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Bobby Bowden says it's time to move that Joe Paterno statue

"Every time they show that statue on TV, people won't remember the good years," the former Florida State football coach said Thursday.[...] "I still love Joe, and I still love his family, but Joe made a mistake, like all of us do. But this was a big one. I'm so sorry it happened." Chicago Tribune

ACC Revenues for Past 4 Years

David Teel, tax documents in hand, gives us some numbers. The ACC, if "not the richest kid on the block," doesn't seem to be starving, either. Story here.

Forbidden Clichés in Next Round of Conference Expansion

all about money, it's apocalypse Armageddon arms race begging and pleading Big 3/4/5/6/10/12/14/16/East big boys bigger not necessarily better blood in the water bring to the table bunch of whiners ...


Toward the ESPN Conference

[Featured guest post. TN loves to feature well-written Fanposts.] The Memo The Big 12 had just survived a near-death experience, thanks in no small part to the largesse of its network partners...

BCS Playoffs: Who Gets the Media Money?


The new playoffs promise to bring in almost twice the media revenue of the current bowls. How will the cash be distributed? There's much to work out, but Brett McMurphy of CBS sheds some light on it. The leagues are considering sizing the revenue pie slices according to the historic achievement of teams in each league. "However," McMurphy notes, "the key factor is that the cumulative rankings of the schools would be based on their conference membership in 2014 and not the conferences they were in the season they were ranked. In other words, the SEC gets credit for Missouri and Texas A&M... the Big 12 gets credit for TCU and West Virginia; ACC gets credit for Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Pittsburgh and Syracuse" and so on. By most measures conferences fall into a "Fab Five" followed by the Big East and then everyone else. One proposal the commissioners are considering is to use rankings since 1998. A CBS calculation shows this result. 1. SEC 1,054 2. Big Ten 860 3. Big 12 816 4. ACC 673 5. Pac-12 671 6. Big East 240 7. Notre Dame 73 8. C-USA 49 9. MWC 48 10. BYU 45 11. MAC 21 12. Sun Belt 0 (tie) WAC 0 McMurphy figures the model gives each of the current AQ leagues (SEC, Pac 12, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC and Big East) about $22.3 million to divide among member schools. The remaining conferences would glean about $2.64 million each. Year by year payouts would also be affected by participation in bowls outside the playoff structure. Personal observation: If a system like this is adopted, the numbers could become another variable to consider in weighing the merits of conference switches. The first playoffs are set to begin in the 2014 season. What if a league like the SEC or Big 12 were to add a pair of historically strong football performers such as Florida State and Virginia Tech? The past record of those programs would count toward that league's payout--at the expense of the league the schools leave. To complicate the picture further, academic success could play a role in the payouts as well. A recent proposal by the Knight Commission is unlikely to be adopted in its pure form but it has been warmly received by university presidents and conference commissioners. We may see graduation rates and other academic benchmarks worked into the revenue formula. Read the full article at CBS Sports. ________ Update A new report from ESPN adds detail. "I think it’ll be adjusted modestly, but the five conferences are still going to get the lion’s share, it’s just how big of a lion are we talking about," said Gary Ransdell, president of Western Kentucky University and a member of the Presidential Oversight Committee, which meets this week to finalize playoff plans. Ransdell’s reference to the "five conferences" encompasses the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC -- the current AQ conferences, minus the Big East. Despite his school not being in one of those conferences, Ransdell said he doesn’t oppose them taking home larger shares of revenue. "It’s those five conferences who have invested the most, have the largest stadiums, and create the television marquee. We just want to be sure we get a little more proportionate share.... There has to be competition across all the conferences going forward." ... Ransdell said although no revenue distribution model has been decided upon yet, "there will be some premium on historic success and the value the five conferences bring to the marketplace." Check the full report at ESPN.

Seminoles enter third decade in the ACC


Florida State has prospered in the Atlantic Coast Conference, winning 12 league championships in 20 years along with 2 national titles in 5 title game appearances. But what of the shifting landscape? A feature in the Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville) discusses Florida State's achievements in the league and offers a variety of perspectives. Individuals providing comments include Florida State University President Eric Barron, former football coach Bobby Bowden, present athletic director Randy Spetman, present football coach Jimbo Fisher and ACC commissioner John Swofford, among others. The possibility of Florida State finding a new conference home is naturally raised early. Among the many interesting perspectives is this one from one of the architects of the the Seminoles' present conference affiliation. "In terms of what’s best for Florida State, the ACC has to continue to be a player, and not a fifth wheel [in a national championship format]," said former athletic director Bob Goin, who orchestrated the school’s entry into the ACC in the summer of 1990. "The ACC champion has to be there. If not, the ACC might not be the best place for FSU in the future.[....] The ACC is a wonderful conference and it made sense to join that conference in 1990," Goin said. "But the sands have shifted." Another interesting, if brief, comment on the subject comes from new Board of Trustees chair Allan Bense. "The athletic folks can give you a much better perspective on that relationship," Bense said.... "I do know that President Barron is watching this issue closely. Very closely." See the complete article at the Florida Times-Union site.

