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O'Brien doing better after move

I follow MLS fairly closely (though my true allegiances lie in North London) and I saw this article posted. I noticed that the player used to be at Leeds, my dad's team. I showed it to my dad and he liked catching up on him. I don't know the story, but I thought you guys might appreciate it, as well.

Santos leaving

BBC are reporting that a deal to send Santos to Gremio is all but done.

Stoke's Great Underdog Farce

Do remember Tony Pulis' comments after the Arsenal game? He basically ripped Arsenal for spending money wisely. However, Stoke's incompetence at finance seems to go unnoticed.

Ticket Freeze to Continue

Arsenal will not raise any of their ticket prices for another year. Considering how the stadium routinely had empty seats, this is not surprising.

Jurgen Klinsmann has to commute 70 miles to get from his home to the Home Depot Center for USMNT...


Jurgen Klinsmann has to commute 70 miles to get from his home to the Home Depot Center for USMNT Camp. How does he get there? He takes a helicopter.

Usmanov Puts Words in Henry's Mouth

Usmanov is claiming that Thierry Henry wants to see him owning Arsenal. Usmanov has made all sorts of claims to get in power at Arsenal and this just seems like more bull from him. As of yet, Henry has not said anything about it.

Some statistics on Santi Cazorla pre Arsenal

There's a huge chunk of data on here from passing percentages to heat maps. Basically, it chronicles what happened when Cazorla left Villareal and how much worse the side was without him.

Amen Project

This doesn't really have anything to do with Arsenal, but it does have everything to do with football. The Amen project is a series of photographs taken across Africa before the 2010 World Cup. I like to talk about how soccer really means something, it's not just a game. This is one of those examples where it's not just a sport.

Philly Union Players heading for Overseas Training

3 young American players from the Philadelphia Union are heading to Turkey and Germany for some off-season training. One of those 3 is Freddy Adu.

Wenger post Match interview

Lot's of thoughts on Giroud and Podolski, along with a few thoughts on Walcott.


Why Wenger Deserves to keep his Job

This is a rebuttal of B2D's "How Arsenal's awful performance could lead to replacing Wenger". Note, this is not some sort of personal attack or something. I respect your opinion; I just think it's...

Stereotypical Arsenal vs. Little Team

A solid look (if you add in Julio Cesar) at how QPR were able to hold off Arsenal for the majority of the game. I hope Wenger realizes this because this is exactly how nearly the entire bottom half of the table will play against us (along with a few upper table teams).

Don Vito Here for the Long Run

Our Italian Keeper talks about how he wants to stay at Arsenal for the long haul.

Arsenal Ladies finish Undefeated

A 1-1 draw against Birmingham sealed an invincible season for the Champs.


Ramsey's Goal and the Celebrity Mortality Watch

As I know many of you know, Arsenal's own Aaron Ramsey has been linked with an odd and rather morbid trend. It appears that every time the Welshman scores, someone extremely famous dies.

The Thierry Henry Show

The King presents he most merciful grace upon his subjects with 3 inspired assists only to conclude the night with his own pure genius.

Ball launches Self in Goal

Apparently tied to some sort of greenspace Loaned from Arsenal to a small team in Spain.

Jens Lehmann Talks RVP, New Defense, Invincibles, etc.

Some good stuff here from the German keeper. Just a wide array of different little things.

Words of Encouragement from Klinsmann

Looks like the USMNT Boss might be rooting for the Gold and White

Higuain On Moving to Columbus

Apparently, he really digs Central Ohio.

Hesmer Preparing for Life After Soccer

Hesmer talks a bit on his hip injury and surgery, as well as his business work while sidelined.

Mert and Arteta Analysis takes an in-depth look at how Mertesacker and Arteta worked together to play defensively against Liverpool. There's also some comparisons with last season's trip to Anfield.

Someone goes out on loan. I'm not sure who.

There appears to be a new park over at Celta Vigo in Spain. I'm not sure what this has to do with Arsenal, but apparently we own said park. Weird situation.

Daniel Boateng heads out on loan

Courtesy of BBC football, Daniel Boateng has left the club for some more playing opportunities. But do not fret, it's merely a loan for the 19 year old center back. He'll be back from Oxford United in January, and then he'll probably go back on loan.


Somebody Please Explain Sahin to Me

There have been quite a few rumblings that Real Madrid man Nuri Sahin would be coming to North London on loan for the season. This, of course, is fine with me. I would gladly accept the talented...

Mancini is not chasing RvP

Mancini talks about how he does not think RvP will be going to the blue half of Manchester. It looks more and more likely that the Dutchman won't be leaving.

BBC reporting that Arsenal will have Cazorla and Santi shortly

The BBC is saying that the Spaniard just has a medical later this week while the Sahin loan still has details to be ironed out. The BBC is a superb source and just about never publishes anything (outside of it's rumor blog) that isn't true.

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