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A true Falcoholic, even I saw upside in 2007...

Editor/writer for The Falcoholic, reviewer for, freelancing writer, IT specialist, web/graphic designer, Adobe Flex programmer, pure metal head, husband. I do a bit of it all, really...

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User Blog

Five Points: The 2010 Falcons' Five Most Must-Watch Games


Adam Schultz of <a href="" >The Falcoholic</a> has five bones to pick.

New Feature: Tweets of the Game


Hey gang, I'm debuting a new feature for the season today. It's called "Tweets of the Game" and will feature witty, entertaining, or informational Twitter posts by Falcons fans and staff. If you...

Falcons Keeping Things Evenly Split in Preseason


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz explains why the Falcons going 2-2 in the preseason is a good thing.

Game Recap: ATL vs MIA


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz gives a quick recap of Atlanta's preseason game against the Miami Dolphins.

Courage and Fight: Episode 004 - "Blue 80!"


Adam and Jason of the Falcoholic discuss how awesome the Falcons are, and Adam gets a one-on-one with Jay Adam of

Preseason Game Recap: ATL vs KC


Falcoholic writer Adam Schultz recaps the Falcons 20 - 10 preseason win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Courage and Fight - Episode 003: Norm Van Brocklin Jokes


Adam, Dave, and Jason sat down with Scott Carasik of this week to discuss some Falcons training camp! Episode: 003 Length: 54:34 Show notes A metric ton of training camp talk,...

Courage and Fight: Pick the Topics!


Time for you to pick the topics we're going to talk about next week. Isn't this fan-participation awesome? Plenty to talk about this week, including the opening of Training Camp, Spoon signing, and...

So HD is back in action. Should make the already tumultuous WR camp battle even more fun to watch.


So HD is back in action. Should make the already tumultuous WR camp battle even more fun to watch.

Courage and Fight - Episode 002: Robert Who?


Episode: 002 Title: Robert Who? Length: 53:52 Hosts: Adam, Jason Guests: Caleb (Falcoholic reader Zippo729), Dawson Devitt of AJC's Bird Cage Blog Follow the jump for show notes and...

Courage and Fight: The Fans' Atlanta Falcons Podcast


Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of podcast this week. You can blame technical difficulties, as well as Dave's iconic New Englander accent, for the delay. Episode 2 should drop next...

Falcons 365: More than Just a Store


You're all aware of the Falcons' official online store, proudly titled Falcons365. I'm sure the name was chosen to represent the fact that fans could get Falcons gear from the store year round, not...

Help Name the Falcoholic Podcast


So yeah, it needs a name. Seeing as we're actually ready to lay down some greenbacks to get nice, slick sounding radio voices to produce some intros and bumpers for us, it's probably a good idea...

The Podcast is now on iTunes!


Just got approved by Apple. Call us officially Apple official.

The Falcoholic Podcast - Episode 1: Why You Should Hate the Ravens


The Falcoholic releases the first episode of its brand new and official podcast! Hosted by Adam and Jason, guests are Troy Heinzman of and former editor J....

Open Practice Training Camp Dates and Times Released!


I expect to see every single one of you there. OR ELSE!

The's Official Podcast


  Twitter: @FalcoholicPCFacebook: HereEmail: FalcoholicPodcast AT gmail DOT com We're looking for fan/reader guests, so if you want your voice to be (literally) heard, send us an email! We've...

A Little Teaser


Here's a hint of something to come.

Falcons Gameday Traditions: Superstitions


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz asks Falcons fans to share their most embarrassing, most strange, and most cooky gameday superstitions.

Cornerback Brent Grimes, who led the team with 6 INTS last season, suffered a hamstring and did not...


Cornerback Brent Grimes, who led the team with 6 INTS last season, suffered a hamstring and did not participate at OTAs today.

From @AJC Falcons comes a horror story of epic proportions. A little history repeating itself? Let's hope not. We all saw what a hammy pull did to Jason Elam last year...

Falcons Gameday Traditions: TV Games


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz asks Falcons fans to relate how they watch Falcons games on TV.

Curtis Lofton a Big Help to Dominique Franks


Dominique Franks, that big tall return-happy CB from Oklahoma is getting a lot of transition help from his former teammate, one Mr. Curtis Lofton. "Yeah, [Curtis Lofton and I] were pretty good friends [at Oklahoma]. He actually called me and told me he was going to take care of me and whatever I need like learning the defense to always give him a call or whatever. He told me he’s just here to help make this transition as smooth as possible." Read the whole interview at the link above.

Georgia College Fans Flocking to Falcons?


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz wonders aloud if Falcons success equals more college football fans will start paying attention to the birds in red and black.

Success and Matt Ryan: A Case of Balance


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz takes a look at some numbers for Falcons QB Matt Ryan.

J. Michael Moore's New Gig


JMike's about to be a father, and he's going to be sharing all that he experiences and learns with the world through the Seeing as I'll likely be in his situation a year or two from now, it makes perfect sense for me to continue reading him!

Slightly Off Topic: Some Homophonic Fun


As many of you may know, Dave, Jason, and I all hold nice, useful English-disciplined degrees. As English nerds, we obviously love the language we speak and write. Today, I'm taking that a little...

Things to Worry About: 2011 Lockout


Falcoholic writer Adam Schultz takes a dismal look at a football-less 2011 and previous lockouts in the league's history.

A Very Falcoholic Good Bye to J. Michael Moore


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz asks exiting-managing editor of Atlanta, J. Michael Moore, some questions.

Quick Hit Morning Practice Mini Camp Observations


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz offers some observations from the public minicamp's morning practice.

The Falcons and Their Beards


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the Falcons' many beards.

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