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Male, Spurs Fan, fledgling San Francisco 49ers beat writer for and blogger for Both of these things compare greatly to writing about the Spurs, but don't involve Manu Ginobili, so PtR FTW.

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User Blog

10 San Antonio Spurs training camp storylines

Because eventually they'll be playing televised games for us to over-analyze, so we might as well get the talking points ready to go.

Actual Spurs Talking To Actual Media People


It's here! It's finally here! Enjoy Pop now while you can, because he'll be sick of the media in a week.

Stampler Ranks The NBA Top 100

In the second part of the answer to SI's top 100 list, we answer the question of Durant and Wade's "feud."

Spurs cheated by NBA's PED scandal

This is very serious, guys! Very, very serious indeed.

Stampler Ranks The NBA Top 100 - Part 1: 100-51

This is harder than it looks since there are only 15 Spurs.

What will the Spurs do with Corey Maggette?

At this point they might as well bring Bruce Bowen back.

What does the Durant/Wade feud mean to the Spurs?

Oh man, so much. So, so, very much. Or quite possibly nothing. One of the two.

Counterpoint: I don't think Sam Young will kill us

Yes, Sam Young is terrible. The good news is everybody (including Pop) knows it.

Parker admits he's fatigued and that's just fine

It's cool though, he only has to gut it through like, a 100, 110 games, max. No problem.

Pop Still Not Over Game 6

I've got good news and bad news. The good news is you're not crazy. The bad news is Game 6 wasn't some bad dream.

Browns GM Borrows a Page from the NBA Playbook

It turns out that Brandon Weeden is to football what Tim Duncan is to... football. Rather than wait for him to magically improve, GM Michael Lombardi decided to be proactive by borrowing the NBA...

Were last year's Spurs as good as the '95-96 Bulls

The world's most prominent statistician has concluded that Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard are really good at basketball. Hey, they don't pay him the big bucks for nothing.

Pathology of the Spurs: Part 7 - A remarkable run


The conclusion of the Pathology series, which examines the foundations of the Spurs franchise.

Pathology of the Spurs: Part 6 - All the Luck

Lady Luck didn't just kiss the Spurs. She did stuff that would make Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan blush.

Pathology of the Spurs: Part 5

The fifth installment of our continuing series explaining the culture of the Spurs and just how it came to be.

Pathology of the Spurs: Part 4 - Pop Gets Nasty

He wasn't always a sarcastic curmudgeon who loathed the media, you know. He used to be worse.

Pathology of the Spurs: Part 3- Duncan's trademark

Many things set Tim Duncan apart from the rest of his peers, not the least of which is the environment of San Antonio and his mentor, David Robinson. But past all of that there's something at...

Pathology of the Spurs: Part II

How "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" turned into The Grouch.

The Pathology of the Spurs: Part I

It all started with David Robinson. Blame him.

Stampler's Take: John Hollinger's PER is dead

Okay, okay, message received loud and clear. I'm still right about Bruce Bowen though.


Fantasy Football With Stampler

Live auction draft, on Yahoo this Monday, Sept. 2. at 8 p.m. PST. $50. Come take my hard-earned exotic dancer money.

Stampler opens up the Mailbag

So many smart, thoughtful, interesting questions. We've got the best readers, don't we?

How Will the 2012-13 Spurs Be Remembered?

Ten years from now, will the 2012-13 Spurs be remembered as being as close to the championship as they were, or will they just be the team that lost to Miami's repeat?

Will the Spurs miss Budenholzer and Brown?

Longtime Spurs assistant coaches Mike Budenholzer and Brett Brown have left the club to take on head-coaching gigs in Atlanta and Philadelphia, respectively. It's exactly as big of a deal as you...

Stampler's Take: Of course Game 6 was Pop's fault

Situations in which it's a good idea to sit your best player up five in a deciding game of the Finals when he's healthy, playing well and wants to be out there: N/A.

Kawhi Leonard isn't a star just yet

For once Spurs fans have something in common with the national basketball pundits. They're all predicting big things for Kawhi Leonard next season. I'm not quite so sure. And I think that's a good...

Stampler finds league bias in Spurs' schedule

Stampler had to look long and hard to find some way that the Spurs were slighted by the league in their schedule. But we can all be thankful that he eventually found something to be angry about....

It's the end of the DeJuan Blair Era in San Antone


In the end, Blair was everything the Spurs thought he would be when they drafted him with the 37th pick in 2009. Unfortunately, that meant after four years, it was time for him to go.

Neal's a Buck, Manu's one day older & more ranting

An ode to Gary Neal's legacy with the Spurs, both the good and bad, a guess on how successor Marco Belinelli will fare in the early going and some truth bombs about Manu's 36th birthday. Also, a...

Stampler's Offseason NBA Power Poll: Part 4

Sure, there's more analysis of the same kind you've enjoyed through the first three installments of the Power Poll, but you haven't seen anything until you've experienced the classic and cathartic...

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