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I Need Your '77 Pics!!!

Calling all Old-Schoolers, Past Portlanders, and Collectors of Antiquities! I'm currently writing/drawing a comic set in 1977 Portland, and I want it to look and feel like that era. Unfortunately,...


Burning Diesel Junk (5/22)

Hello friends and neighbors! I've never made a Junk Drawer, but I gather it's got to have a subject; since I'm in the market for a used diesel car or truck, there it is. Also, there is a...

DX Scouting Report: Gorgui Dieng


Surprised to see Dieng's offensive game is better than I thought; he can stick a midrange jumper and finish well at the rim. No post moves to speak of, but that doesn't concern me. On defense, he needs to add some muscle to keep position against NBA centers, but the will to fight is there. All told, this video makes him look like a young Marcus Camby. Slim passing big man that can block shots, gather rebounds, and bury the jumper. Can we just have the draft tomorrow? Because this is the guy at #10.

Steven Adams Scouting Report


Looks like a beast. Love the good screens! Shame about the defensive rebounding and FT% though.


Lillard + All Star + Poll

I'm sold. Damian Lillard is the real deal, and our MVP. Going forward, I think he is the one untouchable player on the team. This has me thinking, who would be the best All Star to pair with...

Proof Paul Allen doesn't have a time machine... "Under the Oxford Biomaterials wing, Vollrath's...


Proof Paul Allen doesn't have a time machine... "Under the Oxford Biomaterials wing, Vollrath's team has another project that makes meniscal implants by which they dissolve the silk in lithium bromide ('a really nasty chemical, the only thing that will touch it') and then firm it up. The result is incredibly strong and integrates much better potentially with the human body than any plastic. These meniscal products are currently in animal trials, Vollrath says, and, given favourable outcomes, could be in humans in a year or two. In the same way, they are working on hernia meshes and bone-like structures and investigating ways in which silks can be used as a targeted carrier for drugs in the body, 'tuned to slow release over weeks or months or years'."

Draft for Position

Put on your GM hat. Sit in the GM chair. Get a GM shave. Take a long look at the draft board, and imagine that you had the top five picks in the 2012 NBA Draft...BUT! You must pick a player for...


Marshall or Lillard: Let the Tape Speak (With Poll)

What follows is a collection of decent YouTube videos for the two potential lottery PGs in this draft: Kendall Marshall and Damian Lillard. I've tried to isolate what I perceive to be their...

OT, but the Onion does it again...


Tony Parker Strong Side/Weak Side, with the best comment on French comments ever.

Good morning, sweet world!


The Basketball Jones is back, and in their first episode Skeets refers to the Blazers as "a great team". Almost wept when that theme music started up. For those new to the show, it is generally NSFW, thanks in large part to Skeets dropping the occasional F Bomb. Enjoy.


My Own Private Trail Blazers

In a recent article of Dave's, he brought up the uncomfortable reality that Paul Allen will not always own the Blazers. This led me to wonder, what local aristocrat could take the reigns? Only one...

Spain Gives France New Posterior Orifice


Riddle me this: what happens when Tony Parker and Joakim Noah sit out a game against the best team in the tournament? Total, unbridled, butt-kickery, that's what. I was really looking forward to this game, but had to work. Thank goodness for that. I'll try to stay tuned into the reasons for Parker and Noah's absence. If you know why, please comment.


Small Market

  I took a nonfiction writing class in the Spring, and decided to write one of my essays on my personal history as a Blazers fan. Dave's retrospectives encouraged me to polish it up and share my...

Batum to start for Les Bleus


Mickael Pietrus is suffering from an undisclosed medical complication, opening the door for our Nico to start at SF for the French team.

Mr. Draft Express Interviewed


Great thoughts on Bismack Biyombo (starting around the middle, and at the very end). Also good observations about European prospects, including reflections on some recently viewed footage of Enes Kanter.

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