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Veteran FS Jim Leonhard still available


Former Buffalo Bills safety Jim Leonhard says he wants to play one more season before he retires. Last year he appeared in all 16 games and started 7 for a very good Bills defense—posting a career high 4 interceptions. At 31, Leonhard still has NFL speed, he was returning punts for the Bills last year and kickoffs & punts in 2012. Leonhard has a history with Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, who coached him with the Jets from 2009-2011.


For Rent: Veteran Guard Options for the Chiefs

Six is not a lot of draft picks. Especially when your team loses 5 starters in free agency. Between depth guys like A.J. Jenkins and Sanders Commings who could challenge for a starting spot and...

PFF examines the Chiefs projected lineup


I always like the analysis done by Pro Football Focus. There are a couple of interesting things in here. - PFF is pretty comfortable with us starting former 3rd round DE Allen Bailey - 7/22 starters are listed as elite, near elite, or "solid starter" (above average) - Only 2 starters: WR Donnie Avery & LG Jeff Allen are rated "below average" - PFF would start Hemingway over AJ Jenkins - Give Geoff Schwartz his money The cap analysis is pretty surface-level, so I've largely ignored it. It seems that even PFF is intrigued with AJ Jenkins progress this season. I'm seeing lots pictures of Jenkins doing offseason workouts (I would too if my roster spot was on the line) so he'll be one to keep an eye on in training camp.

CB Jalil Brown signs with the Colts


A former Chief sighting. I was a little surprised when nobody picked up Jalil Brown after he got cut on "Red Sunday."

Can we talk about Donnie Avery for a minute?


If you asked before the season how many 100 yard games I thought Donnie Avery would have, my answer would have been zero. "3rd Down Donnie" looked REALLY clutch last night. This offense needs to find positives to build on, and #17 certainly looks like one. This team looks a lot like the one from 2010 (in a good way). If we can establish multiple receiving threats early, we can hopefully avoid games like the Baltimore playoff loss. AJ Jenkins is gonna have a heck of a time trying to pry that starting job out of Avery's cold, dead, reliable-on-third-down hands.

We all know we're going to draft a quarterback with our first round pick. I'm looking at all the...


We all know we're going to draft a quarterback with our first round pick. I'm looking at all the intriguing early round 2 prospects like NC State corner David Amerson. He's big, 6'2" 194 lbs, plays physical and has been slipping down draft boards a little bit in recent weeks. Lot of big, tall, cornerbacks in this class. Oklahoma safety Tony Jefferson is another kid to keep you eye on with that 33rd to 35th overall pick.


A Legacy of Incompetence: How Marty Hurney is not Scott Pioli

The Carolina Panthers at 1-5, have fired general manager Marty Hurney. People have been wondering aloud if the Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli could be far behind. I find this shocking. The...

Possible Roster Moves

  1. Tamba Hali -> Active
  2. Anthony Toribio -> IR
  3. Chris Carr, CB -> Active
  4. Tysyn Hartman -> Waivers -> Practice Squad
  5. Junior Hemingway -> cut

Final Cuts: Getting the Chiefs to 53

Friday's roster cuts, practice squad signings and free agent acquisitions will answer many questions about the 2012 Chiefs: who plays fullback, the #3 tight end, is Dorsey trade bait, secondary depth, project players and veteran quarterbacks.

ESPN's website has some interesting ideas about the Chiefs defense.


ESPN's website has some interesting ideas about the Chiefs defense.

Which team in this division won the Super Bowl?

  1. Team A: Missed playoffs by 1 game in prior season
  2. Team B: Tons of hype from recently acquired superstar QB that missed significant time
  3. Team C: Consistently underperforms despite overrated QB
  4. Team D: A mess due to a meddling owner, inflated contracts and terrible trades

Late Round Picks: Examining A Decade Of Scott Pioli Selections

From the FanPosts. -Joel Drafting players is always a bit of crapshoot in the NFL. In the early rounds GMs look for players with uncanny measureables or tremendous statistical production from the...

Great Article on Slot WRs and Nickel CBs


Thanks to Steve_Chiefs for the link. There are some names mentioned that should be familiar to Chiefs fans as Greg Cosell of NFL Films breaks down the "new" starting positions of slot receiver and nickel corner. The league is evolving and the Chiefs have a very modern roster.

