salt away the game, just like we figured. This team is so predictable.

Stampler admits he was wrong about the Thunder

They're not allowed to have superduperstars AND a bench. That wasn't part of the deal, man.

Stampler's belated Spurs-Warriors musings

What kind of insights did I glean while watching the game from a mile up and sitting next to a beautiful girl? Very few. Thankfully, DVR's were invented for just this purpose.

Morning Rehash: Manu's Big Fourth Sinks Suns

And they even gained a game on the Pacers and Blazers in the standings.

Grading the Spurs at the Quarter Pole: Part 2

Stampler picks apart Ginobili, Parker, Leonard, Splitter, Green, Joseph and Mills in this, the second part of his grades for the first 20 games of the season.

Stampler Previews Spurs-Suns with Phil Naessens

You want basketball analysis badly, like someone chocking of thirst in the Sahara wants water, but at the same time you have holiday shopping to do. If only there was a way to listen to Stampler...

Morning Rehash: Turnover-prone Spurs Sunk By Clips

If Ginobili switched brains with Kobe Bryant and decided to never pass, he might have scored 50 and the Spurs would've only lost by like, eight points. Imagine how awesome that'd have been.

Morning Rehash: Jazz are perfect FOGAFINI foils


The Spurs picked up the W in Utah as they gear up for some tough contests against the Warriors and Clips.

Stampler Reviews the Spurs at the Quarter Pole

Stampler picks apart Duncan, Diaw, Belinelli and four guys you don't care as much about, and the author gets annoyed by stat discrepancies.

Game Rehash: Spurs thump inept Bucks

The starters outplayed the bench in this one, just to switch things up.

Ginobili, Baynes Lead Spurs To Probable Victory

These are things that I think happened in Toronto on Tuesday night, but how I can be sure after my eyes tell me that Aron Baynes took over an NBA game?

Stampler Previews Spurs-Bucks w/Phil Naessens


At this rate Phil will be asking me about the D-League by February.

Stampler Doesn't Sweat the Pacers Loss


Are you sure the Pacers are in the Eastern Conference?

Stampler Sides With Splitter

The point can be made about giving Boris Diaw some minutes with the starting unit instead of Tiago Splitter, but there's no way you can say the same about Matt Bonner.

Stampler Previews Spurs-T-Pups w/ Phil Naessens

In this week's edition we preview the Spurs-Timberwolves game in Mexico City and three other, lesser games, while I give ramble in a scratchy voice and Phil does his best to ignore his impulses to...

Stampler sticks up for Kawhi, rants about Rockets

In which your humble narrator humbly suggests that the Spurs' head coach place more faith in his 22-year-old prodigy than he has in his soft, soulless sandwich hunter.

Mid-afternoon-ish Rehash: Duncan Dazzles The Magic

What do you get when you add the 2012-13 version of Tim Duncan to the 2013-14 version of the Spurs bench? A team that didn't miss Tony Parker against the talented-but-youthful Orlando Magic.

Morning Rehash: Spurs Get Iblakad by Thunder

The Spurs were supposed to play against a game-changing shot-blocking phenom on Monday, but I guess there was a GPS mishap or something because that guy showed up to greet them Wednesday in...

The Kawhi Quandary

How is Gregg Popovich's experiment to expand Kawhi Leonard's role in the offense working? Kinda poorly, if you ignore the 13-1 record, the league-leading scoring differential and Leonard's...

Stampler Talks Spurs-Thunder With Phil Naessens


Our weekly chat with Phil in which we preview Spurs-Thunder and five other Wednesday games, including Knicks-Clippers, where we spent pretty much the whole time talking about how bad New York is at...

Stampler looks at the negatives

Part two of Stampler's look at the first 10 games of the season. This time, the bad side ... what bad there can be for a 9-1 start out of the gate.

Morning Rehash: Gasol's injury mars Spurs win

As well as the Spurs are playing, it's difficult to feel much enjoyment on a night where three NBA stars might have suffered serious injuries.

The first 10 Spurs games: Lexicon Analysis Edition

How do we commemorate a 9-1 (okay 10-1) start for the Spurs? With a special treat for longtime Pounders, of course.

Stampler Talks Spurs-Celtics with Phil Naessens

You have no excuse to not listen to this unless your alternative is a Cure album.

Morning Rehash: Spurs Hit Right Note Late vs. Jazz

The Kansas City Chiefs just called. They said the Spurs have had a soft schedule so far.

Belinelli already looking like a Spur

Here's a 30 for 30 set up for you: "What if I told you that Manu Ginobili, a famous father of twins, had a twin himself?"

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