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New look for the BC quad

Got to the campus early before the hockey game today and swung by the re-done quad. Looks completely different. Approach from O'Neill (can see all the way to Stokes). via R...


Chestnut Hill To Get A Shake Shack

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts To Get A Shake Shack

Be there!


Be there!

Boston Metro investigates the decline of BC


The Metro today did a front-page exposé on why BC isn't the team they were 5 years ago. Looks like the local news may be paying some attention to the situation now.

WVU to Big 12 within a week?


Will Syracuse and Pitt be let out early as well?

BC's Black Friday prices are up


Prices go into effect on Friday. Sale ends Monday. Get discounted tickets and support your Eagles.

BU Newspaper Asks Jack Parker To Step Down


"Again, it is the job of Coach Parker to make sure this does not happen. Parker has to recruit student-athletes whose attention is on the success of the team, not their individual career. I understand that collegiate hockey is a stepping-stone for the NHL. However, there are plenty of college programs that recruit players who stay for four years and play as teams, instead of a group of talented individuals. Just look at Boston College."

Musings on the ACC Teleconference


Having listened to the teleconference, some telling details come out (which can be read in the linked PDF transcript). First, the ACC presidents have agreed to a exit fee that is 125% of the annual ACC budget (which is a 1/13 share of the annual TV contract) - so the $20M number thrown around is based on the current contract. Second, the ACC is able to renegotiate their TV contract with ESPN (but not shop it to other networks at this point) since they added two new teams. This may mean that the TV contract could become significantly better in the short-term as the 'value' of the new media markets are factored in by ESPN and that the exit fee will increase accordingly. The ACC was in panic mode but by bringing in 2 new schools and being able to renegotiate the ESPN deal to account for the new markets and additionally tying the exit fee to the TV deal, the ACC has made it extremely difficult to pick off a member - assuming ESPN is willing to play ball on the renegotiation.


Pod Scheduling

A look at how football scheduling would work in a 16-team superconference.

Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC?


This may indicate that the ACC is not sitting back - this could mean that the 'northern pod' will consist of BC-Pitt-Syracuse-Maryland.

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