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Student in law school. Native Arkansan, but I left a part of my heart in DFW when I lived there. I love the Cowboys, I love the Razorbacks, and I hate Philadelphia. What more is there to say?

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  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Arkansas Razorbacks
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NCAAB Arkansas Razorbacks
  • NASCAR Jeff Gordon
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Some thoughts on Bryan McCann...

This fanpost is the product of a long sleepless night (up playing LA Noire, for those of you gamers out there), so maybe I'm going out on a major limb here... I don't think there's been much...

La Canfora argues that Romo doesn't belong in top 100


This link is about a week old, but I don't think it's been posted here before. La Canfora: "So, by the rules of this 'assignment' given to NFL players -- ranking the top 100 players in the league for the 2011 season -- there's no way Romo belong." Is this guy a little confused with his calendar? MAYBE he has an argument if the list was ranking who the top players were in 2011, but I think this guy is just speaking out of his rear on this one. I look at La Canfora the way I used to see Schefter. "Thanks for being such a great insider. Now shut up and leave the actual analysis up to the rest of us."


Interesting Perspective on Sean Lee

So I got out of class early and walked back to my dorm and decided to tune into Cowboys Break for a bit. Something caught my ear when they were talking about Sean Lee. Nick Eatman said he was at...


Thoughts on Sparano returning to Dallas as a coordinator?

It's starting to look like Parcell's call to Miami upper-management in an attempt to save Sparano's job were rendered pointless with Miami's loss today. This would leave Sparano unemployed. And...

Interesting perspective on the hiring process...


Michael Lombardi of NFL Network gives his thoughts on the head coach hiring process. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but he does bring up some interesting points. Discuss away.

Jerry to keep Garrett, shooting for creating a "super staff" of assistants?


An interesting conversation starter. Assuming Jerry keeps Garrett as the Head Coach, who would the "dream team" coaching staff consist of?


Anyone heard from Romo?

It seems like every player has been quoted in the media with some reaction to the coaching change... except for Tony. Is he laying low? Anyone able to track down a quote of his?


A Premature Look at Prospective 2011 Cowboys Head Coaches

I swore to myself I'd hold off on this sort of article. It smacks of being overly reactionary and unsupportive of Wade Phillips and what he tries to do for the rest of the season. I want to begin...

Ed Werder up to his old tricks again...


After single-handedly attempting to ruin the Dallas Cowboys' 2008 season, Ed Werder is returning to his old stomping-ground, Dallas, to shed "light" on (provoke and further intensify) the tension between Phillips and Garrett. Seriously. Jerry needs to invest in a sniper that will tag this guy on-sight next time he comes within three miles of Valley Ranch.


Diagnosing the Cowboys' Woes

It may be news only to those of you who quickly turned their televisions off once they saw Roy celebrating in the endzone with the ball still in his hands but, believe it or not, the Dallas Cowboys...


Admiral Dallas' Novice Mock 1.0

New to the SBnation and Blogging the Boys community, but I figured I'd give this mock a shot. This probably isn't my final version of the draft and, even after completing it, I saw a few things I...

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