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I have been a Dolphins fan since Dan Marino led us to our last Super Bowl. The year before the SB my family went to Florida on a trip and I got a stuffed Dolphin at Sea World. The following January while watching the SB with my dad I was excited that there was a sports team called the Dolphins. I have been a fan ever since. It is uncommon for there to be Dolphins fans where I grew up (East Coast of Canada) but I was able to watch a few games a year as NE and the Bills were often played on local TV.

Thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket, the occasional streaming game and NFL Game Pass while I was in Afghanistan I have only missed about 5 or 6 Dolphins games in the last 8 years. This September (2010) was my first game in Miami against the Jets on Sunday Night Football.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Toronto Blue Jays
  • NBA Toronto Raptors
  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NCAAF Miami Hurricanes
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
  • EPL Newcastle United
  • MLS Toronto FC
User Blog

I found our future OG


I have been reading about this kid, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, and I like what I am reading about him. I see him as a perfect player to draft in the 3rd-4th round range and develop for the future.

Sports Science: Eric Ebron


It's no secret on The Phinsider that I have been a big supporter of Eric Ebron since October. It's interesting to see how he matches up in the Sports Science tests. I would love nothing more than to have this guy on the Dolphins.


Request help on draft needs

Hello GGN, a Phinsider member here and I come in peace. We are doing our own mock draft and I have been selected to pick first and second round picks for the NYJ. I would like to have your...

Full Martin Interview with Dungy


The 24 minute interview with Tony Dungy

Tannehill makes top 10 NFL Jersey Sales


This surprised me, even with the new jersey release. Hopefully he remains in the top 10 for many years as it will be an indication the Dolphins are doing well.

New logo on Sun Life field


The more I see the new logo the more I am liking it.

A must see for you Vaccaro naysayers


I have been beating the Vaccaro drum and no one seems to be with me (ok, there are a few) but how can you not be impressed with this?


Browns first round pick?

Hello Browns fans, I am a visitor here from the Miami Dolphins blog The Phinsider. We are doing a mock draft at our site and I was selected to pick on behalf of the Browns. I would like your...

Dolphins set a date for revealing new logo


April 18th, as most Dolphins fans I am extremely intrigued to see what the new logo and uniforms look like.

Marcus Thigpen - A Life Turn Around


Not sure if anyone saw it but I mentioned this story at the Google+ Hangout. It's a nice story on Thigpen that I am sure most Dolphin fans do not know about.


Mid-Season Pro-Bowl and All-Pro Selections

I have thought about doing this for several weeks and I picked the end of week 9 for a couple of reasons. I think it will be more accurate to have 8 teams having completed 9 games played rather...

Tannehill-Luck the next Brady-Manning rivalry?


Could tomorrow become the first meeting of a long rivalry? Tannehill and Luck are friends but it doesn't mean they can't have a rivalry on the field. Hopefully it's the first of many games between these two with the best ones being AFC Championship games.

Another Excellent Potential Storyline for Hard Knocks


The Dolphins should just sign this guy and see what happens. It would make for another compelling storyline for Hard Knocks. It's like signing Les Brown; they really have nothing to lose. I also love this guys attitude, not sure I would be like this if I lost 10 years of my life for being falsely accused/convicted of something.


A Dolphins mock draft I would be ok with.

Walter Football posted their second last mock draft yesterday and I would be ok with the draft if it ended up being the same. Here are his picks for the Dolphins: 1. (8) Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas...

Dolphins announce Gary Guyton signing


Another unspectacular signing but a good depth player on a 1 year "prove it" contract.

RG3 Shows His Smarts


If you don't WANT to like RG3 (for those that are not already sold) don't watch this video. Yes, I might just be talking to you Bacon. lol

RG3 measures up just like he said he would


For all those that disputed RG3's guarantee that he would measure higher than 6'2", he in fact measured at 6' 2-3/8".

Colts can sign Luck as soon as Friday


That is just crazy, 2 months before the draft, seems very early. If they did I would assume he wouldn't be doing his Pro Day workout? lol


All time record

I am kind of a stat junkie and found this interesting. Our all time record (regular season) is 400-300-4 and playoff record is 20-20. Noticed this on pro-football-reference.com Lets hope we can...

Robert Griffin III on why he decided to enter the draft


The more I hear this guy talk the more impressed I am. You can sense his high character in every interview.


Interesting Baylor connection

So I was on the comment section of an ESPN article when someone posted a question on who has been a good QB from Baylor (on a reply on the failure of USC QB's). I was curious and looked it up on...

To the "Suck for Luck" crowd; Walter Football grants you your wish


So Walter Football thinks we will have the worst record in the NFL. I think even the most pessimistic (or as a pessimist calls themselves.... a realist) Dolphins fan doesn't think we will have less than 6 or 7 wins.

Brayden Schenn Interview on TSN


I am looking forward to what this kid can do. He was amazing in the last World Juniors (18 points in 7 games) and played in the tough WHL (so you know he isn't soft). I also like the fact he said he has been training with Gary Roberts (always respected that guy).

Pressure Point: Can Henne rebound?


I know, I know, another Chad Henne article/post but I am holding out hope for him. The 3 big knocks is his consistency, red zone, and 4th quarter/2 minute drill. I really think this coaching staff will get the red zone and 2 minute drill fixed but it will be up to Henne to become more consistent from game to game and series to series.

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