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User Blog

Morning Coffee: New Year's Eve Edition

Marquette stuff, U2, and music from The Dismemberment Plan.

Morning Coffee: Empty Resume Edition


Marquette talk, Anchorman 2, Steve Martin, and music from Slade.

Morning Coffee: Another One Bites The Dust Edition


Marquette talk, Christmas cookies, Community, and the Pogues.

12.9 Late Morning Coffee

Marquette-UW stuff, a little Jennifer Lawrence, a little Sesame Street, and a music video from Haerts.

5.6 Morning Coffee


5.6 Morning Coffee. Marquette links, Dead Milkmen, Iron Man 3, awful cereal and awesome toys.

4.29 Morning Coffee


Marquette links, schedule talk, new music from John Michael Rouchell, and Empire Strikes Back.

3.25 Morning Coffee


Tons of Marquette links, Dunk City, Star Wars, Giancarlo Esposito and The Heavy.

3.22 Morning Coffee: OH MAN Edition


Yeah, I think you know what we're talking about this morning.

3.18 Morning Coffee


Celebrating a 3 seed, and other assorted tomfoolery.

3.11 Morning Coffee


14-4 and Big East Champs! Hang that banner baby. Not bad for a team habitually looked over year after year. My state of emotions on Saturday - Great another slow start, oh hey we're leading at...

3.4 Morning Coffee


Best. Week. Ever?

2.25 Morning Coffee: Massive Monday Edition


Sorry, I'm not gonna get hung up on the Villanova loss. It hardly qualifies as a bad loss. This is a bad loss. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't help in the race to be conference champs,...

2.18 Morning Coffee: 23 Edition


23 straight home wins. I won't lie. That was a damn enjoyable game on Saturday. They controlled that thing from start to finish. Sure the final 4 minutes weren't very pretty, but a 10 point...

2.11 Morning Coffee


First place with 8 games to go. Hot damn. Enjoy it for the moment, because I'm not sure how much longer we'll be enjoying first place. At Georgetown and home against Pitt is not an easy week. This...

2.4 Morning Coffee: 10 Left Edition


How do you see the next 10 games going?

Morning Coffee: 1.28 Edition All Bat, All The Time


So many bat jokes, so little time.

1.21 Morning Coffee


Losers whine about the officials. You don't score 13 points in a half and then blame somebody else for the loss.

1.14 Morning Coffee


Marquette links, Jennifer Lawrence, The Muppets, and Frank Turner.

1.7 Morning Coffee: Drunk With Cash Edition


Give us all the money, Fox.

12.17 Morning Coffee: Holy Roman Empire Edition


So what do we know about the new conference?

Morning Coffee: 1,500 Edition


Marquette links, Zombie Christmas, Mike Daniels, and Horsticide.

Morning Coffee: So It Begins Edition


Marquette links, Rick Majerus, Badger Hate Week, and Mellowmas

Morning Coffee: Stuffed Edition


Marquette links, Winnie Cooper, LEAGUES, and Jesus takes the wheel!

Morning Coffee: 1-0 Edition


Marquette links, James Bond, Alison Brie's kitty, and Duke sucks.

Morning Coffee: Almost Here Edition


Marquette links, Big East soccer champs, Star Wars, 1955, PopTarts, and Delta Rae.

10.29 Morning Coffee: Sandy Edition


Marquette links, Bob Ross, Dumbo, and Wreck-It-Ralph

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