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Whatever happened to Eric Decker?


8 rec 111 yrds (18 targets) 0 tds in 3 games in postseason play. Decker had 6 rec for 84 yards in one postseason game last season. As a comparison DT had 28 recs 306 yds and 3 tds (38 targets)! Decker disappeared in the playoffs this year! My guess is that he will be gone this offseason.

stats from ESPN

New Stedman Bailey Highlights (2012)


1 td for every 4.5 rec! WOW!


Introducing Stedman Bailey

History: Stedman Bailey is from the Miami area and originally was at a school that was a run heavy offense and his talent and development was being wasted. Geno Smith recruited Bailey to join him...


Introducing Tavon Austin via UWV

Tavon Austin went to Dunbar High School in Baltimore, Maryland where he played running back, where he had 2600+ yards and 34 touchdowns his senior year. WVU recruited him as a RB and he came to...


WVU fan and a now a Rams fan please educate me about the team

With Tavon and Stedman Bailey coming to the Rams they have now become my second favorite team (sorry I've been a Broncos fan since '85.) . I have to admit I did not watch many Rams games last year...

MUST SEE: Tavon Austin Senior Highlights (imagine him in a Broncos jersey)!!!


Austin's senior highlights. For those that complain about his lack of size notice how he is able to break tackles and how many defenders can barely lay a hand on him! He has never missed a single game due to injury. Sorry could get the video embed deal to work!


Os the Hailmary QB?

Anyone else notice last night on the Falcons last possession that Osweiller was warming up on the sidelines? I am assuming that Os would have come in the game in a long distance hailmary...

Manning jersey's for $23, anyone know if this is legit?!


Saw this on Facebook does anyone anything about it! It seems too good to be true so it probably is.

Von Miller would take a "huge pay cut" in order to get Manning and Mario Williams"


Wow! This kid is awesome all he cares about is winning!!! Von Miller is pure class!!! Love this guy!!

Redskins and Cowboys cheating means 1.6 M extra cap space for the Broncos (and every other team except Oakland and Saints)


We could use all of the money we can get if we are to lure some quality FA to the team! Go Broncos

Term limits for HOF selection committee members? I think Willie Roaf is on to something here.


Roaf suggests that the HOF selection committee needs to have a 5 year term limit. That would be a great idea! What do you think about this suggestion?


Giants 12 men on the field near the end of game intentional?

Late in the game Pats had to score a td and Brady took the snap Giants dropped all but the DL back in coverage Brady looked around and scrambled around for a quite a while before throwing an...


"Not Tebow Time...Broncos Time"

"I don’t think it’s ‘Tebow Time,’" Tebow said. "I just think it’s ‘Bronco Time,’ and the team steps up as a team. So I am no longer going to call the final minutes in the game "Tebow Time" I will...



The amount of talent they have coached on the Chargers and have not won anything! Wow! Are their another pair of coaches that have done so little with so much?! I suspect that Turner will be out...


VON MILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched some clips from the game again and I am so impressed with Von Miller did anyone else notice those awesome swim moves he used against the Raiders?! Miller was bringing the pressure all...


I thought that the zone-read option game would never work in the NFL!

Conventional wisdom: The option game is good for college football but it will never work in the NFL! Reality: Tebow runs the zone-read option and makes the Raiders look foolish every time as the...


Still Tebow time?

Maybe we should not have a QB at all just a run the wildcat 100% of the time!


A Proud Daddy!

Out of the Blue tonight my 4 year old daughter said, "My favorite football team is the Broncos!" It was a beautiful moment! Start 'em young and raise them right!!


I hear a "Haley finger wag" may come Chan Gailey's way

Uh-oh the Bills are taking it to the Chiefs. 34-7 now. Chan Gailey is going to get that "Haley finger wag" for running up the score!!


Hopefully College Football help compensate for all the touchbacks we wiil see in the NFL this year!

In just the first weekend, college football reminds us how excited a kickoff return for a TD can be. 7 kickoffs were taken to the house 6 of them were returned 90 + yards! They were all exciting!


When will Demaryius Thomas return?

Lately I have read that Thomas is running on the sidelines during practice. It seems he might be ahead of schedule to return. Does anyone know when he may be ready to return?

Will Tebow make the 53 man roster? SI says there is a good chance that he could be cut if not traded.


SI seems to think that Tebow is unofficially on the trading block. They seem to believe that if he is not traded that he may be cut.

RT Orlando Franklin analysis


A snap by snap review of RT Orlando Franklin.

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