Factors in Seminoles' Conference Affiliation

Warchant has published a detailed outline of President Barron's recent presentation to Florida State's Board of Trustees about conference affiliation. Barron's informative discussion surveyed the factors that are weighed in decisions about conference membership, including payouts, travel costs, alumni geography, academics, opportunities to compete for national titles, opportunities to recruit. He also took account of what is known and not known about the BCS playoff format and how that impacts conference affiliation. Barron says he received "over 100 emails" about conference affiliation that ranged from "join the Big 12 or be fired" to "I'm not travelling to Ames for a game". Interesting statistical insight: check out how the nation's athletic conferences stand in population of Florida State alumni. Very much worth a visit. http://floridastate.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1373740

Florida State's exit could enrich other ACC schools

Florida State's departure from the ACC could send a number of ACC teams looking for new leagues. Sitting as they do on prime east coast TV real estate, most of the Seminoles' current conference...

Paul Dee, former AD at University of Miami, has died at age 65.


From the article: Mr. Dee, a native of Palm Beach County, was inducted into the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. .... Mr. Dee graduated from the University of Florida in 1970. He later earned a master's degree from Miami in 1973 and graduated from its law school in 1977. He was a counsel for the university before joining the athletic department.

Seminole Sand Volleyball: Undefeated in First-Ever Regular Season


Florida State's first-ever sand volleyball team have made history by finishing their inaugural season 15-0 in dual matches. One event remains for the Seminoles: the first-ever Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championships in Alabama next weekend. Here's wishing the Garnet and Gold the best as they seek to mine one more bit of gold from the sand. Story with Video Twitter News Feed

'Will the state of Florida rise again?' Adelson interviews Fisher


ESPN's Andrea Adelson provides a Q&A with Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher. 'The pressure people put on me isn’t close to the pressure I put on myself.' In a related feature Adelson discusses the Sunshine State's Big Three. She again offers comments by the Seminoles' head coach. "Consistency in head coaching and staffs," Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said when asked the single-biggest reason the three rose at once. "Miami had the most rotation, but Steve and Bobby were here forever, and their staffs very rarely changed, just a guy or two every blue moon. They got ahead and got that momentum. … It's a matter of teams establishing winning and keeping the local players home." http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7783894/will-miami-hurricanes-florida-gators-florida-state-seminoles-rise-again

College Football Postseason Options


Change to college football's post-season is on the way. Steve Wieberg's USA Today story details the post-season proposals now on the table for BCS officials. No idea has been ruled out, but the focus now is on four options for determining a national champion with two involving a four-team playoff. Also interesting are proposals that deal with the next level of top teams. The next 6-16 top teams after the top 4 could be placed in bowl matchups by ranking/seeding to create 'the most evenly matched and attractive games that make geographic sense for the participants.' The proposals aim to strengthen field play as a factor in qualifying for bowl appearances with less emphasis on tourism factors.

Expansion to 14 pays off for ACC Schools


Florida State and other member schools of the ACC will see an annual revenue increase from ESPN to around $15 million per year as a result of the league's addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh. -Sports Business Daily

Get the Goodyear blimp to Doak, dadgummit.


This is your chance to save college football. ESPN Sports Nation is hosting a poll. The Goodyear blimp can float over the Florida State-Miami game, or over some lame duck pond out west, or over some obscure contest down the road between lizards and chickens. You decide. Voting runs through November 3 Thursday 17:00. Get the blimp to Doak where it belongs. This is Florida State-Miami. Vote like you've got two of'em. http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/post/_/id/7160978/where-sn-send-goodyear-blimp Tell your UM friends to vote, too. Throw their bail if you have to.

Syracuse and Pitt could begin ACC play sooner than advertised.


Maryland AD Kevin Anderson says the Orange and Panthers could begin ACC play before the contractually mandated year of 2014. He said the Big East has asked both Pittsburgh and Syracuse to stop coming to conference meetings and that the conference has signaled to their partners that "the transition could be sooner." The Business Journal 2011.10.19

ACC may be best option for Notre Dame


In a recent discussion I mentioned the possibility of the ACC making scheduling agreements with teams that otherwise like their independence. Pete Thamel of the New York Times touched on the same subject today in considering the implications of the Big East's football collapse. 'The best possibility for Notre Dame,' he writes, 'is finding a partial landing spot in the A.C.C. That could mean Notre Dame’s basketball and non-revenue sports teams would become full-fledged A.C.C. members. In football, Notre Dame could set up a scheduling agreement with the A.C.C. in which it would play a certain number of the conference teams each season yet keep its football independence. Television executives believe that each Notre Dame game could be worth about $3 million for the league.'

ACC Network soon to launch


The Atlantic Coast Conference is preparing to unveil its new digital network. The ACC Network will offer sports coverage through television, Internet broadcast and mobile apps.

ACC poised to lead NYC market


Everyone knows the largest TV audience for college football is New York City. But do you know NYC's top 10 schools in fan numbers? Nate Silver of the New York Times has the answer: - Rutgers - Notre Dame - Penn State - Connecticut - Michigan - Syracuse - Miami (Florida) - Army - Ohio State - Boston College The list illuminates the method in the ACC's recent expansion madness. The league is now home to three of the Big Apple's ten favourite football teams. It may soon soon be home to half. And the list is just for football. Loyalties would remain much the same for basketball, a sport for which the NYC audience would be even larger and in which schools like Connecticut and Syracuse make a greater impact.


Jailhouse Crocs

JAILHOUSE CROCS   Today we’re at a ballgame in the Okey Doak. The Seminoles are cookin’ up a masterstroke. The Marchin’ Chiefs are wailin’ and the war drums bang Getting’ ready for a beatdown of...


ACC Expanded

Here are two suggested scenarios for Atlantic Coast Conference expansion to 16 teams. Each maintains the characteristic ACC footprint--the original 13 colonies plus Florida--while filling in the...

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