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Georgia Bulldogs v. Florida Gators: It's no longer about us.

Somehow, in the backs of our minds, we knew it would come down this.  The season, which was suppose to be "our season", literally hangs in balance week after week just waiting to be derailed. ...


Big Bad John Day

Does anyone know the specifics on when Big Bad John will be announcing his decision?  Time/Channel/Radio Station? If he chooses Georgia, can we convince the legislature to make February 5th a...


I hate to say, "I told you so..."

But I told you so.  College football has clearly passed Mark Richt by.  Georgia's abysmal season has finally come to a fitting end.  Still no victories against a team with a winning record.  I...

Jim Harbaugh Most Likey Available for 2011


The consensus top pick of candidates to replace Mark Richt will most likely not return to coach the Stanford Cardinal in 2011. Greg McGarity, make this happen. The ball is in your court!


Separating Richt the Man from Richt the Coach

In the cutthroat world of the Southeastern Conference, having a coach who is both a proven winner and a gentleman is a rarity.  As fans of the University of Georgia, we have been one of the truly...

The Best News That NO ONE Has Mentioned


File this in the "oh yeah, forgot about that dude" department, but CB Branden Smith will play against Florida. Meaning, we get a great defensive player and our #1 punt returner back. Also in the article, Richt says to expect to see more of A.J. Green on punt returns too! PLAY TO WIN DAWGS! KTMFD!


The Team Less Jorted: Because Robert Frost would have pulled for the Dawgs!

Two teams will converge on an open field, And knowing I will not root for both For being a Dawg fan, long I wield Malice toward those of a Gator appeal And disdain for a school which all should...


Depressing Fact of the Day

If we beat Florida this weekend, the Gators will drop to 4-4.  Which means we still won't have a victory against a team with a winning percentage above .500. Louisiania LaFayette:  Currently .289;...


Separation Anxiety vs. Inferiority Complex: The Georgia-Florida Preview

If the World-Wide Leader in sports is right about anything, it's that the theme of this year is the number of unranked blue-bloods.  Three quarters of the way through the 2010 regular season and...


Battered Fan Syndrome

We're back, baby! Now that all of our team's systemic problems have been corrected after having issued a thorough beat down to Tennessee's best team in the past 50 years, we can get back to our...


Should've been a Tennessee fan (Afghan Dawg's Dawgography)

Lack of Dawg Legacy I have never attended school at the University of Georgia.  In fact, the first time I ever set foot on the school's campus was in the winter of 2004, as a junior at North...


Continuing the Conversation, Potential Replacements for Bobo, Richt

Over the past few weeks, I think I have made a rather compelling case for the termination of Mike Bobo as the teams Offensive Coordinator.  Moreover, the team's recent on field struggles (10-10 in...


When faith renewed becomes faith misplaced

On February 11, 2010, I submitted a fan post entitled "Take Your Lumps Dawg Fans."  It was a piece about overcoming our trials and tribulations and rising above them to greatness.  I closed that...


A.J. Green: Proof that Mike Bobo is not the long-term answer at Offensive Coordinator

I know I've been rather hard on on Mike Bobo as of late, so allow me to preface this critique with the following: Mike Bobo is a good guy and a great quarterbacks coach. Now that the obligatory...


"Just Like an Alabama Fan"

Evidently, some are taking exception to the level of excellence that I expect out of our football program.  Vineyarddawg even threw out what he considered to be the ultimate insult.  He said I was...


Tuesday Afternoon Dawg Fight: Facts and Math Only Get You so Far

I don't dispute the numbers that Kyle posted via Ben Dukes.  I have to ask a question though: Where have those numbers gotten us? Three BCS Bowl appearances in 10 years. Only 2 BCS Bowl wins. ...


Mike Bobo is NOT elite, and therefore neither is our team.

I will state this as plainly as possible:  Georgia will never play for a National Championship as long as Mike Bobo remains employed as the team's Offensive Coordinator. Those of you who believe...


Hypothetical scenario for the assembled masses...

I realize that the thought of the Dawgs making it through this season undefeated isn't even a twinkle in Mark Richt's eye this early, but being the eternal optimist that I am (and seeing nothing so...


Bringing Dawg Fans and Tech Fans Together

Guys, I only have 27 more days left in Afghanistan.  I was tasked by the 48TH Brigade (Georgia National Guard) Public Affairs Office with writing an end of tour retrospective on my infantry...


Take Your Lumps Dawg Fans

After one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory, and with the 2010 season still several months away, except more of this. Criticizing the state of our program seems to be the chic...

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