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Thoughts on the Boise State - Kentucky game

First of all, looking at the score is deceiving. Coach Rice has these guys playing feisty and fighting til the end. If it wasn't for that this game would've been a lot worse than a 15 point loss....


Two cents on coach Pete

First and foremost, thanks to Pete for everything he has done for BSU. Think of the transformation on campus and in academics between 2006 up to today. It is remarkable how far Boise state has come...


What is going on here?

Just when I start loving BSU basketball again, there seems to be a problem with the players and the one connecting piece to all of it seems to be Buckner. This is just a black eye for Leon Rice,...

Good Riddance


Bye bye Titus. Have fun living in obscurity now. Hows that hall of fame career going? #halloffame right? How coach Pete put up with this guy I will never know. This helps explain him a little too


Glimmer of hope for McClure?

After recent events with Brady Hoke making a push for McClure's services at Michigan, it would appear that Michigan might be out of the running. Michigan just secured the verbal of another 4 star...


Meet our newest recruits

Adam Sheffield, a 6'5'' 300 pound offensive tackle from San Jose. Looks like another overlooked kid but he has good size. h...


Matt Goudis the kicker

is now listed as a soft verbal to Michigan and now he is going to visit Miami. This kid cant make up his mind. Any chance we can get him back or has coach Pete and co. moved on over this wish wash...


Recruiting notes

I only have a couple to pass on, but I wouldn't mind hearing more if anyone has some notes to share on this thread.   Sam Ukwuachu is apparently being recruited to BSU as a receiver and not DE....

"This subject was brought up on Idaho SportsTalk yesterday. Will Boise State be ready to play in...


"This subject was brought up on Idaho SportsTalk yesterday. Will Boise State be ready to play in the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas? In the back of many minds is the 2007 Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, when Boise State elected to pass on the Humanitarian Bowl for a trip to Honolulu. The Broncos had a great time over there—and lost the game to East Carolina, 41-38. Also out there is a perception the Broncos just want to get this season over with. Bowl practices have always been considered a huge advantage for a program’s big picture, kind of "mini-spring football." But the Broncos aren’t getting all of their allotted postseason practices in because of finals this week and the early date of the game. Still hard to fathom this team not having that edge to it for the matchup with Utah".-courtesy of Tom Scott I could not have said this better myself. I've been worried about the same thing. Many fans think we are just going to walk in there and blow Utah out. I dont think we will, in fact we might lose this game. This reeks of the Hawaii Bowl all over again. The vibe I've been getting around Boise and on campus is that no one cares, our season ended with Nevada. The players even elected to go to this bowl just to get it over with. I for one wanted the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl not for the opponent, but for the extra practices it gave the younger players. Repetition is vital for these guys. Just my two cents.



check out what Herbstreit says about BSU on the Gameday Final.

SOS and computer rankings


interesting to see the SOS of some of these teams, BSU is tied with Alabama on SOS. How does Oklahoma have an SOS of 20??? these computers are glitched. Funny seeing Utah with an SOS of 119. TCU with a better SOS? Get real

For those Tyrone Crawford fans out there


"A friend e-mailed me yesterday and asked if Tyrone Crawford was still with Boise State. I replied, "Yes, Crawford’s still on the roster. Why?" The friend said he was just surprised he hadn’t heard anything about Crawford, the Broncos’ lone junior college transfer. That changed later in the day when Petersen raved about the 6-4, 275-pound Canadian from Windsor, Ontario. "He’s as big and strong and fast as anyone we have right now," said Petersen. "Just getting him dialed into our schemes—we’ll see how long that takes." Boise State had been recruiting Crawford heavily in high school (that’s how the staff discovered Michael Atkinson), but Crawford had to go the JC route at Bakersfield College because of academics. The Bronco staff stayed on him (and Crawford never wavered), and he appears ready to pay some dividends."

Depth chart courtesy of Dave Southorn


heres the depth chart released for WAC media days. Some interesting stuff going on heading into fall camp.

Troy Ware grayshirting


Puzzling to me, considering that ESPN had him as our highest rated recruit last year and had this to say about him............."Ware has the size, athleticism and playing speed for the wide receiver position at the major level of competition. He shows good production with the ability to be creative after the catch. Demonstrates a smooth release off the line of scrimmage; has enough immediate speed to force defenders out of"...........................sorry, im not an ESPN insider so i dont know the rest.

Jeremy Ioane Article


"A violent force in the defensive backfield at Punahou High School in Honolulu. His ability to punish the opposition strikes fear in the hearts of ball carriers who anticipate a collision from Ioane. Runs like a free safety, hits like a linebacker. Accelerates through the ball carrier, picking up speed as he begins his descent. Stops runners in their tracks. Ioane doesn’t tackle people; he pulverizes them. He doesn’t just enjoy contact; he craves it." I dont know who i have a bigger man crush on, this kid or Doug Martin. I cant wait to see this kid play on the blue. His highlight video is insane

Idaho Statesman showing OBNUG some love


Murphy is showing the OBNUG crew some love. Near the bottom of the article.

Big man on campus


Bronco mens bball has signed a youtube phenom to play. He's 7'1'' and 250 pounds.

Jeff Worthy, DT, fifth verbal for 2011


This kid turned down Az St., Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Oregon St, UCLA, and Wazzou to come to Boise State. Great get by the coaches. (ed: Video highlights.)


A serious debate

Lets debate who's the greater receiver, Austin Pettis or Jeremy Childs? I feel that Austin Pettis (while his career isn't through yet) is already the better receiver than Childs was. He simply...


Justin Corr photo op

Does anyone besides me watch Sunday Sports Xtra on KTVB? if so, does anyone notice how much Corr smiles like the joker on Xanax or the numerous stupid faces he makes? im no computer wiz but i think...

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