Mayock's Top 100 Rankings vs. Chiefs Picks

  1. Dontari Poe, NT: Mayock (#13) Chiefs (#11)
  2. Jeff Allen, G/T: Mayock (#32) Chiefs (#44)
  3. Donald Stephenson, OT: Mayock (#96) Chiefs (#74)
  4. Devon Wylie, WR: Mayock (NR) Chiefs (#107)
  5. DeQuan Menzie, FS: Mayock (#80) Chiefs (#146)

Possible targets at #44

  1. Devon Still, 3-4 DE, Penn State
  2. Amini Silatolu, G/T, Midwestern State
  3. Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson
  4. Lamar Miller, RB, Miami
  5. Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama

2012 Chiefs Job Openings

Everyone has their own favorite players in the 2012 Draft. The Chiefs roster looks pretty good. At every position we have a player that most of us would feel comfortable starting week 1. But there...


Black Magic, Moneyball and Chiefs OLB Gabe Miller

With the Draft a week away, I'm pretty tired of rehashing the same discussions about the same few players over and over again. When the dust settles and the blue-chip guys are all gone, the Chiefs,...


A Brief History of Drafting 3-4 Defensive Ends

Reading Mock Draft post #31,592 the other day, I was about to comment that I wouldn't be mad about drafting a defensive end in the first round. My understanding is that finding players big, tall...


Being Scott Pioli: How the Chiefs Evaluate Draft Prospects

From the FanPosts. This is an awesome post. Great work. -Joel For many football fans, free agency and the NFL draft are just as much fun as the games themselves. With all the talk about free agents...

That Hail Mary wasn't a complete fluke. Jacksonville beat the Texans with that exact same play in...


That Hail Mary wasn't a complete fluke. Jacksonville beat the Texans with that exact same play in November, 2010. Mike Thomas said in the post-game interview that the play was designed that way, with the pass being batted down to a waiting player in the front of the end zone. Props to Haley for seeing it and adding it to the playbook.

I really liked the play calling last night.


I really liked the play calling last night.

I think Haley is getting it under control by cutting out Zorn. I really liked going into hurry-up mode when they got a little momentum going against that Steelers D. I think the hurry-up showed some aggressiveness even with a a severely incompetent QB. Even with Palko, we still moved the ball. I think we would've won that game with a passable NFL QB.

Is it time for Jared Gaither get a start at right tackle? I don't really feel comfortable with...


Is it time for Jared Gaither get a start at right tackle? I don't really feel comfortable with Barry Richardson being the only thing between Tyler Palko's blind side and Shaun Ellis/Mark Anderson.


The Chiefs: Firing Head Coaches and Behavioral Economics

We all had high hopes. We have a talented young football with dynamic playmakers at many key positions. The opening day loss to the Buffalo Bills was tough. I hate losing, especially at home,...

An oldie but goodie makes an appearance at Monday Night Football.


An oldie but goodie makes an appearance at Monday Night Football.


Statistics Are A Cruel Mistress: The Chiefs, Injuries And Turnovers

Everyone but the most starry-eyed homer knows that the Kansas City Chiefs over-achieved last season. It was clear skies and blue water sailing because two of the biggest factors in last year's 10-6 campaign were ones that are impossible to predict and control: injuries and turnovers.

XKCD: Sports Analysis Cartoon


Pretty much sums up how I feel about all the non-lockout NFL news lately. Be sure to scroll over it for a bonus punchline.


Veteran Backup QBs (draft free edition)

Quarterbacks will get hurt. We were lucky that Matt Cassel, QB #7 only missed a single game this past season, thereby limiting the damage done by Brodie Croyle. With Brodie's inability to win...

"I get LASIK tmrw so I'm down for a lil while." -Brandon Carr His problem wasn't getting his head...


"I get LASIK tmrw so I'm down for a lil while." -Brandon Carr His problem wasn't getting his head around it was SEEING the ball. I'm looking for 6 interceptions from him this season.


Mike Vrabel may be the worst 3-4 SOLB in the league

The NT vs. SOLB draft debate got me wondering what the biggest hole in our defense is. I wanted to see an apples-to-apples comparison of all the 3-4 SOLBs in the league. All the attention gets paid...

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