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Adam has been following BYU football since he can remember, and has been a Cougar basketball fan almost as long. His other sports passions include baseball (Boston Red Sox), NFL football (New England Patriots), tennis and hockey. His other collegiate love is Purdue University.

Adam is the co-host of the Rise & Shout podcast, and contributes at VanquishTheFoe.com.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAF BYU Cougars
  • NCAAB BYU Cougars
  • NHL Boston Bruins
  • Tennis Roger
User Blog

Podcast 75: Jay Drew talks Riley, RBs and hoops


Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune joins Adam to talk fall football camp and a little about hoops. Matt then comes on to preview the RBs and QBs. All this and more on Episode 75!

Podcast 74: Greg Wrubell Talks Fall Camp


Greg Wrubell, the voice of the Cougars, joins Adam on the podcast to talk BYU football fall camp. Matt also makes an appearance to help answer your #Tweetbag questions.

BYU Football Season Rankings No. 2: 1980

Adam continues ranking the past 40 BYU football seasons, nearing the top by naming 1980 the second best season. Jim McMahon led one of the most prolific offenses in college football history.

Podcast 73: More Jabari and Bronco's NFL Conundrum


In Episode 73 of the Rise & Shout podcast, Adam and Matt talk Jabari Parker's mission decision, Bronco's NFL draft issue (or lack thereof) and where the 1996 season ranks in BYU football history.

BYU Football Season Rankings No. 3: 1996

Adam continues his long and arduous journey ranking the past 40 BYU Football seasons. In Part 10 of the 12 part series, he reveals his No. 3: 1996. The Cougars were 14-1 behind the awesome...

Podcast 72: Josh Quezada, Badgers and The Jimmer


Rise & Shout Podcast Episode 72: After a month-long hiatus, Matt returns to take his place beside Adam (figuratively, since one is in Minnesota and the other in Texas). They talk Olympics, Josh...

BYU Football Season Rankings: 6-4


In Part 9 of Adam's series ranking every BYU football season since 1972, he gets into the last six seasons, discussing Nos. 6-4: 1979, 2006 and 1983. Check out all the rankings and see if you agree...

Podcast 71: Former BYU QB John Beck


This week's episode of the Rise & Shout Podcast welcomes former BYU QB John Beck, who discusses his career at BYU and his NFL journey. Adam and Don talk BYU's 2012 schedule and more on the Utah...

BYU Football Season Rankings: 9-7


In Part 8 of his series, Adam continues ranking the past 40 BYU football seasons. This time it's Nos. 9-7, including discussions of 1977, 1990 and 1985.

Podcast 70: Media Day with Brandon Gurney


Rise & Shout Podcast 70: Adam is joined by Brandon Gurney of the Deseret News to talk Media Day. Matt also comes on to talk about a lot of nonsense, with some Media Day sprinkled in.

BYU Football Season Rankings: 12-10


In Part 7 of his series, Adam continues ranking the past 40 BYU football seasons. Nos. 12-10 include 2009, 2007 and 1981.

Podcast 69: The changing recruiting landscape with Jay Drew


Podcast 69: Adam is joined by Matt and Salt Lake Tribune sportswriter Jay Drew to talk recruiting, impact freshmen, and much more.

BYU Football Season Rankings: 15-13


Part of the BYU Football Season Rankings: No. 15-13, which includes 1982, 1989 and 1991.

Podcast 68: Conference Realignment with Bill Connelly


In Podcast 68, Adam is joined by Bill Connelly to talk about conference realignment and why BYU might not be in the Big 12's plans. Adam and Matt also discuss the 2012 schedule and why "That's a...

BYU Football Season Rankings: 20-16


In Part 5 of his ranking of the past 40 BYU football seasons, Adam ranks Nos. 20-16, which includes three seasons in the 90s, 2001 and the launchpad season of 1978.

Podcast 67: Jabari Parker and the Super #Tweetbag


In episode 67 of the Rise & Shout podcast, Adam and Matt explore expectations of the football team's offense in 2012, and discuss the journey of phenom Jabari Parker.

BYU Football Season Rankings: 25-21


BYU Football Season Rankings Part 4: Nos. 30-26. Includes 2011, 2008, 1988, 1986, and 1976.

Podcast 66: The Endless Realignment Discussion


In Episode 66 of the Rise & Shout Podcast, Adam and Matt talk conference realignment and the worst 15 BYU football teams of the past 40 years.

BYU Football Season Rankings: 30-26


Adam continues his season rankings with Part 3: Nos. 30-26, which includes a potentially controversial raking of the 1974 team.

Football Season Rankings: 35-31


In Part 2 of his series ranking every BYU football team of the past 40 years, Adam reveals Nos. 35-31.

Podcast 65: The WCC Commish and Greg Wrubell


Adam chats with WCC Commish Jamie Zaninovich about BYU's first year in the conference and his vision for the conference's future. Greg Wrubell also joins to talk about BYU going boldly where few...

Podcast 64: Playoffs, the NFL Draft, Viva Independencia


In Episode 64, Adam and Matt talk football playoffs, BYU's lack of NFL draft prospects in 2011 and 2012, and the long-term viability of football independence.

Football Season Rankings: 40-36


Adam ranks the 5 worst BYU football seasons since 1972.

Ranking 40 Years of BYU Football


Over the next several weeks, I'm going to reveal my rankings of the past 40 BYU football seasons (since 1972); call it the modern era of BYU football (or since LaVell). I did a similar thing last...

Podcast 63: The Big 12, the MC and hip hop


Rise & Shout Podcast 63: Adam is joined by Brett Hein and Zach Bloxham to dissect the latest headlines at BYU, including Big 12 expansion and the Marriott Center renovations.

Podcast 62: 2013 Recruiting with Brandon Gurney


Podcast 62: Brandon Gurney of the DesNews comes on to talk recruiting, and Matt comes on to do a mock draft of current Cougar football players.

BYU Basketball Season Review: The Carlino Conundrum


BYU Basketball Season Review: Matt Carlino had an up-and-down freshman season, but his potential is likely to carry him to great heights over the next three seasons.

Podcast 61: Greg Wrubell on Hoops and Spring Football


Rise & Shout Podcast 61: Greg Wrubell comes on to recap the BYU basketball season and to talk spring football. Adam and Matt cover the same topics.

Podcast 59: WCC review and BYU spring football with Jay Drew


Podcast 59: Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune joins the podcast to chat about the WCC tournament, the NCAA tournament, spring football, and the Big 12.

West Coast Conference Tournament: San Francisco 87, Portland 66


WCC Championships: USF beat down of Portland keeps the momentum going for their match-up Friday night against LMU.

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