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Fighting the late unpleasantness.

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Watching Joe Flacco Attempt to Run the Hurry-Up is like...

...watching a Terrell Suggs trying to pronounce a three-syllable word. ...watching a dog understand listening to Humanese. ...watching a Raider fan trying to comprehend the concept of...


Some Interesting Names on NFL Cutlists

I was perusing the NFL cut lists this morning and saw several names that might ring some bells within the community. Arizona cut TE Richard Quinn. That's the second time Quinn's been cut this...


Predictions for the 2013-14 Season

Greetings Mile High Report! Wow, I disappear for 100 weeks and everything changes. But we still root for the Broncos, right? Anyway, with the Hall-of-Fame game kicking off in a few hours, I...


RBs: Worthy of a High Draft Pick?

With the draft less than a month away (yessssss!) and with the Broncos needing to upgrade their running back corps, it's quite common to read someone say, "You don't draft a running back in the...


Reassessing EFX's To-Do-List

Good morning, Starshine! MHR says, "Hello!" Yesterday, I was updating the "Team Needs" component of my draft simulator to account for the Broncos' offseason-to-date free agency moves.The process...

A Good Laugh


Here's an interesting post over on SB's Jaguar fan site that predicted Manning's release, Denver's signing of Manning and Tebow's subsequent trade to Jacksonville...Back on 12/10/11. Not so funny now, is it Jags' fan?


A Look Back at the 2011 Draft Scuttlebutt

Today's article by the Denver Post's Jeff Legwold bothered me. If you haven't read it, Legwold suggests that Baylor's Terrance Ganaway would be a nice fit in Denver's backfield. Legwold also claims...


Combine Observations

I spent too much time this weekend watching what Mike Mayock derisively calls the "Underwear Olympics." Personally, I think it's great television. My wife, however, speculated that we were probably...


Oh, the Irony!

In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which...

Joe Mays, All-AFC West LB?


Says ProFootballFocus... "Mays rounds out the All-AFC West linebackers as he continues to build a reputation as one of the best two-down linebackers in the league, bringing great intensity and physicality as a downhill linebacker."

Tannehill To Be Redskins QB of the Future

Spend a few minutes on Mocking the Draft or Hogs' Haven and you'll quickly learn that many Washington Redskin fans fantasize about seeing Baylor's Robert Griffin III in burgundy and gold. These...

Tebow Sculpture on eBay


Too bad this guy didn't list it prior to Xmas - I would've bought it for my dad as a bookend or something.


The Chicks on NFLN Should Be Hotter

I'm a normal guy. I like football. And beer. Love the Broncos. I have bilateral symmetry (except one of my man-eggs hangs lower than the other). Carbon-based life form. You know, pretty normal. But...


Manny Must Go!

Last night's game provided few answers about this year's edition of the Denver Broncos. But, as the game progressed, one thing became clear: Backup center Manny Ramirez should have been cut before...


The Genie Wants Out

Won't be long now. All the pundits who've been predicting three or four wins for the Broncos, all the experts who've been labeling Josh McDaniels "clueless" and "in over his head" and all the...


Nolan's Added Value

To their credit, many denizens of MHR have been able to maintain their positivity despite the uncertainty surrounding this offseason. My responses to this optimism have ranged from acceptance to...


Time to Cut Bait?

Since the last poll on the Brandon Marshall situation was conducted, it's been reported that Marshall is officially skipping the team's mandatory minicamp in an effort to force the Broncos to...


Is the Broncos' Zone-Blocking Scheme Ineffective Near the Goal Line?

In Jon Tollerud's post, "Are We Supportive or Blind?", we got a bit off-topic and I suggested that the Broncos' Zone-Blocking scheme was limited near the goal line. Slow White Guy pointed me to a...


the wet blanket

When I was in college, I used to work at Ball Aerospace in Boulder as a janitor so I could eat more than ramen. The engineers there used to keep signs on their cubicles that read, "Screw reality;...

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