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Near life-long Kentucky resident, alum of both Murray State and WKU, and a Cat fan since Reggie's senior year in '91. The Laettner Shot was my JFK moment; I'll always remember where I was when it went down, and I'll never, ever pull for Duke because of it

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Kentucky-Duke: An Example of My Sometimes Irrational "Sports Hate"

Late last week, I intended to compose this as a FanPost, but I got busy and didn't get around to it. Then, I tried to write a condensed version as a comment on Glenn's excellent article about the...

Mason Plumlee was supposed to be "one and done"


Quote: "Everyone knew Mason Plumlee wasn't coming back. His older brother, Miles, the Duke coaching staff, his close friends. It was a foregone conclusion prior to the start of last season. "That's what I had told everybody," he said." More ammo to use against those holier-than-thou types that say Coach K does it "the right way" and would never deign to spend his time on "one and done" mercenaries like Coach Cal. Bottom line: every coach takes the best talent they can get. Coach Cal takes two- or three-year guys like Eric Bledsoe and turns them into "one and done"s. Coach K takes a "one and done" guy like Plumlee and turns him into a four year player. Who's working in the players' best interests again?

I was worried about the storms heading our way... until now!


I was worried about the storms heading our way... until now!

RMK commits a violation?


Guess the king of righteous indignation has some 'splainin' to do himself now. If he's found guilty by the NCAA, he'll have one more NCAA violation to his name that Coach Cal. Would love to see someone point this out to him... in person... on camera. And given the quote below, it sounds like his son Pat is a real chip off the old block: "At least I'm not paying them. The NCAA should look into guys that are paying players and not worry about guys that are doing it the right way. ... I don't care if my dad is a celebrity or not. I think it's (expletive), honestly. The guy is my dad. If he wants to say hello to a recruit, he can. If we get reprimanded, fine. They need to check into guys that are outright cheating instead of nickel-dime stuff like that."

Gilchrist legally changes name to honor dad and uncle


Looks like we have to get used to calling him Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist (maybe MKG for short?). Fine by me; seems like a cool thing for him to do.


Top 10 reasons to be glad that Arizona beat Duke

Since my five-month-old daughter was fussy last night, I stayed up to watch Arizona beat Duke. Although 1997 still hurts, there are lots of good reasons to be happy about the Arizona win. Here are...


Most satisfying part of the weekend?

Just a simple thought that occurred to me on the drive in this morning. Wanted to see what my fellow ASOB'ers would say. Just to be clear, option 1 is not that we won, but who we won against.

An "Unforgettable" Lieutenant Governor?


At the risk of running afoul of the community standard against politics on this blog, let me inform you that one of our favorite 'Cats is looking to take another step up the political ladder in 2011.

Wildcats get two years probation; vacate wins


The Arizona Wildcats, that is. Who'd you think I was talking about? :) Sorry, I know it was cruel, but I couldn't resist.

Orton to the Pacers at #10?


I'm really happy for DO if this happens. As much as I wish he hadn't bailed on his spring classes at UK, I still like the guy and want the best for him. Once a 'Cat, always a 'Cat, right? And it raises the possibility that we could get four or even five in the lottery. Anyway, I get a certain pleasure thinking of the possibility that he could consign Tyler Hansbrough, crowned the supposed toughest basketball player in the history of the universe or some such garbage by the media, to Sheldon Williams-like minutes on the Pacer bench. May not happen, but I'd love it if it did.

Pilgrim accused of sexual assault


I'm all about presuming innocence (think Duke lacrosse trial), but if this turns out to be true, did Cal know something about Pilgrim's character when he chose to keep Jorts and send The Beast packing?

Redd done for season; opportunity for Jodie


Bad deal for Redd, who seems like a great guy. Can Jodie step up and earn his next contract with Redd out?


A little trash talk with a UNC fan

Just wanted to share some excerpts of a little IM trash talk I engaged in this morning with a UNC fan friend of mine. Me: What happened to your Tar Heels this weekend? Friend: We are rebuilding!! ...

UK v. Clarion: My pictures from the game


It's a little late, but I was privileged to be at the UK v. Clarion game. (Someone gave me tickets at the last minute... lower level.) I took loads of pictures, but have only had time to get a few of them up. Hope you enjoy them.

Wall not alone in eligibility dilemma


Money quote from Calipari: "There’s probably 10-15 kids going through the same thing that John’s going through, but he’s been cleared in every way. The other stuff they’re looking at, they’re looking at with a lot of kids." Looks like Tru was right in assuming the NCAA is looking at most of the guys who played under Clifton. Wonder if that arrogant Dukie blogger is still so confident that his guy will come out unscathed?

John Wall charged with breaking and entering


You gotta be freakin' kidding me! Can things with this guy get any stranger? KSR says it was an abandoned house, but still. C'mon!

Tyus to return. What the heck is going on in Gainesville?


Can someone make some sense of all this? Where's GatorPilot when you need him?

ESPN: Ole Miss' Huertas Leaves Team to Pursue Pro Career


Bad news for Ole Miss; good news for those of us still having nightmares about that dude.

UNLV beat writer impugns C.M. Newton


Whether or not you agree with his assessment of UK's meriting a home game, for this guy to drag C.M. through the mud with no evidence is wrong.

How 'bout a little positive news? Jodie and Pat both First-Team All-SEC


Regardless of the team's struggles right now, let's give some congratulations to two very deserving young men.

Matt Jones layeth the smacketh downeth


As much juvenile garbage as sometimes gets posted on KSR, this was actually a nice read. Matt Jones takes Seth Davis to task for his recent comments that UK fans have an "inferiority complex" with regard to Duke.

John Clay quotes our humble host


Just like to point this out when it happens. When Tru speaks, even the LHL listens!

Jai Lucas to transfer


Wow! After all we did to get him, now he's leaving UF. Wonder if Billy will be back on him?

Gators finally lock up Eddie Munster


Looks like the other Billy is staying in Gainesville for a while after all, thus ensuring that my wife will keep Florida at the top of her most hated college basketball team list for at least the foreseeable future.

Tubby Smith's nephew fatally stabbed in fight


The BBN sends its condolences to a man who will always be one of us.

Boos harmless? Not according to Vince Young


Whether you think this is a rational response or not, it should at least give the fans pause before booing Hartline and Brooks again.

Lakers sign Crawford


Hat tip: KSR Another Wildcat in the Association

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